The Magical Item Alphabet!! D- The Demon’s Ring

Today we ponder the nuances of the letter D, delving deeper into the decadent darkness…


The Demon’s Ring– This silver ring has been crafted to resemble fangs that circle the wearer’s finger, capped with a jagged pieces of onyx at the top.  The wearer of the ring gains a D/R of 5 against fire and can now speak and understand Abysal/Infernal.  The wearer’s alignment is considered Chaotic evil while the ring is on.

Demon Ring

The wearer also gains the ability to (roll 1d8):

  1. Summon a Type I demon 2/day.
  2. Grow batwings and fly 30’ rnd.  These wings transform into a leathery cloak when not in use.
  3. Cast Wall of Fire (Wizard, lvl 4) 1/day.
  4. Summon a Type II demon 1/day.
  5. Gain additional DR 5/silver.
  6. Skin thickens and gain +4 natural AC.
  7. Grow black jagged claws that do 2d4 damage (ignores almost all DR).
  8. Cast Contagion (Wizard, lvl 4) 1/day.

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