The Magical Item Alphabet!! C- The Crocodile’s Maw Mace

Over the hill and through the woods…  Today C has manifested.


Crocodile’s Maw Mace– The crocodile, Leatherback, terrorized a village near the banks of the river Pyatt, eating over 15 villagers who worked down near the river for food and farming.  Eventually the beast was killed and his huge maw was fired in a kiln, strengthening it to make it harder than steel.

Crocodile Maw Mace

This two handed mace does 2d6 damage and on a critical success the maw opens and bites the target, doing an additional 2d4 damage.  The target then bleeds 1 HP per round until magically healed.

Once per day the user can cause Leatherback to vomit up pieces of the victims he consumed in a 15′ cone.  Those in the area must make a DC 15 Dexterity save or be knocked prone.  They also must make a DC 20 Constitution save or become sickened, suffering -2 to all rolls for 2d4 rounds.  Undead and mindless creatures are immune to the sickened effect.

Zombies cannot be sickened but will become frenzied (no save) and attack the bits of blood and flesh covering the ground.  They cannot act and will consume it at a rapid rate for 1d4 rounds.


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