The Magic Item Alphabet!! B- The Bones

I continue the journey down the magical item alphabet yellow brick road!  Today we hit up B!


The Bones– Crafted from the bones of the legendary golden juju bird and bathed in the blood of a child, sacrificed under the full moon to the great mother, these bones have the ability to allow the user to roll them and seek guidance from the spirits.  Once per day the user can ask three questions of the bones.  These can be yes or no questions or seek insight on the outcome of an event or action.

The Bones

If the user is seeking answers to an event, mechanically this allows them to reroll one failed attack, save, or skill check.

The bones also act as a talisman against skeletons and ghosts.  These creatures suffer -2 to attacks and saves while within 10’ of the Bones.

Once per day the owner can throw the bones at a skeleton.  Roll 1d6:

  1. The skeleton must succeed a DC 15 Constitution save or be destroyed.
  2. The skeleton must succeed a DC 15 Constitution save or burst apart into 1d100 tiny skeletons that serve the owner for 2d4 rounds before crumbling to dust (1 HP, +1 attack, 1d2 damage, AC 15).
  3. The skeleton becomes petrified (no save).
  4. The skeleton and any undead within 15′ must make a DC 15 Wisdom save or be turned as if by a cleric.
  5. The skeleton turns blue and on the next round releases 1d6 arcs of lighting at any enemy in the area (+5 attack, 2d10 damage).
  6. Roll the d6 again- if another 6 is rolled the skeleton reveals one secret of the afterlife, and then dies.  If a 6 is not rolled, the skeleton does a jig for 2d6 rounds (during which time it cannot be stopped or take any damage), and the bones separate and clatter to the ground.  Piano music is heard faintly as the bones fall into a pile.

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