The Magical Item Alphabet!! A- The Archmage’s Bracelet

This kicks off a series of posts that will travel through the magical and wondrous land of the alphabet and magical items I created just for the hell of it.  Feel free to use these or mock me.  Enjoy!

The Archmage’s Bracelet– This bracelet of silver and gold is lined with three small gems: an opal, tiger’s eye, and ruby.  It is the said that the bracelet was enchanted in three rituals; one of blood and pain, the other of compassion and love; and the final of death and rebirth.  The great archmage Antigus is believed to have crafted this bracelet over 1,000 ago and was passed down the line from family member to family member until the line died out 300 years ago, due to an error of judgment where the then current head made a deal with a demon.

Archmage Bracelet

The bracelet has now flitted in and out of history, reappearing and here and there and disappearing as quickly.

If an arcane caster is wearing the bracelet, they receive +5 to their spellchecks (if applicable to chosen rules).

To determine the powers of the stones roll 1d6 and consult the chart.


  1. Cast light spell (Wizard, lvl 1) 3/day.
  2. Become ethereal 1/day for 1 hour.
  3. Cast Fly (Wizard, lvl 3) 1/day.
  4. Be healed for 3d8+1 1/day.
  5. Cast Invisibility (Wizard, lvl 2) 2/day.
  6. Store up to 3 spell levels.

Tiger’s Eye

  1. Be able to breathe in any environment for 1 hour 1/day.
  2. Scry anywhere in the world by thinking about it 1/day.
  3. Cast See Invisibility (Wizard, lvl 2) 3/day.
  4. Cast Charm Person (Wizard, lvl 1) 3/day.
  5. Become an intelligent Gelatinous Cube for 10 min 1/day.
  6. Summon a dire tiger companion.  Once the companion is killed this ability cannot be used for 1 year.


  1. Cast fireball (Wizard, lvl 3) 1/day.
  2. Immune to all fire damage for 10 min, 2/day.
  3. Fire elementals will not attack you unless you provoke them.
  4. Teleport up to 5 miles away 1/day (must have visited location previously).
  5. Speak with Dead (Cleric, lvl 3) 2/week.
  6. Cast Resurrection (Cleric, lvl 7) 1/year.

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