That Special Table for When Your Player Says They Do Nothing…

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Every so often you get a player that says, “I don’t know…” or “I don’t do anything…” when you turn them loose in a city and ask them what they do…  That can be frustrating and a little demotivating, but whatever!  As GMs we carry on…  We persevere!  And now here is a table to roll on when you’re players are being difficult.


You do NOTHING?!… Ok…
Roll 1d20 Result
1 You clean under your fingernails.
2 You are awkward and create an uncomfortable silence around you.
3 You breathe in deep and invent the sport “dust catching”.
4 You walk to a corner and stand facing it, channeling your inner-child.
5 You drum your fingers on a countertop, completely off-beat and annoying.
6 You are bored and start stating the obvious to people around you (IE- “boy it’s hot…”, or “cloudy today.” Etc.).
7 You prepare to file your taxes.
8 You are excited about the new commemorative stamp that is soon to be released and can’t be bothered about anything else.
9 You plan your meals for the next 1d7 days… it’s an involved process.
10 You watch the paint on the wall.
11 A fly buzzes around and annoys you… You must catch it… or else…  Oddly enough, no one else sees the fly.
12 You floss you teeth… You have healthy gums… good for you.
13 You go sit on a park bench, utterly lonely… why won’t anyone talk to you?
14 You sigh a lot while others go have fun.
15 You make sculptures out of your food… it means something.
16 You play a game of solitaire… at the same table people are playing poker.
17 You stop and smell the roses… pansy.
18 You watch others have fun.
19 You organize your sock drawer.
20 You take in a show… it wasn’t very good.


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2 responses to “That Special Table for When Your Player Says They Do Nothing…

  • guest

    you shouldn’t tell players what they’re doing; that’s not your job. as a DM that’s the ONLY thing that’s not your job.

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