Hubris Session Recap- Sessions 13 and 14- My Girlfriend Drew Me a Sewer Map! Oh and the Players Did Stuff Too…

Last session the group witnessed the release of the 33 Horrors of Hubris that were expelled from the Void.  They shook their heads, said “crap.” And had a conversation with a Goddess and were rewarded.

33 Horrors
The 33 Horrors of Hubris


Session 13

This session was mostly planning and conversation about all the different plot hooks and nasties that the group had seen or could go after.  After talking about it for a bit the group decided to reform the resistance group Hammer and Sword and keep on fighting the Magistrate of the Craftsman District.  They decided that they needed recruits and what better way to do that than rescue people…?  So they have now set their sights on fighting the Plague Doctors of the Scarlet Veil.  The group found out that the Magistrate was selling prisoners to the plague doctors and to the Black Queen of the Floating Island of Terror, so they couldn’t sit back and let a fresh supply of red shirts pass by them… could they?


Session 14

The session started two weeks later (in game time).  I had used an event table of Zak’s to figure out things that had happened to the characters during that time.  We started in the Lying Lady with Cybil and the players meeting a contact called “The Weasel” and for some reason I kept portraying him like a mix of Gilbert Gottfried and Woody Allen (for which I was made fun of- but the players were annoyed by him and THAT was the point).  The Weasel offered them some info he had found out about the Magistrate:

  • The Magistrate goes to the Market District almost every night to an exclusive club called “The Lilac Butterfly.”
  • The Magistrate has too much clout for his position.  Other nobles won’t touch him.
  • People know what is happening in the Craftsman District, but all are turning a blind eye to it… especially with the Metalphage plague going on.
  • “Oh and there’s some badass dude asking around about you lot, so be careful.  Trouble is heading your way.”

The group then paid him to find out more info about the club and the “badass dude”.

The Weasel then mentioned that Cybil had told him that the group was looking for a new place to set up shop for the Hammer and Sword and that he knew of an abandoned thieves den in the sewers of the Cathedral District.  The group agreed that could be done quickly and with little fuss and so they set off.

In the burnt out remains of the Skye District (it was burned down by a player in the first session because of carousing) they encountered a Metalphage and they went frantic trying to kill the baddie as quickly as possible.

In the Cathedral District they saw a huge temple to the Twisted One, the patron god of Fairweather.

They found the manhole and after forcing the Weasel to go first, down they went.

My Girlfriend Kicks Ass

Yesterday morning I realized that I forgot to do a map for the sewers that I had planned.  As I began to formulate ideas my girlfriend asked what I was doing and when I told her she said, “Oh… can I draw your map?”  My g/f is not a gamer so her wanting to be involved is AWESOME.  So I said yeah!  Here’s the original piece.  All I came up with was the traps and monsters and told her roughly where I wanted them (she wouldn’t let me see the map until it was done).



I love my woman
I love my woman


Here is the map with my notes on it.


Angie Awesome Sewer Drawing


Highlights of the Dungeon:

  • The group set off the can on a string alert.  Good for them.
  • In the room with the bridge Liam and Chuck’s cohort fell into the fetid water.  Liam critically failed his Fort roll and was vomiting for 9 minutes, while Chuck’s cohort crit failed her Ref save and broke her leg.
  • The group avoided the room with the boat like it had the plague.  Smart peeps.
  • They missed the treasure cache, but the freed slave (last room) took them to it as thanks for setting him free (they got 4k GP).
  • The thermal room took them a bit because they were scared that they couldn’t see anything.
  • The fight with the Skaven lord was fun.  I highlighted Mighty Deeds a bit.  Liam had Cybil cast Word of Command on him to halt and succeeded.  Liam then slit his throat.  They then killed the other Skaven.
  • Fletch got close to death, but never downed.  The Weasel and Fletch’s level 1 warrior minion both were dropped but brought back by John’s healing power.

We ended the session with the group finding the entrance to the secret thieves lair.  It was a great session and I was elated that my g/f wanted to help me in my nerdie hobbie!.


Feel free to use the dungeon map.

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