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Drunken Monk Class- DCCified!

Drunken Monk


First I gotta give major props to Jeremy Deram for his monk class.  I took his wording for Dual Fisted and inspiration from his post, for things like the Drunken Monk AC and the unarmed attack modifier.  Thanks Jeremy for the awesome class!
Drunken Monk

You live in filth and the excess of drink; often waking up not remembering the events of the previous night, or how you ended up in a ditch.  You know there is courage and happiness in the bottom of a bottle and joyfully go searching for it every night.  While your stoic and “pure” brethren shun you for your weakness and lack of discipline, you laugh, sing, and whore the night away!

You know a good punch to some loud mouth’s stupid face is gonna hurt just as bad whether you’re sober or drunk, so why not have fun?  And when idiots do come looking for a beat down your friends “thunder” and “lightning” are more than read to open up a can of whoop ass and bring the pain.

Hit Points: A drunken monk gains 1d8 HP per level.

Weapon Training: A drunken monk is trained in the following weapons: bola, darts, javelin, polearm, sling, and staff.

Alignment: A drunken monk revels in fun, excitement, and the thrill of a good fight.  All drunken monks are chaotic in alignment.

Lack of Armor: A drunken monk may not wear any armor as it hinders his ability to dodge, weave and stagger.  To calculate a drunken monk’s AC add 10 + Agility Modifier + ½ level (round down).  A monk loses this if they wear any armor.  A drunken monk’s fumble die is a d10.

Dual fisted: When fighting unarmed, monks may treat their agility as 16 for the purposes of making multiple attacks per round. As the monk becomes more experienced, he can deal more damage with these attacks.

Improvised Weapons: Sometimes when fists start flying in the bar so do chairs, tables, tankards, and bottles.  A drunken monk is able to use any of these with great efficiency. A drunken monk wielding an improvised weapon deals their unarmed damage plus an additional 1d4 points.  If a drunken monk rolls a 1, the weapon breaks (this is in addition to any thing rolled on the fumble table).

Kidney Shot: A drunken monk knows how to fight dirty and is not afraid to let his opponent feel the pain.  A drunken monk is able to make a single unarmed attack to a creature’s kidneys at a -2 to their attack roll.  If successful the creature must succeed a Fort save (DC 10+drunken monk level).  If the creature fails they are stunned for 1d3 rounds from the pain, but are not considered helpless.  They also suffer 1 point of damage per round for the duration +1 round from their kidneys bleeding a little.

Drink Like a Demon: A drunken monk handles alcohol differently than normal people.  Every hour a drunken monk is able to pound a tankard of ale, a bottle of wine, or a couple shots of liquor and become invigorated.  When under the effects of alcohol a drunken monk ignores 2 point of damage and makes all attack and physical rolls (including Fort saves) at a d24 (if using both fists attack is increased from a d16 to a d20).

Fire Breath: A drunken monk can spew forth some of the alcohol from his gut (as long as he is under the effect of Drink Like a Demon) and ignite it with a match or torch.  Any target in a 15’ cone takes 3d8 damage and have a 1-in-6 chance to catch on fire (Reflex save or take DC 10+drunken monk level for half damage).  Using Fire Breath ends the effects of Drink Like a Demon.

Black Out: Every night that you drink you lose 20% of your money.  You may wake up with some “fun” new items that you don’t remember purchasing.

Delirium Tremens: A drunken monk’s system is so dependent on alcohol that when not under its effects they suffer massive withdrawls.   If a drunken monk goes 24 hours without consuming alcohol they make all rolls one step lower on the die ladder.  Each 24 hours without alcohol causes the drunken monk to make rolls another step lower on the die ladder until they get a snoot full (IE- 3 days- all rolls are at a d12).  The first drink does not count towards Drink Like a Demon, but rather just reinvigorating the now dry monk.


Languages: A drunken monk starts out knowing common and bad common.


  Drunken Monk
Level Attack Crit Die/Table* Action Die Unarmed Damage Ref Fort Will
1 +1 1d8/III 1d20 d6 +1 +1 +1
2 +2 1d8/III 1d20 d6 +1 +1 +1
3 +3 1d10/III 1d20 d8 +2 +1 +2
4 +4 1d10/III 1d20 d8 +2 +2 +2
5 +5 1d12/III 1d20 d10 +3 +3 +2
6 +6 1d12/III 1d20+1d14 d10 +3 +3 +2
7 +7 1d14/III 1d20+1d16 d12 +4 +3 +3
8 +8 1d14/III 1d20+1d20 2d6 +4 +4 +3
9 +9 1d16/III 1d20+1d20 2d7 +5 +4 +3
10 +10 1d16/III 1d20+1d20 2d8 +5 +4 +4


Drunken Monk
Level Title by Alignment
1 Alcoholic
2 Lush
3 Boozer
4 Soused fighter
5 Bar Legend

The Wild Mage DCCified

I thought this would be a fun to DCCify.  Enjoy.


Wild Mage

Wild Mage 1

The energies of chaos course through your veins, giving you a euphoric sense of power and purpose.  The raging cacophony of sound is a symphony to your ears.  Rather than careful and predicted studies of magic which the boring and foolish wizards proclaim as the best and only method of wielding the arcane arts, you plunge recklessly into them shaping and molding them in a way rarely seen.  You fling spells with little regard for who they help or hinder, solely concerned about your own safety and basking in your superior use of magic.


Hit Points: A wild mage gains 1d4 HP per level.


Weapon Training: A wild mage is proficient with a crossbow, dagger, dart, shortsword, sling, spear, and staff.  A wild mage rarely wears armor as it hinders their ability to cast spells.


Alignment: Wild mages do not fear the madness or unpredictability of chaos, but rather embrace it; shirking the confines of law or apathy of neutrality.


Spell Casting: A wild mage does not spend their time reading through scrolls and tomes like their stodgy wizard counterparts; instead they harness the chaotic energies of magic and unleash them, regardless of the effect.

Wild Mage 3

When a wild mage attempts cast a spell they declare which spell they are striving for; the Judge makes a secret Luck roll to see if the wild mage is successful.  If the Luck roll is unsuccessful the Judge rolls to see which spell the wild mage is actually casting.  As a wild mage gains the ability to cast higher level spells they Judge will need to roll to see what level of spell the wild mage is casting (IE- if a wild mage can cast up to third level spells and fails the luck roll the Judge will roll a 1d3 to see spell level, then roll to see what spell is being cast).  The wild mage then rolls a spell check (d20 + level + Luck modifier + Personality modifier).


Mercurial Effect: Each time a wild mage casts a spell they consult the Mercurial Magic section (DCC, pg 110-15).


Familiar: A wild mage begins with a familiar at level 1.  Roll 1d3 for Familiar Type: 1) Demonic; 2) Focal; 3) Arcane.  Finish generating the familiar per the DCC rules pg 316-319.


Luck: A wild mage is able to permanently burn a point of Luck to successfully choose the spell they desire to cast.  Doing this also allows for a normal manifestation of the spell per the spell’s description.


Caster Level: The caster level of a wild mage is equal to their level.


Languages: A wild mage begins at level 1 knowing common.


Wild Mage 2

Gun Mage
Level Attack Crit Die/Table Action Dice Max Spell Level Ref Fort Will
1 +0 1d6/I 1d20 1 +1 +0 +1
2 +1 1d6/I 1d20 2 +1 +0 +1
3 +1 1d8/I 1d20 2 +1 +1 +2
4 +1 1d8/I 1d20 3 +2 +1 +2
5 +2 1d10/I 1d20+1d14 3 +2 +1 +3
6 +2 1d10/I 1d20+1d16 4 +2 +2 +4
7 +3 1d12/I 1d20+1d16 4 +3 +2 +4
8 +3 1d12/I 1d20+1d20 5 +3 +2 +5
9 +4 1d14/I 1d20+1d20 5 +3 +3 +5
10 +4 1d14/I 1d20+1d20+1d14 5 +4 +3 +6


The Catacombs Under the Red Monastery- Feel free to steal this map

First off…. to my players- GO AWAY!  No PEAKING!

During the last session my players decided to set their sights on the Plague Doctors of the Scarlet Veil.  These mad men have been using the metalphage plague as an excuse to round up both healthy and ill people to use as test subjects in their experiments.

A Plague Doctor of the Scarlet Veil

A Plague Doctor of the Scarlet Veil


Stats for plague doctor from the Hubris bestiary:

Plague Doctor: Init +3; Atk pistol +4 ranged (2d8- take higher of two), shortsword +2 melee (1d6), staff +2 melee (1d6), bomb +4 ranged (1d8); AC 14; HD 3d6; MV 30’; Act 1d20 plus X; SP bomb, mask; SV Fort +2, Ref +2, Will +4; AL L.

The Plague Doctors of the Scarlet Veil gather in the Red Monastery to the north of Fairweather and conduct horrible experiments on any subject they can get their hands on.  The executive powers granted by King Ithis the Bulge to find a cure for the Metalphage plague ravaging Fairweather has given the plague doctors an ample supply of test subjects for their horrific experiments.  The distinct appearance of the plague doctors makes them easily recognizable; a long crimson trench coat, black brim hat, black, thick black leather gloves and boot, and bird-like plague mask.

In combat plague doctors use their pistol or throw their bomb before using their staff or shortsword.  A plague doctor always has 2d2 alchemist items (pg XX) on their personage.  While wearing their mask, a plague doctor is immune to any gas effects.

For every 10 plague doctors there is a level 1 alchemist.  For every 50 plague doctors there is a level 1d3 wizard.


This will be a large assault that needs quite a bit of planning.  There are several plot hooks and things that will be revealed here- also IF the players succeed in taking down this organization, it’ll have a huge impact on the campaign (hell- even if they don’t succeed it’ll have a huge impact on the campaign).


I found a cool old map and am using that as the overview map.  It’s not quite finished yet, but I’ll plop it up here.

Overview of the Red Monestary

Overview of the Red Monestary


I’ll flush this out and once it’s done, I’ll plop it up.  Most of the locations won’t have/need maps as they will be one/two room areas- and everything I need to know can be put on this sheet.  However Aedificium (main research area) will be mapped out and there will be an access point into some small catacombs in the basement.  I found a really cool picture and wanted to use that as the dungeon map (I picked this method up from Zak S over at Playing D&D With Pornstars).

So feel free to use this map, ignore it, or mock it as you see fit.  This uses DCC ruleset.

Catacombs of the Red Monestery