Hubris Recap, Sessions 10-12- Dead Mutilated Hookers- OOO! Mystery! Into the Corrupted Wizard’s Tower

A few weeks ago I put up a wizard’s tower dungeon that I created (using the one page dungeon format) for my players that I am running through Hubris up on my blog.  This recap will recap what happened to my players in it and the changes that had to be made based on their decisions.



At the end of the People of the Pit module the characters were saved from impending doom by Yelsa.  In return for her actions she charged the group with a quest: whores were getting cut up and having their innards removed for some dark purpose- find out what it is and stop it.


The group returned to Craftsman District and fought and killed some guards that were sent by the magistrate to accuse the group of murdering people by burning down the Exiled Noble Tavern (which was the secret hideout for the resistance group Hammer and Sword.


They explored the burnt out ruins of the tavern and found a secret passage leading into the basement.  The place was a mess.  They found three fleshy fleshy egg sacks the size of a man in the Hammer and Swords meeting room.  Upon closer inspection they saw Henry (a leading member of the organization) appear in the egg sack.  They cut him out to find his lower body had been fused together and was now a white pulpy consistency.  The group cut open the other two sacks.  One dislodged a cleric of Yelsa (John’s new character after his Ekrask was killed in People of the Pit) and the other a horrific worm-man creature.


Henry speaks final words, “Magistrate is powerful- not what he seems…” Then dies.  His jaw breaks and a worm-like creature skitters out of his mouth.  Stephen (Murder Machine) steps on the gross thing with his massive armored boot, squashing it.


Group loots the hideout for anything that they can use.  They ask Cybil (NPC cleric of Yelsa that Liam has been controlling) if there are any other places in the Craftsman District that are loyal to the Hammer and Sword that they might go and investigate what is happening to the whores in the area- she suggests the Lying Lady.


Lying Lady is a well-to-do brothel run by Virginine, the Matron Whore (cleric) of the establishment and her husband.


The group is told that 3 girls from the Lying Lady have been killed, three independent girls ran by a pimp, Chirand, have been killed, as have 3 girls in the burned out remains of the Skye District (Sara set fire to the district in the first session- thank you carousing table!).
While there the red star in the sky blazed (this is a gateway to Carcosa that my players opened) and several blue, yellow, and one purple man appeared and began attacking anyone in sight.  The group killed them all and Liam got a blaster rifle off of the purple man.


The group explored the area- threatening Chirand and poking around.  Eventually they made their way to the Skye District and heard rumors of an area of the district where people were avoiding.  It was in the north western corner.


They found a three story house with a strange purple light issuing from the roof.  Stephen (now playing a druid) changed into a hawk to fly up and investigate.  He saw a dark figure in front of a large purple fire- squawked- and fled back to the safety of his group.


Into the Wizard’s Tower

Ritual Magic

Here I will just go room by room, in the order that the group investigated, giving a brief recap of what happened.

1Entrance– Lisa (thief) opens the front door- hit with poison needle- dies.  John beseeches Yelsa to heal her and Lisa survives.1


3- Great Hall- Group has a vicious fight with the ghoul and three zombies.  Several PC’s are dropped to zero HP.  Group wanders into 2A and 2B.


2A-Supply Closet– Group loots what they can.


2BKitchen– Group fights the cook zombie- Liam kills it in one hit.  Find the beef stew mold and flee (very brave) and wait for it to come in the great hall.  Liam lights his great sword on fire and stabs the stew, killing it!


Group decides to bar themselves in room 1 and make camp.


Aside: I had not planned on the group getting so badly hurt in room 3 or deciding to make camp.  My original idea was that the group would arrive on the rooftop while the wizard is casting a ritual and they would have a few rounds to attempt to stop it before the wizard tears open a hole to the Void and releases a bunch of horrors.  However that can no longer be the case.  I had to change things up a bit.  The overall plot is that the wizard had a fake page of the Book of Vile Darkness and it had taken over his mind- commanding him to do this ritual and that it would end badly if he cast it.  Now I had to go with the ritual DID happen- and he released thirty three horrors into Hubris.  This all feeds into a larger plot that I have constructed with the Book of Vile Darkness.


So the group sleeps and they hear terrible noises all night.  They hear scratching and croaking coming from room 3.  They wake up- go back to the Skye District and beg people to aid them.  Each of them gets 1-3 followers.


Group heads back into the tower and open the door to room three.  It’s now covered in a thick mist that is at knee level.  Fletch (shadowdancer) goes inside and is attacked by an anthropomorphic frog demon.  Fletch is dropped pretty quickly. Nearly all of the newly recruited minions fail their morale check in the face of this horror and are frozen with fear or running back outside.


After a ferocious battle the frog demon is killed and the group decided to investigate the basement.


13 Altar of Perversion– When the group saw the altar they went back upstairs and threw chairs into the blood, dumped oil on them, and lit the whole thing on fire.  Then they went to 14.


14- Family Sarcophagus– Here they fought the ghoul, but were convinced it was a vampire and dragged its body outside and when it didn’t burn, lit it on fire, screaming “Death to the vampire.”


15- Hidden Idol– The group never found this room due to room 13 filling up with smoke.  Shame shame.


4- Study– The group then went up to the study and began exploring.  Nate’s red shirt found the treasure chest in the fireplace and critically failed his save against the trap.  The needle hit the red shirt in the eye and caused his brains to blow out the back of his head!  Epic death in the room #1.


Stephen (Druid) decided it would be a good idea for he and his red shirt to pick up the heavy ornate couch and throw it at the door leading to room 6.  When they picked up the couch the red shirt critically failed his roll and fell.  I had Stephen roll a strength check, which he failed.  So he dropped the couch on his poor red shirt’s head- squashing it like a bug.  Epic death in the room #2.


5- Wizard’s Room– Liam guessed the riddle really quickly and they began searching the room.  Chuck getting clobbered by the wardrobe and Nate (Murder Machine) killing it in one hit.  Stephen was obsessed with the wardrobe and kept searching it for secret passages- a few Narnia jokes were told.  Chuck (Half Demon) found a spell scroll and wet his pants.


6- Hallway– It’s a hallway.


7- Scribes Room– The fight with the vomiting conjoined twins was pretty vicious.  Fletch (Shadowdancer) and Lisa (Thief) were downed, but survived.  The fight was also hard due to the tight confines of the hallway and having a murder machine blocking the doorway.  Eventually the creature was killed.

8- Grand Library– The group found the slug monster (I had decided early on to get rid of the other creatures in this room) and fought that- taking a bit of damage- but dispatching it easily.


The group decided to make camp here and rest and search the library.  I used the book rules from Vornheim to generate the books each person found.


Change in the plan– with the group deciding to make camp again and making racket in the library I decided to have the corrupted demon wizard come find them.  He burst through the door right after the slug head thing fight and immediately cast magic missile (+5 casting roll).  He threw 4 missiles at a d6+1 damage.  Dropping poor Fletch and seriously wounding 3 others.


The group then got 4 criticals in a row: two of which were kidney shots and stunned the demon for 1 round.  While the players then had not so great rolls in those two rounds- that was two rounds that they weren’t taking damage.

I believe that Lisa and John were both dropped in this fight, but it may only have been one of them.


Liam pulled out his blaster rifle and began taking pot shots at the demon and with his last shot, scored a critical and killed the bastard.


Emerging from his corpse was a small imp that said he was imprisoned in the pathetic mortals body after the tear into the Void was opened, releasing the horrors.  He asked if they would be his friend.  I know some of my players were hesitant, but Liam and Stephen jumped right in.


The Aftermath- See below.


9- Dark Hallway– The group didn’t discover the secret passage.


10- Sarcophagus of the Mother– The group didn’t discover the secret passage.


11- Door to Roof– Group didn’t need to go here.


12- Roof– Group didn’t need to go here.


The Aftermath– After the fight Yelsa appeared before them and offered congratulations on their completion of the task.  She then granted each a small boon of their asking.


Fletch asked to be cured of a curse he got because Nate flashed a unicorn horn at him.

Chuck asked for a new spell to hurt his enemies.  He got a level 1 and level 2 spell.

John got a blessed artifact of Yelsa.

Liam wanted nothing but to be in her service.  He is granted a favor later.

Nate got a magic ring that has a chance to transfer physical damage done to him to a random target.

Lisa got a demonic weapon.

Stephen got a golden seed.


I gave out more magic items than I normally do, but all of them are in my Hubris setting and allows me to test them before I publish the book.  So that is a boon!


This was a fun couple of sessions!  I told the group that next session I am turning them loose on Fairweather (as we’ve been doing mostly adventure modules and dungeon dives and they haven’t had time to explore and just have fun with their characters).  There is also several plot hooks that they can investigate.  I also suggested that they have a planning conversation as some have expressed interest in going to some of the other territories in Hubris.  We’ll see how it goes.


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