The Horrifying Orcs of Hubris and their Alchemically Created Abominations

When I began pondering enemies I wanted in Hubris I knew I wanted to keep some of the “classic” creatures that everyone is familiar with.  However I wanted to put a spin on them and make them fresh, new, and/or horrifying.  When I was writing the Land of Perpetual Stone and Mire I decided that I wanted orcs to reside there.  That they were sending incursions into the “civilized” lands and wreaking havoc.  Then I got to thinking about the state of the creature…  What did I want to change…? What brought the change…?  I decided to link them with the Klind and their sex prophets and flesh weavers.

So here is that end result…  enjoy!

A Hubris Orc

Orc: Init +1d4; Atk claws +3 melee (1d4+1), as weapon +3; AC 12 + armor; HD 2d8; MV 30’; Act 2d20; SP See abnormality; SV Fort +4, Ref +2, Will +0; AL C.


Orc Abnormalities
Roll Abnormality Effect
1 Bulbous hunchback Carries a mini-version of orc inside- explodes out on first point of damage.
2 Enlarged 10’ tall- increase attack and damage one step higher on die ladder.
3 Conjoined legs Walks on hands (MV 20’), has spiked tongue 15’ reach (1d6).
4 Tusks Additional attack at 1d16 (1d4 damage).
5 Jagged claws 1d6 damage, bleed 1 point per round until healed or staunched (3 rounds for bandaging).
6 Acidic vomit As Vile Gut Clan Goblin (pg XX).
7 Thick flesh Ignore 1d3 points of physical damage.
8 Elongated arms Reach increased to 15’.
9 Twins conjoined at waist Double HP, 3 or 4 attacks.
10 Magically infused Ability to cast spells (as level 1 wizard).
11 Contaminated blood Injury to orc creates toxic yellow gas.  All within 20’ radius must succeed a DC 14 Fort save or suffer 1d3 Stamina damage per round while in effected area.
12 Grotesque muscles Treat as 20 strength- increase attack and damage to +5
13 Regeneration Heals 1d3 damage per round.
14 Squishy flesh When physically struck deals additional 1d3 damage.
15 No eyes Blind, but gains tremorsense 30’.
16 Tongue secretion Targets licked must make DC 12 Fortitude Save or become paralyzed until successful save.
17 Head on stomach Can’t be beheaded.
18 Backwards bowed spine Runs on all fours (MV 40’).  Sees everything upside down.
19 Black eyes Infravision (120’), -2 to attack in bright light.
20 Damage resistance Immune to natural or physical attacks of creatures with 1d3 HD or less.

Hubris Orc 3

What these creatures may have been before the Klind flesh-weavers experimented and warped them beyond the point of return has been lost to history.  Orcs are vicious and hideous fiends with open sores, bits of metal shoved through their flesh, and horrific corruptions growing on their body.  These creatures roam the Land of Perpetual Stone and Mire, attacking anything they come across.  Orcs send war parties into the Blighted Sands and Great Plains of Unbidden Sorrow attacking trade lanes, razing villages, and taking prisoners.  While some of the prisoners are mercifully murdered and eaten, it is those that are subjected to the horrors of the alchemical baths that truly should be pitied.  Somehow the orc shamans have learned the secrets of Klind flesh-weaving and subject their prisoners to alchemical baths, transforming them into grotesque abominations that bolster orc ranks.



Orc shamans are level 4 clerics able to cast evil spells.  For every 30 orcs there is 1 shaman.  For every 15 orcs there is one shaman initiate (level 1 clerics).  For every 10 orcs there is a Fanged Raider as a level 1 warrior.  For every 50 orcs there is a Grand Warrior as a level 5 warrior.


Orc Created Abominations– These horrifying monstrosities are the result of prisoners and captured animals that have been subjected to the orc alchemical baths, contaminating them and transforming them into grotesque creatures.  Not even a sliver of their former self remains once they have been transformed into abominations.  These creatures are loyal to the orcs.  If there is a Shaman or Grand Warrior in the ranks, abominations gain +5 to their morale rolls.


Creating an Abomination

Almost any creature can be transformed into an abomination (ultimately it is the Judge’s call on what can or cannot be transformed).  Use the base creatures stat blocks but add the following: +1d4 to initiative score, attack, damage, and saves (roll each individually) and add +1-3d6 to HP.  The abomination also retains use of any special abilities so long as they do not require concentration.  Roll on 2d16 on the table below a number of times equal to the creatures base HD for Horrific Features.  Some results have an added effect.



Horrifying Orc Abomination
Horrifying Orc Abomination
Horrific Features of the Abominations
Roll Result Effect
2 Open weeping sores NA
3 Tentacle legs and arms +2 grapple
4 Body covered in mouths NA
5 Two heads +2 Will saves
6 Noxious breath (every 1 turn) 10’ radius- targets succeed DC 18 Fort save or all rolls are one step lower on die ladder for 1 hour
7 Barbed skin Attackers take 1 point of damage
8 Black blood in veins NA
9 Wings Fly 30’
10 Chameleon skin Adds +4 to hide rolls
11 Skin is constantly slimy NA
12 Over-large head and mouth Bite attack (2d3damage)
13 Several creatures conjoined together It’s just creepy looking!
14 Body covered in stingers DC 14 Fort save or paralyzed for 1d4 rounds
15 3d6 3’ long tongues hanging from mouth NA
16 Skin is raw and red NA
17 Head of animal 1) horse; 2) pig; 3) anteater; 4) wolf; 5) bear.
18 Covered in nipples Secrets glue- weapons stick to body- DC 20 Str to free
19 Breathes dust NA
20 Overly warm to touch NA
21 Covered in tiny pseudo-pods NA
22 Over-large limbs +2 attack, 2d5 damage.
23 No bones in body, except head MV 10’ uses tiny fibers on underside to move- DR 5
24 Large isopod-like shell MV 40’, +4 to AC, can roll up into ball for AC +8
25 Covered in thick coarse hair Skin contact causes irritation.  -1 to rolls (no save)
26 Vertical mouth filled with teeth 1d6 damage.
27 Primeval Smile (DCC, pg 423) Transforms into one when slain
28 Spiked tail Gains attack at 1d16, 2d3 damage
29 Necrotic patches of flesh NA
30 Large green pustules Immune to all poisons
31 Blood spout Vomits blood at target, which can infect them with Brain Fire Disease (pg XX).
32 Jaunt Can step through Void up to 300’ away per round as movement action.

Hubris Orc 2

Example Abominations

Abomination Peasant*: Peasant:Init +1; Atk club +3 melee (1d4+3); AC 9; HD 1d4+5 (1d6 Abomination HP); MV 30’; Act 1d20; SV Fort +3, Ref +2, Will +1; AL C


Horrific Feature: Blood Spout- Vomits blood at target, which can infect them with Brain Fire Disease (see below).


Disease Name:  Brain Fire

Delivery: Inhaled

Fortitude Save: DC 16

Onset: 2 weeks

Effect on Successful Save: Your face will develop a fevered complexion for 2d6 days.

Effect on Failed Save: You’re brain hurts and you scream and claw and scratch at your scalp and face (you suffer -4 to all actions).   After 2d3 days a second Fort save must be made.  Failure means that your brain explodes and sends fiery fragments everywhere in a 5 ft area doing 1d6 damage.

Recovery: 4 consecutive Fort saves.


*Peasant base stats can be found in DCC, pg 434).


Unicorn**: Init +6; Atk horn +7 (2d4 + curse DC 20 Will or suffer one effect), Effect- roll 1d4: 1) -4 to all rolls; 2) -2d3 from one Attribute; 3) 50% chance each round that the target will be unable to act; 4) There is a 25% chance that each day something horribly unlucky will happen to you) or hoof +4 (1d4+2 dmg); AC 14; HD 4d10+(3d6 abomination HP); MV 60’; Act 1d20; SP Gaze (DC 14 Will or unable to act while looking at the unicorn, only broken upon successful save), Unlucky Aura (DC 20 Will or Luck stat becomes a 3 while within 30’ of a unicorn.  The unicorn cannot suppress this ability), Infravision 120’, Death Curse (20% of occurring upon death- use curse stated above but roll twice with two saves); SV Fort +7, Ref +6, Will +10; AL C.


Horrific Feature: Covered in thick coarse hair: Skin contact causes irritation.  -1 to rolls (no save)

Overwhelming warm to touch: NA

Covered in tiny pseudo-pods: NA

Breathes dust: NA


**The Lamentable Unicorn of Hubris can be found here.

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