The Steam-mechs of Black Queen and the Floating Island of Terror



As the demand for ore has grown throughout Hubris, and with the discovery of rich veins in the Whispering Mountains in the Land of Perpetual Stone and Mire, the Black Queen needed more than just the strength of her slaves to help move this valuable cargo; the strength of mortals is fleeting, weak, and can be easily broken.  Through strange and devious experiments the Black Queen, who sits on her throne of steam and bones in the Floating Island of Terror, and who brought forth the dreaded Murder Machines, has designed steam-mechs.  These massive metal monstrosities allow the driver to lift immensely heavy loads and dig into the mountain faster than any of the Black Queen’s weak and fleshy slaves.  While the suit bestows the user with incredible strength, it also demands a terrible price: consuming the life force of the driver.  Each time a person’s life force is drained, the queen smiles as she the Floating Island of Terror feast.

A Steam-mech’s hands are made of the following: claw hand (2d8), buzz saw (2d10), drill (2d10), hammer (2d10), humanoid-shaped hand (2d6).

Steam-mechs also have several attachments and abilities that can be used in combat.  A large cannon is attached to one shoulder of the mech while a large harpoon connected to a cable and winch is mounted on the other.  The harpoon can be used to drag heavy items or carts or to strike a target and pull them closer.  Once per hour a driver can cause the mech to belch soot from the exhaust port which creates a nebulous cloud in a 15’ radius that dims lights and makes it hard to see.  All melee attacks have 20% chance to miss while in the cloud, and ranged attacks have 50% chance of missing.  Additionally targets attempting to hide receive +1 to their roll.  This effect dissipates after 1d4+1 rounds.

A driver can also cause the mech to burn hot and consume all the coal in the boiler tank causing a large burst of steam to issue out in a 10’ radius.  All in that radius take 2d6 damage from the heat.  The steam-mech ceases to function after this until another 5lb of coal is put in the fuel chamber and the machine has cooled down (roughly 1 hour).


Sample Steam-mech: Init +0; Atk claw hand +6 melee (2d8), drill +6 melee (2d10), cannon +0 ranged (4d10-take higher two of the four) 80’, harpoon w/ winch (2d8) 35’; AC 18; HD 2d6+20; MV 15’; Act 2d20; SP soot belch; SV Fort +X, Ref +X, Will +X; AL ?.

Steam-mech’s and Player Characters– A player who wishes to operate a mech must understand that the machine is fueled by two things: 1) 5 lb of coal per day; and 2) the life force of the operator (1d3 temp Stamina drain).  Six metal tubes rest in the seat and penetrate the operator’s back, draining them of their life energy.

The steam-mech moves at a speed 15’ per round and has an attack is +6 (from Strength increase); the operator gains 20 HP- when machine is damaged it hurts operator, but temp HP is lost first.  If the steam-mech takes 100 points of damage, it is destroyed.  While in the steam-mech the driver’s Strength becomes 24 (+6) and all checks rolled at a d24.

Mecha 1


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