What is on the Goblin’s Bloated Dead Body- A 2d30 G+ Community Table

Yesterday I posed the following on G+ for my Discussion of the Day: Create a DX chart of knick-knack found on the goblin’s bloated dead body (can be magical or not).  The community answered and I am not disappointed with the results.


Goblins are awesome and a staple of most D&D-style games… So when your players have crushed in their heads with their boot heel… Here are some random items to find on their personage.



Goblin 2




Roll 2d30
2) Paper airplane with firecracker (explodes for d4 damage and causes black cloud in 15′ radius).

3) Jar of boogers (crunchy, but a full meals worth).

4) Stick of poking (it hurts when poked)

5) Dagger of Sickness (adds +1d2 to attack/damage- DC 12 Fort save or become ill for 24 hours, suffering -2 to all rolls).

6) Mystery Jerky

7) A chipped lens

8) A bag of meal worms

9) Magic Beans

10) Damp navel lint, green.

11) Jar of flesh eating slugs (thrown- d2 damage each round until slugs are knocked off).

12) Dried lumps of flesh (testicles) fashioned into a talisman and decorated with colored bone beads.

13) A small tintype photo in a dirty leather case. The image on the tintype appears to be a goat wearing a wig that looks far too nice for a goat to own.

14) A large piece of coprolite (would fetch a decent price from the right collector)

15) Half a rot grub (egg sac intact)

16) Powerful aphrodisiac in glass jar labeled “POSHEN OF HEELING”

17) His ‘kit’: hallucinogenic puffball spores and a hollow finger bone

18) Satchel of troll toenail clippings.

19) An erotic netsuke carved from boar’s tusk

20) Finger puppets fashioned from badly preserved chicken heads

21) A small wooden box that shows the portends of the time of dance!  Little hands align and musical chiming begins as small carved figurines come out of the box and dance (a coo coo clock).

22) A child’s shoe

23) A potion of alchemist fire

24) A vial of unholy water

25) Some sort of goblin mutagen

26) The goblin’s still living parasitic twin.

27) A different goblin’s dead parasitic twin.

28) A wanted poster carved onto Pigs flesh, with a badly drawn picture of the PCs, written in Goblin.

29) A badly drawn map of the entrance to a underground goblin cave, its marked with all the traps locations in the entrance

30) A bag of slug jerky.

31) One does of black lotus powder (save vs death at -6, if passed take your level D10 damage, eg level 5 is 5D10)

32) A lady’s hat that would have been fashionable several years ago.

33) A bag of strangely shaped dice.

34) A bag of reanimated baby fingers..  Ooohh!  Look how they wiggle, how cute.

35) A copy of this book:


36) A small Pamphlet written in goblin titled “How to survive arrow attack.”

37) A dead chicken

38) A silver fork with bent tines

39) A jar filled with  hundreds of still living gnats

40) A rubber chicken

41) A bag containing d20 marbles and 1d4 desiccated eyes

42) A vial containing a pox

43) A bag of rotting rice.

44) Toe nail clippings

45) A half-eaten bar of soap

46) 1D1000 gold pieces

46) A cursed shield of arrow attraction

47) A knife of leech life

48) Exactly what the players expected

49) A pouch containing 1d20 human teeth.

50) Your mom

51) A green balloon that can be blown up and will let any holder up to 150lbs float up to 120’ in the sky.

52) A club with a golden spike

53) Vial of unholy water

54) The drama masks of tragedy and comedy

55) A tattered child’s stuffed animal

56) 2d3 stink bombs

57) A grey ooze that is trapped in a glass jar

58) The rod of wonder

59) A bag with a label in an untidy scrawl, “FAAAIIIIRRRRYYYY DOOST”.  Really it’s just cat litter.

60) A tinfoil hat.  The wearer is immune to mind-altering spells and effects.

Goblin 1


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