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Group 2, Session 3 and 4 Recap- A Methodical Symphony of Stabbing and Killing

The Iron Warlord

The Iron Warlord

Session 3


Gene: Human Warrior

Sara: Human Warrior

Liam: Mutant

Fletch: Human Cleric of Drallic the Flayer

Lisa: Human Cleric of Yelsa, Goddess of Sex and Violence

Billy: Human Druid

Chuck: Half Demon

This session was taken up quite a bit by BSing and catching up with one another.  The group proceeded with extreme caution after the death in the previous session.   The group actually only made it through three rooms during the session.  As stated before, that can be attributed to over-cautious players and REALLY crappy die rolls during combat (resulting in longer than normal encounter- Snake demon, looking at you).

A few of the players were dropped to zero in room 6 when fighting the crystalline creatures, but Fletch was able to bring them back from the brink of death some groping (lay on hands).

We ended the session with them licking their wounds.

Session 4


Gene: Human Warrior

Liam: Mutant

Nate: Murder Machine

Chuck: Half Demon

Session 4 also was an exercise in caution, however they were- as Gene stated, “A Methodical Symphony of Stabbing and Killing!!”  The group was smaller this time around, and the cleric was absent, so they started relying heavily on that caution and their HP potions.  The group went into Room 7 where there are maps, and a few little items.  I added a few things to the room.

“There are 3 red bubbling potions on the table (cure wounds 1d6+1).  On a statue is good quality armor (chainmail +5 AC (but only -3 to ability checks), and a silver long sword (1d8+1 dmg, but 2d5 damage to undead).”

Alterations to the module: The group didn’t really delve deep in that room and look around.  Had they done so they would have found a secret compartment that housed notes of the Warlord.  I decided that I wanted to add a bit of weird and crazy to the module and Hubris.  The warlord had discovered a realm that had strange and terrible beings of immense power and that there was a chance it could merge with Hubris and destroy reality as we know it.  By imprisoning himself he could hold the realms entry into Hubris at bay, but this was not for selfless reasons, the Warlord hoped to absorb much of the power from that realm over millennia.  The realm is the magical place of Carcosa!  It’s the perfect place for a vacation and to raise a family!!  

The beautiful and magical land of Carcosa

The beautiful and magical land of Carcosa

When the final boss fight happened my players lured the clay army from room 8 to room 7, creating a bottleneck that allowed them to deal with 1 or 2 of the automatons at a time.  Eventually the Warlord showed his ugly face and they beat it to a pulp.  Gene scored a critical hit on his bitchass and killed him, the Warlords dying words were, “do you realize what you’ve done…?”

The group, elated at their triumphant success, wandered back up to the surface only to find a bright red star in the afternoon sky (about the size of Venus)…

Liam: “Huh..  I think we done fucked up.”

The groups expression after seeing the red star in the sky...

Yeah.. More messed up stuff from Hubris!

All in all it was a great couple of sessions.  I’m excited to see what group 2 does this Sunday and I’m REALLY excited to start introducing Carcosian things into Hubris (as if my world needed any more horrors in it).


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