Hubris Session Recap, Group 1, Session 3

Here is what happened to our group of bumbling players last time.


Liam- Mutant

John- Ekrask

Nate- Murder Machine

Forward: Due to the holidays we were short players.  I was fine with a low player count since I’m on antibiotics for a sinus infection and was feeling less than stellar… Oh well.

The other side effect of having a very transient player pool occurred yesterday… lack of group cohesion.  It’s not a HUGE deal and my players are more than happy to roll with the punches and know that they can derail the plans of the group that have been previously made.  It just makes jumping in and playing a bit more confusing at the start.

When we ended last session the players present wanted to start a crime family by overthrowing the magistrate and then double crossing the resistance group.  This group of players nixed the betraying the resistance group part and just wanted to see what the freedom fighters had to offer, or maybe get the hell out of Fairweather and explore the rest of Hubris.

We had a quick conversation about their choices and ramifications, etc. and then moved on.

Back at the Exiled Noble Tavern meeting Isaac, the well-mannered and well-dressed bartender.  While in the bar the players heard that Nibbleton, the 300ft high roving dog with a city built upon its back would be appearing at Fairweather in a few days, and that the Malfactorium (anthropomorphic warrior beetle-people) have been seen near the small town of Glastenbury to the south.  So there are a few plot hooks and rumors for them.

After a few words were exchanged they were shown into the backroom where they met Henry (lvl 1 Warrior) and Cybill (lvl 1 cleric of Yelsa), both members of the resistance group, Hammer and Sword, that is fighting against the magistrate of the Craftsman District.  I put these NPC’s with classes so that IF my group was small my players would have some help.  Liam controlled Cybill and Nate controlled Henry.

Cybill, cleric of Yelsa

Cybill, cleric of Yelsa

Highlights of the Mission


Here is the PDF of the map, key, and monster stats for the adventure: Catacombs- Heathen Below temple.

On the map is a way to reach the plane of Chaos- I used my Planes of Hubris Generator to get the details.

  • A few weeks ago members of Hammer and Sword went to a tavern believed to be an informant for the magistrate, called the Bloody Mistress.  When they returned they seemed fine, but within a few hours they began ranting and raving and attempted to kill members of the group (some succeeding). 
  • Henry and Cybill are going to go investigate the tavern and need help.  The group agreed and made their way to the tavern.
  • Once inside they were greeted confrontationally by a beautiful woman with cold black eyes, while seven bar patrons stared at the players. 
    • Nate looked around and saw a strange emblem on the neck of two of the patrons and then realized that all of the patrons had moved closer to the players as they sat at the bar.  He attempted to warn Henry, but the patrons heard and bum rushed the group.
  • Only Cybill and Liam were surprised.  Nate cracked open the skull of one of the patrons with his polearm.
  • A man in black chain armor and well-designed scythe came out of the back and spoke a strange language.  The ground blighted and everyone made a Fort save.  Cybill was the only one in the group that failed.  She started vomiting for 3 rounds.  All the patrons failed and were throwing up as well.
    • The man in black armor is a cleric of the Heathen Below and I used the Invoke the Name ability I created for clerics in Hubris.  He rolled a 13.  Not so great an option for his cultist members.
      • While the cultists were throwing up, Nate, Liam, and Henry were killing them.
  • John heard a hiss and turned to see that the beautiful woman had grown 3” long black claws.  She hit him hard in the face, dropping him to 0 HP and then ran from the room with the cleric.
    • Liam popped a HP pot down John’s gullet, bringing him back to full HP. 
    • The players looted the dead bodies and then went to the back, found a door half open and got hit in the face with a scythe trap.
      • After that they began throwing the bodies of the cultists through the open doors (successfully springing two other traps along the way).
  • They then descended the stairway into the catacombs.

The Catacombs


I kept the map simple, but fun.  They had a great time in it and kicked some butt.


  • Room 2– Nate getting plugged by both cultists in room 2 and the door being locked on the other players because they stayed in the hallway.
    • John attempted to bust down the door, but rolled a 1 on the check and instead got his weapon caught in his armor and then stuck into the door…  so no one could help get it open and instead had to help John get unstuck.
    • Liam used Cybill’s Word of Command ability through the door and made one of the cultists fall asleep so Nate could finish him off.
  • Room 3– The players were excited about getting random potion stuff!
  • Room 6 and 7– The hallways to these rooms were dark and roughly 120’ long.  The players thought that was too scary and shut the door and said, “maybe later.”
  • Room 4– This was a good boss fight.  The players say the altar and said I’m fucked up.  Yay.
    • The cleric summoned a horrific creature through his scythe using my DCCified version of LotFP spell.  He rolled a 13 for the creature, so not the most challenging, but with all the extra stuff here’s what we ended up with:

Summoned Horror

A tumory mass with hundreds of legs and eyes that are rolling in different directions.  Its skin is dry and cracked, oozing blackish blood. 

HP: 30; AC: 19; BAB and Bonus to saves: +1, Claw attack 1d3+1, Necrotic Rot touch- DC 14 Fort save or develop nasty necrotic pustules and your flesh falls off.  Invisibility at will.

  • John worked on the cultists while Nate and Liam focused on the cleric and the horror.
    • Nate (I believe) scored a critical hit and obliterated the cleric.
    • It took a few rounds of holding actions to interrupt the creature when it reappeared, but eventually they killed the beastie.
  • They looted the cleric, John took the scythe (doesn’t know what it is yet), and Nate messed with the altar, but he’s immune to disease, so he’s fine.

Room 5– Succubus laughed at them, entered the portal to hell as the two Type I demons with the body of mini-horse- human legs- head of pig- wrapped in barbed wire emerged.  They fought, kicked ass, and killed the bitches.

That’s where we left the session, as it was 9:20pm.

Next week Group 2 continues delving into the Portal Under the Stars Module in the DCC rulebook!


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