The Bogwood Swamp- A Hubris Territory

I put a vote on my G+ community page about which territory they would like to see me put up as celebration for finishing writing all 10 territories and the popular vote was the Bogwood Swamp.  I figured putting up two of the 1o territories will give people a good idea as to what the layout was and to judge their use during play (which has been my overall goal).  Here is previously posted territory.

Dreaded Bogwitches
Dreaded Bogwitches

Bogwood Swamp– The brave and desperate have prospected the Bogwood for hundreds of years, harvesting the plentiful lignite for trade.  Failed and forgotten boomtowns dot the swamp as camps moved on to find better sources of the much needed fuel.  Gigantic twitching, shivering mushrooms fill the swamp; while some are used for food, others cause living creatures to go mad, rot from the inside out, or worse.

Five years ago the Red Moon of the Calamitous Whisper appeared in the night sky.  The moon swelled and blood rained down upon the swamp.  Most people who were caught in the storm were twisted and transformed into Bogwitches; ferocious and ravenous creatures.  The hideous rain caused the water level of the swamped to drop, revealing strange, ruins, some from ancient cultures now long gone and others foreign and other-worldly.  Crazy adventurers venture into these long forgotten places in search of treasure, forbidden knowledge, and glory.

Bogwood Swamp- Lay of the Land

1-15 Reedy and murky swamp filled with buzzing and biting insects.

16-17 The swamp water becomes thick and hard to move through.  Stopping for longer than a few moments causes the person to sink quickly.  Depth: Roll 1d4 1) 3’; 2) 5’; 3) 10’; 4) 20’.

18-20 Bubbles form on top of the water; when they burst the characters hear giggling and crying.

21-25 Dense pack of huge fungal stalks.  If kicked or hit a glittering dust falls from their caps.  Characters now glow in the dark for 2d3 days or until the stuff is washed off.

26-27 Grove of weeping willows, used by a sect of extremist druids as their outpost.  They are preparing for war against the heathens that destroy nature.

28-29 Tower built of the red rock of the Canyons of the Howling Red Rock.  The tower is twisted and has many holes where bats and large insects fly in and out, the peak is carved with the face of an angry ancient-looking man.

30 Area of swamp that is producing large amounts of methane.  The air shimmers and is extremely flammable (6d6 damage to all in a 60’ radius if ignited).  3d4 Vile Gut Clan goblins are getting high of the fumes.

31-32 Rotten, sagging, and oozing fungal stalks.  There is a 1 in 6 chance that it will collapse on a character if they get to close, taking 1d6 damage and being covered in disgusting-smelling rotten vegetation.

33-34 Small floating island of lignite.  There are several piles of bones on top of the island.

35 Ancient stone tower sinking into bog.

36 Grouping of four gargoyle statues, each with a set of precious gems for eyes,  are facing towards one another.

37-40 Hot springs bubbling to the murky surface of the bog. Resting in it for 2 hours heals 1d4 HP, but dyes skin green for 3 days.

41 Swirling whirlpool with giant red eye in the center.

42-45 An abandoned boomtown.  There is a 30% chance that there is useful equipment and supplies.

46-50 Sink pit (2d10+2 ft deep) full of orange leeches that will latch on and begin to drain a target’s life essence (1 Stamina loss per round until freed).

51-55 20’ tall yellow and gold fan fungus.  Stewing the fungus in alchemical concoction for 3 hours will create: Roll 1d5 1) a tasty food additive; 2) a potion that will permanently dye the drinkers skin yellow; 3) a sleeping potion (Fort save, DC 12, or sleep for 1 hour; 4) a thick solvent that dissolves even the strongest glue binding; 5) a noxious fluid that evaporates when exposed to air (Fort save, DC 12, or become sickened for 2d4 rounds and suffer -2 to all rolls).

56-57 Abandoned Vile Gut Clan goblin hive fortress that is built into a weeping willow.

58-60 A Vile Gut Clan goblin hive fortress on the back of a gigantic crab roving through the swamp.

61-62 Ancient hilltop graveyard from some forgotten boomtown.

63 Ruins made with piercing blue stone which is ice cold to the touch and has froze the ground around it.

64-65 Gigantic weeping willow which is home to Rye, a dryad and her water elemental companion.

66-67 Small Klind enclave- there are 3d3 Klind warriors here at any time.  The leader is a level 2 cleric of Set.

68 Abandoned Klind enclave.  There is 40% chance of useful equipment here and a 20% chance of religious artifacts of Set.

69-71 Small Ekrask hunting village- there are 3d4 Ekrask here.  They are neutral to the characters unless provoked.

72-74 Prospecting camp that has been raided.  Blood, body parts, and broken weaponry are strewn about the site.

75-77 Active prospecting camp- there are 2d8 prospectors in the camp.  They have a small amount of goods they are willing to trade or sell.

78 Cave filled with pulsating orange crystals.  2d4 crystals can be harvested at any point.  When added to an alchemists potion it grants +1 to the brew potions roll.

79 Cave with walls lined with human skins, home to the vicious swamp troll, Bralog.

80 Ruins of pure alabaster that can only be seen under the moonlight.

81 Swirling noxious fog fills the area, reducing vision by 75%.  Those in the fog must succeed a Fort save, DC 13 or contract Necrotic Rot (see Diseases, PG XX).  The fog is issuing from the rotted, hollowed eye sockets of a dead little girl hanging from a weeping willow.

82-83 Shivering fungus (roughly 2 ½ feet tall) covered in a glittering dust that has hallucinogenic properties.

84 Village of cannibalistic demon-worshipping frogmen.

85 Ruins with door shaped like gigantic skull.  Doorknob is in nose cavity.  Eyes fire lasers.

86-88 Reed and fungal fortress of Fire Breath Clan goblin.

89 Reed and fungal fortress of Fire Breath Clan goblin that is rotten and diseased.  Bodies wrapped in strange silky cocoons.

90 Pile of 30 bodies caught in an eddy.

91 Skeleton of a gigantic reptile with purple steam issuing out of the eye sockets.

92 Huge pendulum that is swings back and forth on a massive weeping willow, which is home to an old witch.  She will offer help to any who need it, for a price.

93 Ancient ruins built in the shape of a squid.  Horrific-looking pale creatures that resemble anthropomorphic squids with red eyes can be seen coming and going.

94-96 A boomtown that has been taken over by deep ones.  The villagers have all become corrupted half-man half-fish creatures.  A large alter to Zxyldon (see The Sea That Runs Red territory, pg XX) has been constructed in the center of the boomtown.

97 Abandoned Klind enclave that is now home to fetid shadow creature.  The dried husk remains of the Klind are scattered around the encampment.

98 Field of sentient mushrooms.  They have both individual personalities and a hive mind.  They hold secrets to an ancient ruin somewhere in the swamp and are willing to share the location in exchange for information to other parts of the world.

99 Recently attacked Ekrask camp now occupied by Vile Gut Clan goblins.  There are 2d3 Ekrask being held prisoner and 3 times as many goblins.

00 Over one hundred people have been turned into statues.  Many are below the surface of the water.

Coven of witches ensnaring more victims.
Coven of witches ensnaring more victims.

Bogwood Swamp- Encounters

1-10 Prospectors looking to find new claim.

11-12 Roving band of 2d4 Ekrask scouts fighting twice that number of Vile Gut Clan goblins.

13 An enraged troll fighting Vile Gut Clan goblins riding in a Hive Fortress on a gigantic crab.

14-15 Prospectors that have just found a new ruin and are being attacked by something horrible that was locked within.

16-21 1d6 Ekrask hunters.  They are looking to trade goods and help killing a terrible evil that has been lurking in the swamps.

22-24 1d3 Bogwitches lurking just beneath the water.  They will burst from the surface and attack the nearest character(s).

25 2d4 Klind warriors, one is cleric of Set (level 1).

26-27 2d2 Giant vampire Bats.

28 Spirit of a young girl who was drowned in the bog.  She begs to be set free from her torment.  If unable to help her after a few moments she will transform and attempt to kill the characters.

29-32 Band of 2d6 Fire Breath Clan goblins.  They are willing to be friendly to characters, but will attack if provoked.

33-34 2d3 Fire Breath Clan goblins riding gigantic moths (or vampire bats).

35-36 Cannibalistic demon-worshipping frogmen looking for their next meal.  They lurk in the reeds and will attack from behind.

37 Nasty hag with gigantic necrotic pustules collecting ingredients for potions.  For rare ingredients she will sell some of her potions.  If provoked she will attack and then use the characters in her potions.

38-39 2d6 Deep Ones wandering through the swamp (1d4 of them are riding giant eels).

41-45 2d4 prospectors digging out lignite.

46-47 2d4 friendly sentient mushrooms are being attacked and cut down by: Roll 1d5 1) prospectors; 2) Fire Breath Clan goblins; 3) Vile Gut Clan goblins; 4) a troll; 5) Deep ones.

48 A group of explorer that are suspended upside down in gigantic moth cocoons

49-52 2d4 crocodiles.

53-54 A gigantic crocodiles bursts from the water and latches its jaws on a character and attempts to drag them beneath the water.

55-57 Assassin Vine with several dead creatures entangled in it.  It will attempt to grapple any creature that gets too close.

58 Will-o-wisp attempting to guide travelers into quicksand trap (5’ deep) so it can suck out the character’s soul.

59 Troll wandering blindly in pain.  Its gut is being eaten by giant maggots and is constantly regenerating.

60-62 1d3 Giant centipedes (15ft) scuttling over the remains of a fallen and rotted weeping willow.

63 Living statue hungry for blood.  Will not move if victim is looking right at it.

64-66 Caravan under attack by: Roll 1d6 1) Klind; 2) Ekrask; 3) Vile Gut Clan Goblins; 4) Bogwitches; 5) A troll; 6) Bandits.

67-70 2d3 +1 troops from the East End Outpost scouting area looking for threats to the keep.

71 Living spell with consciousness of malicious wizard who was consumed by the casting.

72-73 Bipedal mushroom men that have become twisted and evil by a terrible rotting disease.

74-76 2d4 bloated, fetid zombies.  These are prospectors who went missing 3d3 weeks ago.

77-80 2d8 Vile Gut Clan goblins riding on the back of wild boars.

81-82 Leech swarm skimming water surface towards party.

83 Toad Demon that has enslaved a boomtown and forced them to worship him.

84 Three prospectors have been caught in web of giant golden swamp spider

85-86 Mutant outlaws: Roll 1d4 1) hostile; 2) friendly; 3) neutral; 4) has information vital to one of the players, but now roll d3 for attitude.

87 Shambling Mound protecting a tree with shimmering golden leaves.

88-91 Traders heading for 1) Fairweather; 2) East End Outpost; 3) Shadowfall; 4) Stilt-town.  20% chance they have something unique or rare.  If rolled10% or under they don’t realize it.

92-93 Criminal running from bounty hunter from 1) Fairweather; 2) Shadowfall; 3) Eisenbar; 4) Floating Island of Terror.

94 Mutated wizard who sees through eyeballs in his hands, looking for ruins said to hold amazing treasure and knowledge.  Willing to split the treasure with the characters.

95 Witch coven meeting in secret to perform powerful ritual to bring forth a dark one from the Void.

96 Deep Ones torturing and skinning captured Ekrask and prospectors.  The skins are being tanned and hardened to be used as armor.

98 2d3 Deep Ones setting a trap to ensnare the characters.

99 2d6 Malfactorium scouts from the Mountains that Crawl, there is a 15% chance that they ride on a gargantuan stone beetle.

00 Vile Gut clan goblins warring with Fire Breath Clan goblins in epic goblin-style brawl.



East End Outpost- Twenty years ago soldiers from Fairweather sailed from the Port of Ustler to the tip of the Bogwood and built the East End Outpost as a guard against Klind invasions, pirate raids, and to protect their interests in obtaining the lignite from prospectors.  Troops from Fairweather and conscripts from Stilt-town serve at the outpost.

East End Outpost
East End Outpost

Lately the soldiers have been plagued by nightmares and harsh illnesses.  No one is aware that the outpost rests upon the ruins of the tomb of a Grand Priest of the Watchers of the Withered Eye, an ancient and forgotten order that sought to bring about death and famine through the Great Wasting.


Rumors/Adventure Hooks

1) A war-band of Vile Gut Clan goblins have been seen in one of their grotesque roving hive fortresses, which rests on the back of a gigantic hermit crab.

2) Several Klind warships have made landfall near the outpost and are setting up camp.

3) Green lights have been seen in the distance of the Sea That Runs Red.  One soldier swears he saw a tattered old ship.


Slathereth- The petrified remains and shell of the gargantuan turtle, Slathereth the Destroyer, rises out of the Bogwood like a jagged mountain.  While many tribes exist throughout Hubris, it is here that the tribe-nations of Ekrask make their home.  The cunning and vicious Red Skin has ruled his people for twenty years since he led a revolt and chased the Klind enclave out of the Bogwood.  Under his rule clan in-fighting has diminished and the Ekrask have become united in the common goal to free their brethren still enslaved by the Klind.

It is in the belly of Slathereth, in the Arena of Blood, that brave warriors fight to prove their worth and value.  Those who do not fight are mistrusted and often pushed or exiled from the clans.  Often beasts and creatures are pitted against each other for entertainment.

Outside races are permitted to enter Slathereth and trade, but are kept under close watch and punished harshly for any infractions against Ekrask customs or laws.

Rumors/Adventure Hooks

1) The biggest tournament of the year is fast approaching, and Plather, the Blood Master, is looking for more contestants to test their mettle.

2) While in Slathereth, the ground erupts and water and dozens of Deep Ones surge forward and begin attacking all in sight.

3) A human are about to be executed for attempting to steal coin from a Clutch Mother, who watches over unhatched ekrask eggs.  Next to his cage a dead kenku is hung upside down, has been completely plucked of feathers, and had its beak removed.

4) Over the last few weeks a dim thumping could be heard throughout Slathereth at odd times.  Within the last few days it has become a steady beat, as if a giant heart was pumping.

The Arena of Blood

If player(s) is fighting something, roll once.  If not, roll twice.

The Arena of Blood

Roll 1d10 Monster 1 VS Monster 2
1 Captured Klind Giant snake (poisonous)
2 Bogwitch Crocodile, dire
3 Giant centipede 1d3 Frogmen
4 1d4 Vile Gut Clan goblins Criminal (choose race)
5 Troll Giant spider
6 1d3 Deep Ones Leech swarm
7 Exiled Ekrask Green hag
8 Shocker lizard Bogwitch
9 Criminal (choose race) 1d4 zombies
10 Harpy 1d2+1 Diseased wolves




Stilt-town- The largely lawless and rough Stilt-town lies in the middle of the Bogwood, providing prospectors and adventurers a place to drink, re-supply, and seek other pleasures.  The entire town rests on stilts to keep it above the murky water level.  Rickety plank walkways and small boats are used to get from one point to another.


No one is sure why, but Stilt-town was built around a small ancient obelisk, the Pillar of Transcendent Reality of Time and Space, which is engraved with bizarre runes that glow when people are near.  Sometimes people wake up standing in front of it, not remember how they got there.  While it is a rare occurrence, occasionally people have gone crazy in front of obelisk and offer themselves as a sacrifice.

Rumors/Adventure Hooks

1) The Pillar of Transcendent Reality of Time and Space pulsates with bright light.  After a bright flash, half of the Stilt-town has been transformed into: 1) half man half-fishman; 2) Raging abominations; 3) Opposite gender; 4) A race never encountered before (ie- Dwarves, Elves, etc); 5) a herd animal; 6) bald ape-like creatures with distended bellies.

2) A wave rises up and rips through the southern tip of Stilt-town, utterly destroying it.  People are screaming for help.

3) A group of Klind refugees wander into town seeking to hide.  They say they have information on an incoming invasion force.

4) Someone, or something, has been murdering the people in Stilt-town and brutally cutting off various parts of the body.

5) An entire prospecting camp has been discovered covered in strange purple moss and vibrant green fungal stalks.  Their faces and the contents of their heads have been removed.

6) Recently an eerie purple fog appeared.  Strange, enticing singing can be heard for miles around, causing people to wander into the swamp.

7) Hulking monstrosities that look like grotesque human men have been seen in the eastern corner of the swamp.  These beasts rage and charge any who get near the perimeter shouting incoherently.

8) The moon has slowly started turning red again.  People fear that the Red Moon of the Calamitous Whisper may be happening again.

Shambling Mound
Shambling Mound

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