The Metalphage Plague of Hubris and the Infected Horrors

The Metalphage

Metalphage attacking Fairweather guards
Metalphage attacking Fairweather guards

Three years ago Fairweather became ravaged by a terrible plague that caused people to mutate into grotesque creatures; jagged metallic shards, wires, and tubing burst from the flesh of the infected.  Mercifully many of those that become infected die from the pain of the transformation, but some survive and are driven mad, becoming savage mindless beasts that attack all they come across, even other infected.  The mere touch from one with the plague infects others and also corrupts metal, rusting it

As the plague ripped through Fairweather the guard was forced to quarantine entire districts, sealing the uninfected in with the horrors.  The plague doctors of the Scarlet Veil began rounding up infected and uninfected alike to conduct experiments to find a cure.  Through experimentation the plague doctors discovered that any creature can become infected with the plague they had named The Metalphage.

As time has passed the Metalphage has spread to places all over Hubris, infecting wildlife and monsters as well as peoples of the civilized world, and the plague doctors are no closer to finding a cure.

To create a Metalphage creature either consult the table below, using the base creature’s HD and choose from options below or just use the creature stat blocks from either Hubris bestiary or the monsters in DCC (pg 376).  The important info for Metalphage creatures are contained in columns 5-8 of the table.

Even nature isn't safe from the Metalphage
Even nature isn’t safe from the Metalphage

A Metalphage creature retains the use of any special abilities that do not require the use of concentration (ie casting spells).  Each time a player character is successfully hit by a Metalphage creature they must make a Fort save, DC determined by the creatures HD.  If PC fails the save they permanently loose the indicated amount of Personality shown in column 6.  When a PC reaches zero Personality they are lost and become a Metalphage creature in 1d6 rounds.

The same rules apply for a NPC or a creature, however when they are reduced to zero HP there is a 30% chance that the target dies from the pain of the transformation.

 Metalphage human


Base Creature Statistics Range by Type










Type HD AC Attack Modifier Target DCs forInfection and Rusting Personality Drained Metal Rusts in… Number of Corruptions
I 1-4 10-15 +2 to +6 10-14 1d3 2d6 turns 1d2
II 4-8 13-18 +6 to +10 14-18 1d4 1d6 turns 1d2
III 6-12 15-20 +8 to +12 18-20 2d3 2d6 rounds 1d3
IV 8-16 18-23 +10 to +16 20-22 2d4 1d6 rounds 2d2
V 10-20 20-25 +12 to +18 22-24 2d5 1d4 rounds 2d2
VI 15-30 22-28 +20 to +24 25-27 2d6 1 round 2d3



The Metalphage

Roll Corruption Special Description
1 Tubing protruding out of neck and head to back NA
2 Wires bursting out of one eye NA
3 Wires out of neck, arms and legs NA
4 Oil dripping from wounds NA
5 Burning red eyes Gains infravision 120’
6 Breathing apparatus over mouth Ability to breathe underwater or in toxic gases indefinitely
7 Buzzsaw hand 1d8 damage
8 Claw hand 1d6 damage
9 Metallic skin +4 to AC
10 Rotating fan blades Hand- 1d6 damage; body- attackers take 1d4 damage
11 Drill arm 1d6 dmg.  Crit reduces targets armor by damage amount
12 Metallic whips +2 to grapple type rolls
13 Large mound on back, full of cables NA
14 Electric nodes Attackers take 1d4 damage
15 Back spines NA
16 Shooting spikes 1d4 damage
17 Spiked flesh +2 AC, targets that are grappled take 1d4 dmg/rnd.
18 Holes in flesh issuing steam NA
19 Chrome eyes Can see in darkness, even magical darkness
20 Shooting grapple arm 50’ reach, +2 to grapple type rolls, 1d6 dmg
21 Elongated metallic limbs +5 to reach and/or +5 to movement
22 Large metallic rods jutting out of body NA
23 Clumps of metallic flesh NA
24 Meat grinder stomach 1d8 damage if successfully grappled
25 Aerial antenna immune to back attacks and being snuck up on
26 No lower jaw, jagged metallic teeth Bite attack, 1d4 damage
27 Enlarged body Increase weapon die by one degree, -2 to AC
28 Tubing protruding from back to legs and arms NA
29 Splayed out feet +10 to movement
30 Pipe coming from mouth Can vomit up oil, Ref Save DC 12 or fall prone


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