The d30 Exotic Table With Mayhem Potential

Yesterday Scrap Princess mentioned that she wanted a table with exotic goods that were fun and had the potential to cause mayhem for the players.

I thought that was a cool idea so I created this table this AM.  I’m not sure if this is what Scrap meant, or if I even got close, however I think these things would be fun to give the players and see how they react:)

Exotic Goods and their Mayhem Potential

Roll Exotic Good Mayhem Potential
1 Minced liver of ankheg A delicacy, but if prepared poorly those who ingest it developed an infection which causes them to swell to 2 times normal size.
2 Hookah tobacco of Ishal The sweet smell of this tobacco is intoxicating.  However the potent smell sticks to the smoker until washed off with the urine of a baby cow.
3 Black powder from Jacrept Mountains Used to blast rock away in the mines.  Extremely unstable.  Even the slightest touch of flame causes it to ignite.
4 Spiced tea from the plagued fields of Gathelbar Procuring the spiced tea of the plagued fields is a deadly venture, so it is extremely sought after by the rich and elite.  However those that drink it run the risk of attracting the ire of those that died in the fields.  Their luck is terrible; things break, they stumble, sounds follow them, etc.  They need a damned priest to bless them and ward off the spirits.
5 Ever-chilled butter from Blarmar This delicious butter never tears bread, and has the sweet aroma of honey.  However eating this cools a person’s temperature so much that their lips turn blue and their teeth chatter.  This lasts for 1d6 days.
6 Dried spices of a singing flower The spice of the singing flower is enchanting as it tastes different to each person.  Those who eat the spice run the risk of being cursed with bursting into song at random times for a month, until the spice fully leaves their system.
7 Giant spider eggs These can hatch at any time, releasing 5d100 tiny disgusting baby spiders.
8 Perfumed glass beads The smell of the perfume of these beads creates a calming effect.  Problem is, sometimes it’s so calming people fall into a deep slumber for 2d20 hours.  The beads are extremely fragile.
9 Bark from a stinking tree Rubbing this bark on ones flesh helps to ward off creatures with extremely sensitive senses of smell, however it dies the skin brown and you now smell terrible to anyone around you.
10 Acorns from a petrified forest These acorns are very nutritious and never go bad.  Any food they are prepared with will never spoil.  However all bowel movements are extremely painful as the person is defecating piles of rocks.
11 Ink sac of giant octopus A silky elegant ink that many scholar use to scribe their books.  Should this ink get on ones skin, it dyes it black permanently.  It will never go away.
12 The eye of an abboleth Sometimes used in soups of the rich.  When consumed allows the person to see in the dark.  One possible side effect is you see through a person’s flesh into their internal organs.  Not pleasant.
13 Scented lantern oil of the north When ignited the wielder of the lantern can see in the dark in hues of green and orange.  The same color wafts out of their ears and they smell of maple syrup for 1d10 days.
14 Eggs of two-headed swan If consumed, person doesn’t need to eat or drink for 1d4 days.  For that duration their skin is now yolk yellow.
15 Gentle silver from Elven mines Extremely malleable silver used for intricate designs.  Possibility of attracting metal eating creatures in a 5 mile radius.
16 Dark chocolate from Yuma Yuma Delicious chocolate that causes target to become giddy, smack lips and lick fingers ostentatiously, and possible dance around merrily.
17 Dehydrated baby tomatoes Tomatoes with the face of a baby on it.  Eating can cause person to revert to an infant like state for 1d4 hours.
18 Golden fleece of a winged ram While worn become extremely attractive to opposite sex, but appear naked, ugly, and vulgar to same sex.
19 Roll of silk from the east Gentle and easily tailored, but can cause hives, rashes, and blisters on those who are allergic to it.
20 Blood from a dragon’s spleen Can cure almost any ailment or disease if prepared properly.  All dragon’s will smell that you have consumed something of their kin and be able to hone in on your location if within 10 miles.
21 Fire rubies of Tri Klathar Valuable and warm to the touch.  When put against any form of metal, causes them to get so hot that they will melt.
22 Droppings of a slithy tove The porous droppings of the slithy tove are considered good luck while fresh and kept in a person’s pocket.  Once dry and crumbly ill-fated luck befalls them.
23 Evernight song bird During the day the bird’s tweets and chirps are graceful and beautiful.  At night the birds squawks, cries, and screams.
24 Necklace of bulette teeth The clacking sound of this necklace will draw the ire of a bulette if in the area.
25 Seeds of a weeping poppy Can be planted to grow gorgeous poppy plants.  Those that hold the plant burst into tears and are inconsolable.  The opiate created from this poppy is one of the most addicting substances in the world.
26 Jar of sticky sweet polyp jam You are eating the fleshy jam of an intestinal polyp.  It tastes delicious, but glues your mouth shut.  Only yak milk can soften this.
27 Beak of a jubjub bird Wearing the beak of a jubjub bird allows the person to understand any language that they hear, however when they talk they babble incoherently, roll their head strangely, and flap their arms.
28 Crystalline sands of the Teal beach Putting these sands in a cloth and wringing it will produce cool refreshing water.  Drinking the water will turn the consumers flesh permanently blue.
29 Sack of fried pig snouts Favorite snack of large demon rats that seem to lurk in every sewer of every city.
30 Water crackers of Nlethkack The eater now floats on water, and cannot submerge themselves or sink for 2d10 hours.  During that time they are unable to use the bathroom and it is painful and uncomfortable.

Author: Mike Evans

I am a History major attending a community college until I can get more financial aid and attend a four year school. I am living in NJ with my girlfriend who is currently wrapping up on obtaining her PhD in Toxicology. I love Star Wars, Role-playing, video games, working out, reading, writing, and hanging with my girlfriend, dog (Perfect), and two kittens (Birch and Brambles). My main focus on this site will be my discussion of Role-playing games and ideas and hopefully contribute something worth a damn.

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