My Hack of the Lamentations of the Flame Princess Summon Spell DCCified!

W00t!  500 posts!  Hopefully I have achieved some good and useful things on this blog.  Hell I would like to think I have, but who the hell knows!  Thanks to everyone who has commented, read, visited, and mocked me!


Summoned Monster

Awhile back I created a die drop hack of the Lamentations of the Flame Princess Summon spell.  I did this to attempt to keep the feel and awesomeness of the LotFP, while reducing the bookkeeping and work to generate the creature.

Yesterday Claytonian JP posted pondering a way to take the Summon spell and DCCify it on G+.  I offered up links to my hack, my LotFP Summon spell cheat sheet, and my concise spell list (I reduced forty pages of spell fluff to ten pages of the most useful bare bones info).  I also promised to ponder how to use my die drop hack in DCC.  So I set to work this AM and HOPEFULLY I’ve done just that.

I have NOT proof read this bad boy.  I’ll do that later and lament at all the damned errors Iv’e made, but oh well.

Summoned Monster 2

Here it is as a PDF only due to formatting it like a Dungeon Crawl Classics spell Summon Spell.

Feel free to leave feedback/comments/etc.

Awesome pictures taken from the kick ass Monster Brains blog.


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