The Bizarre and Horrible Gods of Hubris- Vralkar, God of Battle, Strength, Pride, and Survival

I am posting each of the gods of Hubris with their info and Invoke the Name ability.

I also have tried to find artwork that is close to how I envisioned the clerics and gods looking.


Vralkar is the savage god of battle, strength, pride, and survival.  He revels in the throngs of battle, death, blood, and pain.  Negotiation, talk, and hesitance is for the weak.  Those that attempt to parlay or beg for mercy shall receive a disgraced death.  Vralkar is revered by the Ingvar of the frozen north.

Many warriors offer prayer to Vralkar before battle in the hope that He will grant them strength and success.  His clerics know this is foolish.  Vralkar only cares for the strongest.  Those that survive.  The only blessing Vralkar has for the weak is a boot heel to the throat or an axe to the skull.



Click to Enlarge

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Invoke the Name- Simply roll a spell check (d20 + CL + Personality Mod).

Here is the Rage ability mentioned in the Invoke the Name:

Rage: An Ekrask is a savage fighter that is able to tap into their ferocious nature and attack with reckless abandon.  When raging an Ekrask ups their damage die one level, receives +2 to saving throws against mind altering affects and fear, and ignores 2 points of physical damage.  They also incur -2 to AC and -2 to Intelligence checks.  The rage lasts a number of rounds equal to one half level rounded down +1 (minimum of 2 rounds at level 1). The Ekrask can rage a number of times per day equal to their Stamina bonus (minimum of 1).  They cannot use any abilities that require concentration.  If all enemies are felled before the duration of Rage runs out the Ekrask will attack friends.  A successful Will check (DC 15) each round for the duration allows the Ekrask to resist the bloodlust and avoid attacking a friend.

Cleric of Vralkar

Cleric of Vralkar


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