Hubris- The Floating Island of Terror- A DCC Patron

The Floating Island of Terror
The Floating Island of Terror

Three patrons of Hubris now done, one more to go.  Here is the Twisted One and here is the Spider Goddess.

Here is the pdf for the patron (this includes Invoking Patron, Patron Taint, Spellburn, and three spells).  It would be much to messy to post it all on the blog as a plain text/html format.

The Floating Island of Terror

For millennia the creature slept in the bowels of the earth, forgotten, and imprisoned until a hunger so fierce awoke the creature from its slumber and reached out.  A covenant was struck and a powerful ritual was cast.  Through sacrifice, blood, and fear the Black Queen ripped the creature and its prison free of the land.  Thus the Floating Island of Terror was born.

Hovering high above Hubris, It belches out soot and pollution as It and the Black Queen feed on the fear of her subjects.  Large smoke stacks, pipes, and gears all hum, clang, and clatter as it drifts across the skies producing wheellock weaponry, armor, and the dreaded murder machines for the dreaded queen.

The Floating Island of Terror hungers for more sources of food, to spread Its corruptive technology throughout the land, and to leave Its mark forever, as a blight, on Hubris.

The Black Queen
The Black Queen

Here is info on the actual location of the Floating Island of Terror:

Floating Island of Terror– Five years ago the earth shook as a large mass of land ripped itself away from Hubris and drifted into the air.  Huge metallic buildings, tubes, pipes, and vents burst from the rock to form a large industrial city.  The Floating Island of Terror now floats high above Land of Perpetual Stone and Mire, belching out soot, pollution, and smoke as it produces wheellock firearms, gunpowder, and other strange devices.  The Black Queen, a powerful sorcereress, sits high on her throne of bones and steam in her floating metal city, satiating her hunger on the nightmares of her subjects.  The Black Queen governs and commands all who enter here; with the help of The Black Guard of Abhorrent Action, a group of devote followers of the Black Queen, it isn’t difficult.

The Floating Island of Terror is responsible for the invention and distribution for most of the firearms throughout the Hubris region.  The Black Queen’s Skeletal Gun Runners are devoted enough and crazy enough to run caravans all over Hubris.

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