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The Druid- DCCified

I’ve always dug the druid.  One of my first characters was a druid when I began rpging many MANY years ago.  As I’ve gotten older I’ve drifted more towards a druid being a savage of the wilderness (with some spell abilities) rather than just a cleric that has a fig leaf over their crotch and a date earrings.

I always liked wild shape, pass without a trace, etc.  I too the druid I created for my original OSR hack and dccified it.  For this class I also created a new spell: Animal Shape, which takes great inspiration from the DCC spell Polymorph (but changes it and makes it a first level ability for the druid).

I wanted to create a druid class for my Hubris setting (players always seemed to enjoy playing them as well).

Anyways, feel free to leave feedback.  Enjoy!



You are the sentinel of nature, alone fully understanding her secrets.  While others can train animals to do simple tricks, you are able to summon them to do your bidding, tap into their ferocity to gain special abilities, or even transform yourself into one.

You are a savage, uncouth, and unrefined.  You can be as calm and tranquil as a placid lake, as welcoming as a summer breeze, or as furious and destructive as a hurricane.

The civilized world makes as little sense to you as your world makes to the cultured and refined.  You understand that nature needs to be respected and cared for, and not just a tool to be used and discarded when no longer convenient.  And you will fight those that seek to do it harm, whatever the cost.

Hit Points: A druid gains 1d8 HP per level.

Weapon Training: A druid can use any weapon and armor they choose so long as it meets the requirements of their Druidic Restriction (see below).

Alignment: Druids tend to be as enigmatic as nature itself.  Most druids tend to be neutral.  Druids that take it upon themselves to become the guardians of nature, the planet, and animals are lawful.  Druids that are not content being mere guardians and prefer to take the fight to the offenders, striking using guerilla tactics are chaotic.

Animal Empathy: Druids respect all living creatures.  When attempting to read, calm, or commune with animals they receive +2 to their attribute roll.

Call of the Animal: A Druid has the ability to call upon the savagery of nature and channel it into her being.  She must make a Personality roll (see below) to call the Animal Spirit into her body.  For failure, success, and duration consult the chart below.  Each Animal Spirit grants a different bonus (see below).

Personality Check for Call of the Animal

1- Lost, failure, unable to use for 2d4 days.

2-11- Lost.  Failure.

12-13- Failure, but ability is not lost.

14-15- Successful.  Number of rounds equal to ½ druid’s personality score.

16-17- Successful.  Number of rounds equal to druid’s personality score.

18+- Successful.  Number of rounds equal to double druid’s personality score.

Animal Spirit Granted Bonus
Mountain Lion Agility die increased one step on the die ladder.  +2 to Agility and movement is now ’40.
Grizzly Bear Fists harden and nails grow slightly longer and do 1d8 + str dmg.
Fox Foxes are fast and hard to hit.  Increase AC and Ref saves by +2.
Wolf Pack Leader- Personality increased one step on the die ladder.  +2 to Personality.
Coyote Gain the ability to track by scent.  Gain low-light vision.
Hawk Increases sight by double.  +2 to hit with any ranged weapon.
Owl Ability to see clearly in the dark.  Gain ability to eat food not normally tasty or healthy for consumption.
Snake Gains Back Attack ability as Thief of equivalent level and alignment.
Mouse Gain Sneak Silently and Hide in Shadows ability as Thief of equivalent level and alignment.
Elk Inspires those around him.  All choose one attribute and roll all tests one step higher on the die ladder.

Druidic Restriction: A druid prefers natural weapons and armor.  If they use any armor, shields or weapons of metal they lose the following abilities for 24 hours; Call of the Animal, Woodland Stride, and Animal Shape.

Nature Lore: A druid has an intimate knowledge of nature.  She is able to identify flora and fauna from her area with ease.  If she is in a foreign type of climate she must make a skill check to identify the subject.

Druids are able to tell if water is clean and safe to drink.  A Druid can make an Intelligence check to successfully tell how the weather will turn out for the next 12 hours.  Druids are able to scavenge for food and shelter for themselves easily.  If they wish to find such for 2-8 people they must make a skill check and spend 6 hours hunting and foraging.

Natural Weapons: Druids know how to make weapons of stone, wood, and bone with ease, should they have the materials available.  This can be axes, staves, spears, bows and arrows, swords, etc.  If the druid rolls a 1 on an attack roll the weapon breaks.

Woodland Stride: A druid is one with nature and is able to move through obstructions like thorns, brambles, roots, thick branches, and the like as if they were water.  A druid will suffer no damage from troubles like natural thorns.  A druid also leaves no tracts when walking in nature.

Animal Companion: A druid can cast the Animal Summoning spell (DCC pg 129-130).  The druid can make a spell check using 1d20 + level + Personality modifier.  They cannot spellburn, but can suffer corruption, misfire, etc.

Animal Shape: A druid can cast the Animal Shape spell (click on link below).  The druid can make a spell check using 1d20 + level + Personality modifier.  They cannot spellburn, but can suffer corruption, misfire, etc.

Spell: Druid Animal Shape


Level Attack Crit Die/Table Action Die Ref Fort Will
1 +0 1d8/III 1d20 +1 +0 +1
2 +1 1d8/III 1d20 +1 +0 +1
3 +2 1d10/III 1d20 +1 +1 +2
4 +2 1d10/III 1d20 +2 +1 +2
5 +3 1d12/III 1d20 +2 +1 +3
6 +4 1d12/III 1d20+1d14 +3 +2 +3
7 +5 1d14/III 1d20+1d16 +3 +2 +4
8 +5 1d14/III 1d20+1d20 +3 +2 +5
9 +6 1d16/III 1d20+1d20 +3 +3 +5
10 +7 1d16/III 1d20+1d20 +4 +3 +6

The Pathfinder Alchemist DCCified

One class I always dug that came from the expanded books of Pathfinder (the Advanced Players Guide) is the Alchemist.  I liked the class so much I hacked it for my Sword and Sorcery OSR hack.

I was farting around on the Iron Tavern blog by Jeffrey Tadlock (which I just discovered thanks to the new and enjoyable Spellburn podcast for DCC) and found a recent post on the alchemist and I figured why the hell not DCCify the class.  It’s a class I thoroughly enjoy and many of my players have as well.  It’s also a great fit for my Hubris setting (more info here).

So here it be…

The Alchemist

The Alchemist is in...

The Alchemist is in…

While wizards dabble in the arcane arts and harness the raw power of magic, you are patient and use methodic and precise execution of knowledge and experience to create useful and highly dangerous potions.

You are able to mix dangerous chemical compounds together to create highly explosive weapons that you wield with great efficiency.

With this knowledge comes a side of recklessness and impatience.  Through experimentation you have conducted on yourself you have unlocked your inner chaotic beast, and found that the rush to be to your liking.  When under the influence of a mutagen of your own creation, you are a massive and terrible beast that can barely be controlled.

Whether by beast, man, an explosion, or your own hubris you know your time is limited and you intend to push the envelope of magic and science as far as possible before you go down.

Hit Points: Alchemists gains 1d6 HP per level.


Weapon Training: An alchemist is proficient with the following weapons: blowgun, crossbow, dagger, handaxe, javelin, mace, shortsword, sickle*, staff, and wheellock weapons*.  An alchemist can also wear any armor they choose, however it is destroyed when they transform using their mutagen ability (see below).

*= Weapons of the Hubris setting.


Alignment: An alchemist can be any alignment they so choose.  Many gravitate towards neutral or chaotic as that is the nature of dabbling in the science potion making.


Bombs– An alchemist is able to mix together a concoction of volatile chemicals that explode when thrown at a target.  As the alchemist becomes more experienced he is able to make these concoctions more potent and make more use of the materials at hand.  An alchemist can craft a number of bombs per day equal to their level plus one.  Consult the table below for bomb damage.  Al targets in a 10ft radius (no save allowed) take the damage.

Crafting a bomb takes 1d4 rounds.  The Alchemist can craft all their bombs at one time (say in the morning before adventuring), however they are extremely volatile and there is a 2-6 chance that each bomb will explode if the alchemist takes any fire damage, or falls from a great height (20ft or more).

The alchemist can also give the bombs to other companions.

The chemicals go inert if not used within 24 hours.

Luck: An alchemist’s luck modifier factors into their Brew Potion and throwing bomb rolls.

Mutagen: An alchemist is able to create a potion that unlocks the savagery of his inner psyche.  This potion must brew for one hour.  When consumed the potion transforms the alchemist into a terrible monster.  The transformation is terribly painful and takes 1 round, in which the alchemist is vulnerable.  When transformed the alchemist is a large creature.  His armor class is increased by +4.  All his physical attributes are rolled one step higher on the die ladder, while all his mental attributes are rolled at one step lower.  The alchemist’s ham-sized fists do 1d8+1 damage and he can attack with both as if he had a16 Agility.

This transformation lasts 10 minutes and cannot be ended prematurely.  All clothing and armor is destroyed during the transformation.  While in this state an alchemist’s crit die and table change.  Consult the table below.

An alchemist can consume up to three Mutagens a day, however after the first they begin to suffer adverse affects.  After the second time all attributes are rolled one step lower on the die ladder.  After the third time they are rolled three steps lower on the die ladder.  


Brew Potion: At first level an alchemist gains the ability to use the Make Potions spell (pg 223-225).  The only difference is that an alchemist can brew a potion in 1d3+1 hours.  Also an alchemist can take a short cut and not need a special substance for the potion, however this increases the difficulty of the roll by 10 (or by 5 if the alchemist doubles the cost of the potion per the spell rules).

Spellburn: An alchemist can use spellburn to brew potions.


Level Attack Crit Die/Table MutagenCrit/


Action Die Bombs BombDamage Ref Fort Will
1 +0 1d6/I 1d12/III 1d20 2 1d4 +1 +0 +1
2 +1 1d6/I 1d14/III 1d20 3 1d6 +1 +0 +1
3 +1 1d8/I 1d16/IV 1d20 4 1d8 +1 +1 +2
4 +1 1d8/I 1d20/IV 1d20 5 1d10 +2 +1 +2
5 +2 1d10/I 1d24/V 1d20+1d14 6 1d12 +2 +1 +3
6 +2 1d10/I 1d30/V 1d20+1d16 7 2d8 +2 +2 +4
7 +3 1d12/I 1d30/V 1d20+1d20 8 2d8 +3 +2 +4
8 +3 1d12/I 2d20/V 1d20+1d20 9 2d10 +3 +2 +5
9 +4 1d14/I 2d20/V 1d20+1d20 10 2d10 +3 +3 +5
10 +4 1d14/I 2d20/V 1d20+1d20+ 1d14 11 2d14 +4 +3 +6

Hubris DCC- Declassifying Races… Oh I Made a Pun.

One criticism I always see lobbied against Dungeon Crawl Classics is the use of Race as Class.  To be honest it is not something I am overly fond of either, however I accept the use of it in DCC as it really is a fun and amazing game, and not that big of a deal.

However with writing Hubris and the goal of publishing the damned thing (eventually) I wanted to create an option to allow any race to be any class.  Obviously this would be optional and the GM can rule that the DCC rule of race as class stands.

I tried to do was keep the essence of the races I’ve created for Hubris (here is my other Hubris Setting info) as well as the normal DCC races with this optional rule.

Feel free to give feedback.

Hubris Races


*= Created by me to add balance in conjunction with other races.


Human– Humans tend to be multifaceted and have a drive to succeed.  A human starts with two occupations and adds +2 to an attribute of their choosing (however no attribute can go above 18). *

Lucky as a Human– A human character can burn a point of luck to reroll a failed roll (be it skill, attack, or save).  This works in addition to any class uses of luck.*



Infravision: An Ekrask can see in the dark up to 60’.

Natural Weapons: An Ekrask has a nasty bite attack that deals 1d4 damage, and razor sharp claws that deal 1d6 damage.  An Ekrask is never considered unarmed.

Blood Spout: Once per day an Ekrask can shoot blood out of its eyes.  The Ekrask must make a ranged attack against target; if hit the target must make a Fort save (DC 12) or be stunned for 1d3 rounds.  The smell of the blood makes target easier to track by scent (granting a +2 bonus to skill check rolls).

Tracker: All Ekrask are natural trackers and it as a trained skill, rolling a d20 instead of a d10.

Rage: An Ekrask is a savage fighter that is able to tap into their ferocious nature and attack with reckless abandon.  When raging an Ekrask ups their damage die one level, receives +2 to saving throws against mind altering affects and fear, and ignores 2 points of physical damage.  They also incur -2 to AC and -2 to Intelligence checks.  The rage lasts a number of rounds equal to one half level rounded down +1 (minimum of 2 rounds at level 1). The Ekrask can rage a number of times per day equal to their Stamina bonus (minimum of 1).  They cannot use any abilities that require concentration.  If all enemies are felled before the duration of Rage runs out the Ekrask will attack friends.  A successful Will check (DC 15) each round for the duration allows the Ekrask to resist the bloodlust and avoid attacking a friend.


Half Demon

Infernal Resistance: +2 to saves against one of the following types of damage, whether magical or natural: Roll 1d3- 1) Fire; 2) Cold; 3) Electric.

Demonic Vulnerabilities: You can be turned by a cleric that has demons and devils listed as unholy creatures, although you get +2 to your save.  You take 1d4 additional damage from Cold Iron weapons and holy water.

Demonic Powers: 

Increased Speed– Increase speed by 20’

Increased Armor– Increase armor class by +4

Claws– Grow claws that do 1d6 damage.

Immunity– Become immune to damage based on resistance you rolled.

Regeneration– Regain 2 HP a round.

Resistance- Choose another form of damage in Infernal Resistance and gain +2 to saves.

To utilize a demonic power the half demon must make a successful Will save (DC 15).  If successful the player choose the ability they want to use and this effect starts at the beginning of the next round and lasts a number of rounds equal to the half demon’s level +1.  Failure means that the half demon cannot use any further Demonic Powers the day.  Rolling of a 1 represents a loss of humanity.  Roll on one time for each column on the Demonic Corruption Table.  When a half demon has suffered demonic corruption five times, they must make a Will save (DC 15 with a negative 5 modifier to the roll) to retain their sense of self.  Failure means that the half demon’s humanity has been consumed and the full cruelty and terror of their demonic side has taken over.  The character becomes a villain NPC and the player must make a new character.

If the player succeeds on the Will roll successfully win the fight for their soul for the moment.  Each time they lose further humanity the half demon must make the Will save, again at DC 15 but now with additional negative modifiers equal to attempts (IE- A Half-Demon that has had an additional loss of humanity must make the Will save with a -6 to their roll.

A character does not gain any further corruptions after 5, but must still make the rolls to save their soul.

Demonic Corruption


Effect 1


Effect 2

1 Feet become cloven hooves- +5 pace 1 Holy water does 1d8 damage.
2 Have claws constantly (1d6 damage).  Use of Demonic Power raises damage to d8. 2 Visage becomes more demonic; -2 to Charisma.
3 Eyes become red and bloody.  Gain Infravision 30’ radius.  Lose lowlight vision. 3 A burnt, sulfuric smell hangs around you.
4 Demonic Health- Increase your HD to d8; also roll right now for some additional HP. 4 Your touch burns and irritates others.  They must make a Fort save or take 1 point of damage per round.
5 Wings sprout out of your back.  Fly at a pace of 30’. 5 Daylight bothers you.  All your physical stats are rolled with a d16 while in the sunlight.
6 You grow a barbed tail that can attack at 1d16 and does 1d4 damage. 6 Lose your +2 saves against turn checks, instead suffer -2.
7 You grow horns that do 1d4 damage. 7 Lay on hands now harms you.
8 Fiendish Resistance- Increase your resistance to damage type by +2. 8 Cold Iron now does 1d8 damage to you.
9 Gain ability to cast Darkness as an arcane spell*. 9 If you look in a mirror you must make Will save or become terrified at what you become and unable to act until successful save.
10 Fiendish Strength- Increase Strength +2 (max of 18). 10 You have an unsettling aura about you.  Normal people shy away from you, while the religious will attack you outright.

* As per cleric spell of same name. Because the wizard version of the spell is a different spell level, the wizard receives a -2 penalty to spell checks when casting it. For example, binding is a level 2 cleric spell but a level 3 wizard spell; therefore, when rolling on the spell table, the wizard applies a -2 penalty to spell checks. On a result of natural 1, the wizard suffers a 50% chance of major corruption or misfire, rolling on the generic tables as appropriate (Taken from DCC, pg 127).

Luck: A Half Demon gets their luck modifier on their Will Save for Demonic Powers. 




Luck: Kenku are able to use their luck in ways normal mortals cannot.  They are able to use Luck in the following ways:

  • A kenku can burn their luck as per normal and gain a modifier on their rolls equal to the amount burned.
  • A kenku can also burn a point of luck to make another target unlucky.  The target gets a Will save (DC 12), if successful the target cannot be affected by this again for 24 hours.  If the Will check fails the target has been jinxed and must roll their next attack, save, skill check twice and take the lower of the two.

A kenku recovers luck quicker than the other races.  With a full night of rest a kenku recovers 1d3 Luck Points back.  They cannot go above their maximum score.

Low-Light Vision: A kenku can in near dark conditions normally up to 30’.

Transformation: Once a day a kenku us able to transform themselves into a human form (this human form shows all scars, corruption, and deformities that the kenku has gotten through their rough and tumble journey).  This transformation is truly horrible to witness as bones jut out and pus and strange clear liquids and blood spew forth from the body.  Any target that witnesses this transformation must make a Fort save DC 12 or become nauseated, suffering -2 to all rolls for 1d6 rounds.  The transformation lasts as long as the kenku desires, and takes 1 turn to transform or revert back to normal.


Murder Machine

Construct: As a bizarre living construct a murder machine does not require sleep, food, or air.  They are also immune to diseases and poisons.  Due to being a construct normal magical means of healing are not as effective on you, only giving you half the amount (minimum of 1HP back).

Natural Armor: The body of a murder machine is made of tough metal and wood and gives natural armor protection.  Treat the armor class of a Murder Machine as being equipped with scale mail (+4).  Due to this natural construction a murder machine suffers no check penalties skill checks. The construction of a Warforged body makes it so they cannot wear any other armor.  Your body is so heavy that you cannot swim, but sink to the bottom and must walk along the sea floor.

Punch Them in the Face: A murder machine’s fist is hard metal and wood and does 1d4 damage.

Swiss-Army Hand– A murder machine is built to kill, and as such is outfitted with a hand that can rotate and become one of three weapons.  At evel one a player chooses three weapons from the following list: hand crossbow*, dagger, flail, hand axe, mace, short sword, wheellock pistol*†

* Weapon must be reloaded per standard DCC rules.

† Weapon is from the Hubris setting.

Tinkering: Choose one at level 1

  • Dual Swiss-Army Hands– Same as above, but both hands.
  • Thick Plating– The natural armor of the murder machine is increased by +2, as though they are wearing banded mail.
  • Shoulder Cannon– Small cannon that sits atop your shoulder.  Loud explosions and lots of painful damage.  Roll 2d12 and take the higher of the two.  The attack roll is made at one step lower on the die ladder.  The shoulder cannon takes 3 rounds to reload.
  • Shrapnel Explosion– You were designed to do as much damage as possible should you be deactivated.  When you fall unconscious bits of metal and pellet burst from you in a 10ft radius.  All in that zone take 2d8 damage (Ref Save DC 12 for half damage).

Outsider:  People tend to be uncomfortable in your presence.  Any personality check you make is reduced one step on the die ladder.

Hunted: The Black Queen is furious that you have somehow resisted her control.  Agents of The Black Guard of Abhorrent Action are hunting you, eager to please their queen.

Nuts and Bolts: You are able to create a salve that you can apply to your damaged body, healing you for 1d6+1HP.  The parts cost 250gp and take 2 hours to create.



Hound Dog: By concentrating for 1d4 rounds and succeeding on Intelligence check (DC 12), a mutant is able to “sense” other mutants in a 50’ radius.  If the mutant concentrates for 1 minute he can hone in on one mutant, know where they are, and know its mutations.

Mutation: At level 1 a mutant starts with two cosmetic mutation, two power mutations, and one calamitous mutation (see tables below).

Cosmetic Mutations
Roll Mutation
1 Hair is always wet and slimy.
2 Face has split and looks like you have two faces.
3 Skin has changed color to: 1) Orange; 2) Blue; 3) Green; 4) Alabaster White; 5) Yellow; 6) Red; 7) Grey; 8) Purple.
4 You sweat profusely.
5 Your tears are milky white.
6 Eyes change color to: 1) Orange; 2) Blue; 3) Green; 4) Alabaster White; 5) Yellow; 6) Red; 7) Grey; 8) Purple.
7 One eye changes color to: 1) Orange; 2) Blue; 3) Green; 4) Alabaster White; 5) Yellow; 6) Red; 7) Grey; 8) Purple.
8 You develop red patches that flake and crack all over your skin.
9 Your voice changes to: 1) A growl; 2) Opposite gender; 3) A young child; 4) Like the whispering of the wind.
10 You change to opposite sex.
11 You smell like cookies.
12 You smell like garbage.
13 Your face is covered in thick black hair.
14 You wake up bald every morning and your hair grows to mid-back by midnight, then falls out and the process starts over again.
15 Hair changes color to: 1) Orange; 2) Blue; 3) Green; 4) Alabaster White; 5) Yellow; 6) Red; 7) Grey; 8) Purple.
16 Your nose becomes a: 1) Pig snout; 2) Dog nose; 3) Two noses; 4) Disappears.
17 Flies swarm around you and die when they touch your skin.
18 Your skin is squishy to the touch.
19 You turn pink when wet.
20 Roll twice.

Power Mutations

Roll Mutation Effect Roll Mutation Effect


Chameleon Skin- You can blend in with environment if you stand still for 2 rounds.  Targets suffer -4 to notice you.


Fear Suppression– You are immune to all fear type effects.


Slimy Skin– You are a slip and slide.  Barefoot must make a Ref Save (DC 12) to stay standing.  Targets have a hard time grappling you.  -2 to their rolls


Heightened Immunity– You are immune to all diseases, no matter their origin.


Extra Limb– 1) Arm- You can get an additional attack, but a d16 Action Die; 2) Leg- When running increase your pace by 15’.


Heightened Fortitude– You are immune to all poisons.


Extra Stomach (External)– It’s gross and bulging and pulsating.  You can go twice as long without starving.


Aura of Death– You can release an aura of decay and stench in a 20ft radius once per day.  Regular plants wither and die instantly.  Living creatures must make a Fort save (DC 12) or take 1d8 damage per round while in the radius.


Extra Heart– You get +2 on Fort rolls for endurance.


Bleeding Eyes– Your eyes weep blood constantly.  You gain +2 to intimidation based checks and Darkvision 30ft.


Fire Breath– You can breathe fire (2d6 damage) 1 time a day.  Ref Save (DC 15) half damage.  15ft cone effect.


Strange Luck– You gain double the bonus for luck points burned.  There is also a 10% chance that you regain one Luck Point when you sleep.


Telepathy– You can read others minds.  This is an opposed Will roll.  If you roll a 1 you are overloaded by the mental assault and suffer 1d4 temp Wisdom damage.  Can also communicate with willing targets.


Milky White Eyes– You see in shades of grey, white, and black.  You cannot be blinded by attacks or magic.


Acid Blood– When struck with a sharp weapon acid blood spurts forth dealing 1d4 damage to the attacker.  You go through lots of new clothes and armor.


Touch of Madness– If you choose, when you touch a target you both make an opposed Will save.  If you succeed you drain them of 1d6 Personality.  If the target rolls a critical failure they lose the amount on the d6, and one permanent point.


Stomach Maggots– Strange maggots grow in your stomach.  Once per day you can vomit 1d6 of these things out and they will attack your chosen target.  They have 1 HP each, no bonus to attack (but do get a +1 for each as a gang up option).  Damage is 1d3 (+1 for each attacking the target).  They die at end of the day.  If you don’t puke them up, oddly enough you aren’t hungry.


Thick Skinned– You gain a DR of 2 against all damage.


Jaunt– Once per day you can teleport up to 15ft away.  You can do this all at once or in 5ft clumps.


Tentacle Arms– You gain +2 on grapple and disarming (against you) checks.


Chitinous Skin– Your skin is hard and nasty.  You gain +2 Natural Armor bonus.


Magical Resistance– You receive +2 to any save against magic.


Hypnotic Gaze– As Charm Person spell, once per day (can suffer corruption for using this ability).


Life Leach– On a successful touch attack the target must make a Fort save (DC 15) or suffer 1d4+1/2 level damage.  You can regain this as HP.  You cannot go over your maximum HP.


Natural Weapons– 1) Spiked Tongue- 5ft long- 1d4 damage; 2) Claws- 1d6 damage; 3) Tusks- 1d4 damage.


Carrion Eater– For every pound of carrion you eat you regain 1d4 HP.  You cannot eat more than twice your Stamina bonus in carrion a day.


Patagium (Flying Squirrel)– You can glide at 25’ per round.


Quadruped– You are able to (should you choose) to run on all four legs, increasing your speed to 60’.  You cannot hold anything while running.


Bat Wings– Fly- Ascend 30ft, Dive 130 ft, and move 60ft rnd.


Huge Head- Your head is huge.  Helmets must be crafted as a specialty for you, increasing the cost by 25%.  However you receive +1 to your Intelligence and +1 to Will saves VS mind altering effects.


Eyestalks– Poke you in the eye and it goes into your skull.  You gain +4 to notice type checks.


Two Brains– You have two brains.  You are immune to mind altering affects and gain two extra skills that you are considered trained in.


Compound Eyes– +4 against surprise attacks.  Can’t victim of back attack.


Brute- You are more muscular than average.  Increase your Strength Score by +1 and your attack by +1.


Exploding Pustules– Once per day you can make this explode with a successful Fort roll (DC 12).  They do 1d4+ ½ Stamina score damage to all in 5ft radius.


Mind Invasion– As Forget Spell, once per day (you can suffer corruption for using this ability).


Protruding Bone Spurs– Bones jut out of your skin at odd angles.  They are sharp and extremely painful.  When you grapple with someone they take 1d4 damage per round.


Obsidian Skin– Your skin is pitch black.  You gain +4 to hiding in shadows at night.


Worm Infested Skin– Worms poke out of your skin and wiggle around.  It’s creepy.  You get +2 to Personality checks when intimidating.


Poisonous Fangs– You have fangs that do 1d4 damage on a successful attack.  Also the target must succeed a Fort save or suffer an addition amount of damage equal to ½ your level (min 1) per round for 1d6 rounds.


Plague Skin– The GM selects an appropriate disease.  Anyone who touches your skin must make a successful Fort save (DC based on disease) or become infected themselves.  You are a carrier of the disease.  It will manifest (description wise) on you, but you do not suffer the adverse effects yourself.


Malformed Conjoined Twin– This small creature has its own mental stats and gains ½ the experience you do.  It’s class is 1) Cleric; 2) Sorcerer; Any negatives that affect it from spell casting affect you instead.  The creature gains HP of class and if it dies you suffer 3d10 damage.


Mandibles– Can bite for 1d4 damage.  Also able to gnaw through metal, given enough time.


Thick Fur- You gain +1 to AC and are able to keep warm in the coldest temperatures.


Scorpion Tail– You have a tail full of nasty venom.  The sting does 1d4 damage.  Target must make a successful Fort save  (DC 12) or be paralyzed for 1d4 rounds.


Thick Mucus– Once per day you are able to shoot a giant glob of snot out of your nose at a target up to 30ft away with a successful ranged attack.  The target must make a Strength check (DC 15) to break free.  They are stuck and immobile until successful.


Hulking Figure– Large creature- +1 Attack, -2 AC.  Up weapon damage one type.


Malfunction– Once per day you are able to cause a target to go blind, deaf, or mute for 1d6 rounds.  They can resist with a successful opposed Will save.  If they succeed the effect is reflected back on you for double the duration.


Tiny Figure– Small creature- -2 Attack, +1 AC.  Lower weapon damage 1 type.  +2 to hiding checks.


Innate Fighting Ability– Increase your attack bonus by +2


Terrible Gaze– As Scare spell, once per day (can suffer corruption for using this ability).


Gaseous Form– Once per day you are able to turn into fog.  You are immune to nonmagical attacks, able to move 10ft a round.  You can be blown about by stiff winds.  Strong winds deal 1d6 damage per round to you.  This effect last a number of minutes equal to your level.


Swarm of Flies– You can blow a swarm of flies out of your mouth once per day.  The flies occupy a 10ft radius and stay for 2d4 rounds.  Anything in the area suffers -2 to attack rolls and takes 1 point of damage per round.


Plant Head– A small shrug is growing on top of your head.  No matter how many times you’ve cut it down it comes back.  When you wake up in the morning the plant has yielded 1d4+1 berries.  The berries are: 1) Red- Heal 1d4 HP per berry; 2) Blue- Can be thrown and deal 1d3 cold damage to target.  Can freeze 1 gallon of water instantly; 3) Orange- Can be thrown and deal 1d3 fire damage to target; 4) Purple- Causes skin to thicken and turn purple.  Gains +1 AC per berry eaten for 24 hours; 5) Yellow- Acts like an extremely bright torch to holder for 1 hour; 6) Black- Creates a pool of tar in a 10ft radius.  Creatures must make a Reflex save (DC12) or be slowed to ¼ movement.


Regeneration– You regrow body parts.  Each hour roll a FortSave (DC 12), if successful you regain 1d3 HP.  Crit fail you lose 1d6 hp.


Filter Feed– You never have to consume food or water to survive.  The air gives you all you need.


Hands on Palms– You can talk in any language, but suffer -2 to Personality when you do, because it’s freaky.


Medusa– You have a gaze that turns all who fail a Fort save (DC 15) to stone.  This includes allies who look at you!  Better get some sunglasses or a good mask.


Antlers- You receive an additional +2 on attack when Charging (using these). Does 1d4+str mod damage.


Damage Immunity– You suffer no damage from: 1) Fire; 2) Cold; 3) Acid; 4) Electricity.


Serpentine Body- You’re fast and lithe.  Increase movement by 10’.  Increase Agility +2 (max of 18).


Moleman– You can borrow in the ground like a mole (as long as it isn’t solid stone) at a rate of 15ft a round.  You also gain Darkvision 30ft.


Acidic Belch- As Choking Cloud spell, once per day.  You can also suffer the negative effects of the spell (you can suffer corruption for using this ability).


Soul Eater– Anytime a sentient living creature dies near you, you and the soul make an opposed Will Save.  If you are successful you consume their soul and gain 1 Luck point back (if you are not at your maximum).  If you fail you lose 1 luck point  If you critically fail you lose 1d3 luck points.


Suckers on Hands- +2 to climbing checks and +2 against being disarmed.


Retractable Arm Bone Blades– You have bone blades that deal 1d6 damage.


Rough Skin- Ignore 2 point of damage.


Mangler– Increase your critical hit table by one.


Extra Adrenal Gland- Once per day get a second action to do something physical (move, attack*, take potion). *=Attack is at 1d16 Action Die.


Invigorate– You can burn a luck point to give yourself or another target life.  Treat as a Clerics Lay on Hands ability, treat all targets as opposed alignment for this purpose.  Treat yourself as adjacent.


Shape Shifter- You can transform yourself into a natural animal (from small to medium size) once per day.  You gain all abilities and physical traits while keeping your own metal abilities.


Portent of the Future– You can burn a luck point to see a glimpse of your future.  How this plays out is you designate an attack, skill check, or save and roll two dice and take the higher of the two.


Ooze-like Body– Once per day you become a rubbery, puddle on the ground.  You’re pace is reduced to ¼ but you gain DR 2.  You can fit under cracks of doors.  This takes 1 round to do and 1d4 rounds to reform.  All your clothes and possessions are left behind.


Rock Skin– You cannot wear any armor but you gain +4 to AC, a DR against physical damage of 1, but your pace is reduced to 20’ and you’re incredibly heavy.


Angel Wings– Fly- Ascend 30ft, Dive 130 ft, and move 60ft rnd.


Burnt Body– You have a blackened, skull-like appearance.  You can touch a target and channel that heat, dealing 1d6 damage.


Metallic Entropy– Regular metal items must decay and rust in your hands if you touch them with your bare skin for 2 rounds.  The more complex the item the longer it takes to ruin.


Ant Colony– Ants live in your body.  Once per day you can command them to pour out of your body and attack a target with a successful touch attack.  The target suffers -2 to attacks and 2 points of damage per round for 1d4 rounds.


Sickly Demeanor– You look gaunt and ill.  People think you’re a zombie and try to attack you!  If you touch them, target must make a Fort save (DC 12) or become sickened for 1d4 rounds, suffering -2 to all rolls.  Cannot be affect for 24 hours if successfully saves.


Thorns– You can shoot thorns out of the palms of your hand.  These thorns do 1d3 damage.  Each day you wake up and have 1d4 thorns growing out of each your hands.


Amphibious– You are able to breathe underwater and on land.


Cat-like Grace– You are agile and quick.  +1 to your Agility score.


Pheromones– Despite the fact that you are a freak you are able to attract others.  +2 to Personality attribute.


Boneless– When you touch a target they must make a successful Fort save (DC 15) or have all their bones disappear for 1d4 hours.  They cannot move or talk.  They can gurgle and whimper.  When the bones return it is extremely painful and the target takes 2d4 damage.


Goat Legs– It hurts when you kick someone- 1d4 damage.


Supreme Health– Increase your HD type by one.  Also roll an additional amount of HP on the new HD type.


Animal Face– 1) Bat- Blind-sight; 2) Dog/Wolf- +2 to track with scent; 3) Pig- Ability to eat almost anything and live; 4) Feline- Darkvision 50ft; 5) Goat- Horns- 1d4 damage; 6) Weasel- Low-light vision 50ft.  Suffer -1 to Personality score regardless of head type.


Cursed– All targets go down one die type (both good and bad) when interacting with you.  This is attacks, saves against you, opposed checks, healing, spells, etc.


Behemoth Arms– +1 to Strength and fists do 1d4 damage.


Animal Affinity– Use your Luck and Personality Modifier when attempting to calm/train animals.  You also have a dog as a loyal pet.


Crab Claws– You don’t quite have the dexterity you want with your hands, but your claws hurt like hell and do 1d6 damage.*cannot hold normal weapons or small objects.


Puckered Skin– You gain tremor-sense in a 15ft radius.


Magical Aptitude– You are able to cast a single level 1 Wizard spell (roll randomly.  You can gain corruption for this.  You cannot use Spellburn).


Spores– You are covered in large pulsating fungal spores.  When struck in combat by a physical attack a spore explodes in a small cloud of dust.  Anyone in a 10ft radius must make a FortSave (DC 12) or become trapped in a hallucinatory effect and unable to act for 1d3 rounds.  Success means cannot be affected again for 24 hours.


Elongated Arms– Your reach is increased by 10ft.


Ageless– You are truly immortal.  You will never age, even with age affecting attacks from certain undead.  You can still be killed through normal means, but you never age.  You stop aging at 23 years old.


Savage Temper– You have trouble controlling your temper.  When something injures you roll a Will check (DC 10 minus damage) to keep it in check.  If you fail you go berserk, gaining +2 to attack and damage, but -2 to AC and Int checks.  You can also attack friends- roll randomly.  This lasts until a successful Will save is made or you’re knocked unconscious.


Absorption– Once per day you can touch someone of a different class and gain one of their abilities for 1 hour.  You must succeed at a Will Save (DC 15).Cleric: Cast divine spells (as per their level and spells they know).  Treat disapproval as 1-5; Thief: Gain skills of touched thief (at their alignment and level); Warrior: Mighty Deeds (as your level); Wizard: Cast arcane spells (as per their level and spells they know, you can also use Spellburn); Dwarf: Sword and Board ability; Elf: Contact Elf character’s patron and attempt to parlay with creature and gain as own patron; Halfling:  Gain two weapon fighting ability; Kenku*: Gain Kenku’s Jinx ability; Ekrask*: Gain Ekrask’s Rage ability; Mutant: Gain one of Mutant’s mutations (roll random- disappears at end of duration); Half-Demon*: Gain Half-Demons corruption ability.*= Races in Hubris setting and not in DCC core book.


Bulbous Shimmering Eyes– You can see through things up to 2ft thick, but not lead.


Magic Immunity– You are immune to all forms of magic, both good and bad, arcane and divine.  No magic can touch you.  There is a 25% each time you attempt to use a magic item that it will not work for you.dered trai

Calamitous Mutations

Roll Mutation and Effect
1 Strange Anatomy– Healing spells are only half effective.  If you roll this again you cannot be healed by magical means.
2 Light Sensitivity– All checks go are rolled one die step down while in sunlight.  If you roll this again it increases to two steps.
3 Weird Body– Armor and clothing costs you 25% more because it has to be especially made.  If you roll this again cost goes up to 50%
4 Terrifying– Lower your Personality attribute by 2.  If you roll this again, people must make a will save or flee from you.
5 True Abomination– Your Will save is rolled with a d16 against Turn Unholy (Neutral Clerics).  If you roll this again your Will save die for Turn Unholy is a d14.
6 Unlucky: You lose 1 point of luck.  Lose one point of luck each time this is rolled.
7 Moon Sensitivity– All checks go are rolled one die step down while in moonlight.  If you roll this again it increases to two steps.
8 Maggots for Blood– The squiggly and writhing causes you to be unsettled.  You suffer -2 to all checks permanently.  If you roll this again you roll a d16 on all checks rather than a d20.
9 Standout Aura– Other Mutants can recognize your aura easily and if they concentrate on you they know 2 of your mutations, instead of 1.  If you roll this a second time they know 3 mutations.
10 Bad Aura Sense– You suffer -2 to your Intelligence check when attempting to use Blood Hound.  If you roll this again lower die roll to a d16 when using Blood Hound.
11 Transference- Any creature you attack with your natural attacks (bite, claws, etc) has a chance of corrupting another creature.  They must succeed a Fort Save (DC 15) to resist.  Failure means the creature will transform in 24 hours.  The target gains one cosmetic mutation, 1 power mutation, and one corruption mutation.  They do not gain any further mutations after this.  They also keep whatever class they are, but are not treated as a mutant for purposes of Turning Unholy, etc.  If you roll this a second time, reroll.
12 Compulsion- You develop an unhealthy craving for something and must make a Will save (DC 15) each day to resist doing it.  Craving: 1) eating fecal matter; 2) burying yourself in fecal matter; 3) eating rocks; 4) Cutting up your own flesh, dealing 1d4 damage, and drinking your blood; 4) licking complete strangers; 5) drinking urine; 6) driving spike into your flesh and leaving it (1d4 damage); 7) catching and eating insects; 8) masturbating in public.  You can roll this multiple times, gaining several different Compulsions.


DCC Races



Sword and board– Dwarves excel at fighting with a shield in one hand and a weapon in the other. When fighting with a shield, a dwarf always gains a shield bash as a second attack. This shield bash uses a d14 to hit (instead of a d20). The dwarf adds his deed die to this number, as with all attacks, and can attempt Mighty Deeds of Arms involving the shield as well as his weapon. The shield bash does 1d3 damage. Some dwarves customize their shields with spikes or sharp edges to do more damage, while others enchant their shields with unique powers. Dwarves with multiple action dice (levels 5+) still receive only one shield bash each round.

Infravision– A dwarf can see in the dark up to 60’.

Slow– A dwarf has a base movement speed of 20’, as opposed to 30’ for humans.

Underground Skills– Long life beneath the ground trains dwarves to detect certain kinds of construction. When underground, dwarves receive a bonus to detect traps, slanting passages, shifting walls, and other new construction equal to their class level. Additionally, a dwarf can smell gold and gems. A dwarf can tell the direction of a strong concentration of gold

Hearty– Dwarves roll two dice and take the higher of the two when determining HP upon gaining a new level.  They also receive immune to all natural poisons and to gain +2 to saves against disease.*



Mithril– Elves often wear armor of mithril, even though it affects their spellcasting. Because of their sensitivity to iron (as explained below), elf characters are trained from an early age with mithril weapons. Before they depart on a life of adventure, they have acquired mithril equipment. At 1st level, an elf character may purchase one piece of armor and one weapon that are manufactured of mithril at no additional cost. Mithril armor weighs slightly less than iron or steel armor of the same type and can be worn by the elf without the pain normally associated with metal armors.

Magic– Elven life is steeped in magic.  An elf character begins play with 2 level one spells.  This is in conjunction with the spells gain by the Wizard of Cleric class.

Supernatural patrons– Like wizards, elves can invoke supernatural patrons. An elf automatically receives the spells patron bond and invoke patron at 1st  level in addition to his other spells.

Infravision– An elf can see in the dark up to 60’.

Immunities– Elves are immune to magical sleep and paralysis.

Vulnerabilities– Elves are extremely sensitive to the touch of iron. Direct contact over prolonged periods causes a burning sensation, and exposure at close distances makes them uncomfortable. An elf may not wear iron armor or bear the touch of iron weapons for extended periods.  Prolonged contact with iron causes 1 hp of damage per day of direct contact.

Heightened Senses– Elves are astute and observant. All elf characters receive a +4 bonus to detect secret doors. Moreover, when simply passing within 10 feet of a secret door, elves are entitled to a check to detect it.



Two-weapon Fighting– Halflings are masters at two-weapon fighting, as follows:

  • Normally, two-weapon fighting depends on the character’s Agility to be effective (see pages 94-95). A halfling is always considered to have a minimum Agility of 16 when fighting with two weapons. This means he rolls at -1 die for his first attack and second, based on the dice chain (typically 1d16 for his first attack, and 1d16 for his second).
  • A halfling can fight with two equal-sized one handed weapons, such as two handaxes or two short swords.
  • Unlike other characters, when fighting with two weapons, a halfling scores a crit and automatic hit on any roll of a natural 16.
  • If the halfling has an Agility score higher than 16, he instead uses the normal two- weapon fighting rules for his Agility.
  • When fighting with two weapons, the halfling fumbles only when both dice come up a 1.

Infravision– Halflings can see in the dark up to 30’.

Small size– Halflings are 2 to 4 feet tall, and can move and crawl in narrow passages and the like.

Stealth– Halflings are quite good at sneaking around and receive a +4 to sneaking silently and hiding in shadows.  This is treated as a class skill no matter rolled occupation.

Good luck charm– Halflings are notoriously lucky. A halfling gains additional bonuses when expending Luck, as follows.

First, a halfling doubles the bonus of a Luck check. For every 1 point of Luck expended, a halfling gains a +2 to his roll.

Second, unlike other classes, a halfling recovers lost Luck to a limited extent. The halfling’s Luck score is restored each night by a number of points equal to his level. This process cannot take his Luck score past its natural maximum. (The process works similar to how the thief ability is described, above.)

Third, a halfling’s luck can rub off on those around him. The halfling can expend Luck to aid his allies. The ally in question must be nearby and visible to the halfling. The halfling can act out of initiative order to burn Luck and apply it to the ally’s rolls. The halfling loses the Luck, and the ally receives the benefit. The halfling’s Luck modifier can apply to any roll made by an ally: attack rolls, damage rolls, saves, spell checks, thief skills, and so on.

Note that the good luck charm ability applies to only one halfling in the party. There is luck to having a halfling with an adventuring party, but there is not “more luck” to having more than one halfling. If multiple halflings accompany an adventuring party, only one of them counts as a good luck charm, and that cannot change through rearranging or separating the party. Luck is a fickle thing governed by gods and game masters, and players would do well not to attempt to manipulate the spirit of this rule.

The Shadowrun Complete City Kit and New York City Guide: A Vornheim Hack

I had quite a bit of (albeit time consuming) fun doing this.  I hope that others enjoy it and find use out of it!

I’m copying the introduction from the kit because it pretty much says all I need to…

Edit: I should add that while I took some things from the Shadowrun books that happened to NYC, like the great Earthquake of 2005 and Manhattan, Inc. I rewrote them in a way that I found more exciting.  All the info on the neighborhoods and boroughs is from me and not taken from any other source (except I believe that one of the books mentions one of the airports also being used as a military base). 

So here it is: The Shadowrun Complete City Kit

Holy shit I clearly have too much time on my hands…

Basically I decided to run a Shadowrun game for my players and thought it would be fun and cool to set the game in New York City (as I live just over the bridge from it).  To get myself pumped (and hopefully not have to do that much heavily lifting) I read through the Neo-Anarchist’s Guide to North America by FASA and The Rotten Apple: Manhattan by Catalyst Game Labs and was floored by how boring these books are and how they provide nothing useful at the gaming table, which is essential to me.

Largely I’ve found that most RPG setting books follow the same philosophy as the two books mentioned above and that is boring to me.  I don’t want large blocks of text that describe people that I and my players don’t care about or will interact with.  I want useful stuff.

To put it simply: Vornheim by Zak S. has spoiled me.  I view it as the way that setting books should be done.

I took my Firefly: Hurtlin’ Through the ‘Verse hack I did of Vornheim and cannibalized it for my Shadowrun Complete City Kit and New York City Guide.  While there are a few things that have been re-edited/changed, there is also quite a bit of new ideas and stuff for this book.  As always the goal was to create this for myself as an easy to use tool for my gaming group, but with the goal of releasing it to the RPG community for their enjoyment.  While is a NYC guide and has maps and mentions several of the neighborhoods, it can be used for any Shadowrun sprawl.

I kept this book system-agnostic because I do not any of the Shadowrun rule systems.  I use Savage Worlds™.  I didn’t want to force that decision on others, so kept it easy to use to generate ideas for any persons system of preference.

This can also be used with any other cyberpunk book.  Just get rid of the magic and metahumans and you’re good to go.

Anyways– Grab some friends, grab some dice, and keep rolling!

Mike Evans (wrathofzombie)

Another Awesome D100 Encounter Table! This Time With a Theme: Swamp!

Last week I posted a d100 encounter table created through the collaborative efforts of several people in the Google + RPG community.

Just like last time some have double entries (due to people posting at the same time).  If that’s the case, just choose the one you like.

There is some real gold in this encounter table and I can’t wait to get another one started!

D100 Swamp Encounter Table

1. Ruins covered in moss with door shaped like gigantic skull.  Doorknob is in nose cavity.  Eyes fire lasers.

2. Cannibalistic demon-worshipping frogmen looking for their next meal.

3. Troll wandering blindly in pain.  Gut is being eaten by giant maggots and constantly regenerating.

4. Will-o-the-wisp will lead over highly dangerous ground to a forgotten dungeon entrance.

5. A swarm of fist-sized Albino spiders pouring over the ground looking for something succulent to enweb, paralyze and lay eggs inside.

6. An orange furred seven foot tall skunk ape who guards a wood and mud altar to an unknown alligator god.

7. Leech priest sacrificing young men, that are tied to an alter, to his dark bloodsucking god.

8. A hollow carapace, as high as a horse and studded with spikes and oddly shaped holes.  Appears broken open from inside.

9. The current inhabitants of the hollow carapace, their reaction to the party depends on what the party does. Depending on the size and nature of the squatters the carapace is either a site of squalor, or an enchanted fairly land full of marvels and wonders. On rare occasion tiny creatures with tiny bulldozers and tiny construction projects have been found.

10 Sinkhole, anyone close to the edge, Dex check, but maybe it goes to a parallel world

11. A stinking morass covered in boil like fungal growths. The ‘pus’ inside the fungus is a valuable healing salve, but the morass will suck down anyone heavier than a child.

12. A gloomy surveyor for a doomed road project. He had mapped a lot of the swamp and is hungry for news and liquor.

13. Werepigs, a wallow village of the filthy debauched creatures.

14. A human corpse in swamp rotted finery, its identity is impossible to determine without necromancy as swamp crabs have eaten the face, ears and palms.

15. A bayou halfling selling boiled spicy swamp crabs, information, and perhaps poison, he seems in a hurry and keeps looking over his shoulder.

16. Lost troop of tired and worn mercenary horse, they don’t realize it but they are cursed and have wandered the swamp for one hundred and thirty six years.

16 a carriage stuck in the mud, broken doors and blood splattered.  nearby by you hear a scream from a female for help, its a female devilswine stuck in a silver toothed trap, she looks human

17. Gigantic mushrooms, as talk as 2 men. They whisper secrets and events of the characters past when they pass by.  Eat one- Roll int check. Roll under gain 1d4 Int. Roll over lose 1d6 int. permanent.

18. A tree with thousands of copper and silver pieces nailed into it. Also maybe a curse.
19. Three ravens follow you for a day, cawing loudly, close inspection will show they have spider eyes.  A horde of spider riding black cowled gnomes will arrive the next day demanding a sacrifice to gift for their mother deity.

20. A fence made of painted skulls. If crossed without nailing a coin to a certain tree it will curse the trespasser with transformation into a werepig.

21. A 1/2 rotted river boat (sidewheeler or pleasure barge), its port side sunk deep in a weedy mud bank.

22. A solid seeming island with a few abandoned lean too and many trees. It looks like a good place to camp but is infested by snakes, including the etheral kind that poisons a man’s dreams.

22. A shady bayou leading to a small, sunny pool among the hanging trees.  The verdant quiet seems to be broken by the sound of something immense breathing…

24. An area of rich fishing holes also teaming with fat tasty frogs the size of dinner plates.

25. Industrious green furred giant swamp beavers.

26. A telepathic ant swarm that moves like a man, wants to discuss the finer points of horticulture.

27. A line hermit mud farmer. His hut is built at a bizarre angle. It is 10x bigger and luxurious on the inside.

28. A small cemetery. Several tombstones bear player’s names.

29. Tiny pinkish-orange eggs in a large mound at the swamp’s edge. Two demonic gators protect their young by lying in wait under the surface.

30. A small castle that has sunk into the swamp, clearly showing fire damage. Several of the upper chambers are above ground, the rest are beneath the mud but possibly accessible internally. A large constrictor has made its home here.

(Optional – Beneath the castle is another castle)

31. Nyarlathotep.

32. A swarm of stirges bloated and high from feeding on the blood of a three-eyed albino crocodile.  If you can nab one and squeeze out the half-digested blood it has interesting alchemical properties.

33. The spongy ground gives way to clear and extraordinarily cold ankle-deep water. The water is very clear and the ground beneath is smooth, bluish stone.  Meticulous abstract patterns cover the stone.  The patterns appear to slowly spiral and coil. Any PC examining the patterns closely is affected as by Charm Person except that s/he may be influenced by anyone as if they had cast the spell.

34. A long low wail can be heard, at first in the distance but suddenly much closer to the PCs. The wail turns into a frantic gurgling then abruptly stops and the PCs are assaulted by the thick stench of rotting flesh for 1d20 minutes.

35. The hindquarters of a black goat has been nailed through the ankles to a tree nearby. The slick viscera buzz with a shimmering blue cloud of flies. The buzzing conglomerates into a laconic voice that will converse with the PCs but steadfastly refuses to answer any questions, saying it has already done its part and wants them to leave it in peace to feed.

36. A human skull sitting atop a waist-high stump. The stump is decorated with hemp strands strung with finger bones and bird feathers. Jutting up out of the skull’s jaws is an ornate hilt of snake-like mermaids twisting around one another. Dark laughter echoes through the canopy, frightening nearby birds, if the longish dagger is pulled from the stump.

37.  A pile of 2d4+1 dirty green glass vials is half buried in a muddy creek bank. The vials are stoppered and filled with clear thin slime. Anyone consuming the contents will lose all body hair in 1d4 hours and then grow fine scales over the next 1d10 days. The growing scales are painful and itchy but drop off on the last day whereupon all body hair grows back gradually but is stark white.

38. Angry spirit of a wife who was stabbed, poisoned, hung, gutted, and drowned by her husband.  She seeks vengeance, and will not harm any who agree to help her.

39.  A four foot, pink salamander hauls its slimy girth from a stagnant mud hole and slowly opens its wide mouth. Like pearls in the flesh of an oyster, three snow white and saliva-glistening faces, nose-less and with black eyes but otherwise human-like, grow out of its vivid orange gums. The faces can speak but only incoherently (it knows the sound of language but not language). It will not attack but the faces can spit poisonous gobs.

40. Sentient necrotic cyst that is looking for a new host to live in.  The person that agrees to become its host loses 1/2 Con, but is immune to all diseases and poisons.

41. Dead faces leer from beneath the water of the swamp.  Anyone venturing too close or touching the water might be dragged down.

42. The PCs’ gums and teeth suddenly feel grimy and dry. A thick mold has rapidly grown in their mouths and will continue growing until they rinse with a strong alcohol. The mold poses no danger unless they fall asleep for 4 hours or more, in which case the growth has a 1 in 10 chance of growing into the back of their throats and obstructing breathing. Additionally, moldy-mouthed PCs are not well-received in town.

43. A band of lepers wrapped in soiled, pinkish bandages caper as best as their fragile bodies allow while moaning praise to the God of Weeping Sores. They will try to pull the PCs into erotic embraces up to the point of the PCs resisting with potentially lethal violence — at which point the lepers flee, howling and cursing.

44. The gristmill. An old mill leans awkwardly, but continues to turn. A family of insane “Deliverance-ish” pixies make their home in the rafters. The grist mill is in perfect working order despite its appearance.

45. The horrible mechano-ooze, an escaped wizard’s project, wanders the swamp.  It’s mechanical peg-leg thumping as it shuffles and undulates, looking in search of food.

46. A 100 foot length of only semi-rotted wooden walkway stretches to the north, about 5 feet off the ground. A young devil-swine boy sits fishing at the far end.

47. A stilt village of halflings all armed with silver weapons (mostly sling bullets). A huge pig roasts in the center of the village.

48. The cursed fishing village of Blatherblab

(Here’s the link if this is printed

49. 3 Monks stand one-footed atop 35 foot high wooden pillars (of which there are 6). Deep in meditation above the watery marsh, which roils with giant bog-eels, they remain unmoving. Are they finding enlightenment? Or merely suicidal?

50. A hidden giant intelligent turtle provides a dry spot to camp, complete with a tree that provides cover from the light rain, and a previously used fire pit. In the middle of the night she will knock campers off her back and eat them.

51. A part-submerged stone dome is in fact the top part of the head of a titanic statue of a frog. A hidden entrance in one eye leads — via a One Page Dungeon of the GM’s choice — to the hollow interior that in turn leads to another dimension, the Hell of the Thousand Frogs.

52.  Swamp Dog is lost and hungry.  Feed Swamp Dog to gain a mangy but loyal friend.

53. A lizard man stylite shaman (as lvl 4 cleric) sets atop a ten foot wooden column. Will answer questions like a sage for appropriate donation or offering. He is however quite mute.

54. A wooden causeway crosses your path, a distance along it you can see what appears to be vagabonds being attacked by giant mosquitoes.

55. Two 25ft tall totem poles, which have been worn away over the years, stand guard over a mound that rises from the mire. If offerings are made on the mound, the spirit of Mad Tooth the Crocodon will come forth and grant boons accordingly.

56. A strange talking ranger will helpfully point out the most deadly and dangerous creatures in the swamp, and then poke them to show you.

57. A formation of otherwise harmless swamp gas; 40% chance of a will o wisp hiding amongst the vapors.

58. A sunken graveyard. Bog zombies rise up out of the muck. 1 in 6 chance they explode when hit.

59. Large sailing ship stuck in the mire. Hundreds of years old. Miles from open ocean.

60. A shanty inhabited by swamp ogres. They are relatively benign, but have very strong religious convictions and do not approve of profanity.

61. A group (1-6) of hillbilly hand fishing halflings.

62. An old man in tattered robes sits on the moist ground. His head lolls and as he sways and claps in an arrhythmic pattern. He seems quite mad and responds to no inquiries. After three rounds, his summoning spell is complete.

63.  A circle of dead Cypress trees.  In the center of them is a raised circular alter made from ornately carved alabaster and ivory bricks.  At the top of this circular alter sits a petrified creature that resembles a horrible blending of a warthog, a squirrel, and a carp.  The mouth is wide open.  It also has an outstretched open hand.  Anything placed in its mouth will be teleported inside the person’s stomach that made the offering.  Anything placed in its hand will be teleported… somewhere else.

64.  An old man is found impaled on the top of a pole-axe.  His intestines have been removed from the horizontal slice across his abdomen and used to decorate nearby bushes.  A family of vampiric birds have began to nest in his chest cavity.  They tend to be very territorial.

65. A large mound surmounted by a set of totems. A submerged entrance leads into the mound, an ancient barrow a home of Sline the Hunger, an adult Black Dragon. He’s bored, talkative and terribly evil.

66. An expanse of shallows covered in a lush field of pink and white lilies.

67.  A shrill voice on the wind seems to come from everywhere and nowhere.  It sinks into your bones.  It moves through you and yet never leaves.  The swamp water ripples with each syllable.  Everyone hears something different.  Some hear lost loved ones, while others hear the sing-song voice of screaming children.

68. A hot geyser erupts sporadically.  Each time it does one of the following shoots out with it.

1. Gold (2d100 gold)
2. Body parts
3. Giant leeches
4. Noxious gas
5. Goblins that are treating it some wild ride.
6. Shoots out blood instead of water

69.   The fresh corpse of a swamp coot floats faces down in the muck.  If flipped over the PCs discover the body is covered in leeches.

70. Living spell: Cloudkill.

71. A hag, on some self important errand for her pet turtle Mikey. Hates elves of all species with a red hot passion.

72. Small waterhole consisting of alcohol. All nearby trees are sagging and drunk, sings songs at night.

73.  A rocky outcropping rising from the muck.  A small hut is built precariously from the side of the spire.  It was once painted bright colors but now is flaking and covered in mosses.  The hut has been abandoned for years, and its rotting supports will crumble if a person or persons weighing more than 200Lbs walks the hut’s floors.  Falling 20′ to the swamp inside the hut will result in 2D6 damage and require a STR check to escape the wreckage without drowning. If the PC makes a Save vs. Paralysis they may leap clear into the filthy leech infested waters without harm.

74. Order of the Moist Monks. Each one lives on pirogues that carries a tiny wooden hut. Rumors have it there’s a Mothership Pirogue, giving birth to these strange vessels.

75. A pack (1d8) of Dire Nutria. These large swamp rats are herbivores but are quite territorial of their patch of the water. 10% chance they carry disease.

76.  A pack of mutated feral dogs lives in this section of the swamp.  They have webbed feet, long tongues, and a noxious breath that is said to make the faint of heart… faint.

77. A hermit that has had his tongue consumed by a crustacean-like parasite.  The creature speaks in a high-pitched gravely voice, has all the memories of all the people who’s tongues it has consumed.

78. Piranhas in the water!

79. A small island echoes with the sounds of birds.  It is covered in tiny ground nests each gruesomely decorated by their avian residents.  The ocular bower bird has a nasty habit of collecting the eyeballs of other creatures and posting them outside their nest to attract a mate.  Legend claims that these eyes make useful magical regents, it also claims that when in a mating frenzy the birds with attempt to pluck the eyes even from living creatures.

80. Soggy sunken graveyard, 1d4 shambling mounds.

81. Man-sized singing frog. Lazy eyes.

82. Sink holes leading to a small only slightly soggy cavern complex. Lots of snakes.

83. A floating moaning human skull wreathed in green flame. Can cast 3 randomly chosen spells of any kind a day. A large swamp diamond worth 666 gp is stuck in the skulls magnum foramen.

84. A small floating island hovering 30ft off of the ground.  The rock is covered in thick vines and moss.  A structure can be seen on time.  It shines at night.

85. Shoulder high reeds as far as you can see. They are unpleasently sharp, infested with midges and likely conceal predators.

86. A gigantic weeping willow.  Believe to hold the lost treasure of the famous pirate Bloody Ben.  A savage and ferocious swamp dryad protects the tree.

87. A horrible hang that has a gigantic twitching hump on her back.  If ever exposed it is actually her conjoined twin.  They are attempting a spell that will blot out the sun in the swamp for 2d10 years.

88. A giant catfish, which if subdued grants one wish.

89. Quicksand and an angry water elemental/water weird.

90. A dead-looking twisted and gnarled tree.  Tendrils fall off the branches into the mouths of various humanoids.  They hang a few feet off of the ground.  Their flesh is gone and bodies look to be dehydrated.

91. A sextet of tiny malformed homiculi each riding a dragonfly mount. They will pledge allegiance to a reasonably powerful magic user in exchange for a steady supply of fresh fruit ( although offers of tomatoes will be refused, as the homiculi do not know a tomato is a fruit).

92. Tar pits formed by the demonic melding of a fire and earth elemental.

93. A 150 foot tall, dinosaur like reptile that walks upon two legs slumbers deep under the mire. Is awakened upon the casting of magic spells equivalent to 4th level or higher.

94. A dirty glass jar bobs along in the swamp water. Inside is a tiny old man wearing naught but a filthy loincloth; if freed he will laugh, then dive into the water and disappear.

95.  You come across the half digested corpse of an obese man that is mostly submerged in the water.  Beneath the surface you can see the glint of something moving.  If you investigate, a swarm of underwater silver swamp cockroaches try to devour you as well.

96. A great mound of peat, burning like an out of control tire fire. 50% chance the extreme heat of the fire attracts a salamander.

97. Tiny blue flowers.  Fragrant, edible.

98.  In a roughly 30 feet radius circle of the swamp a mysterious creature lies in wait inches beneath the swamp mud.  The creature itself is only a few inches thick and its skin seems to have the same consistency as mud.  It allows its prey to continue on after walking on it.  The fragments of its skin however stuck to the bottom of their feet or boots slowly climbs the limbs and when it touches skin slowly melds with the host.  The creature will lose 1 point of Constitution every day, and if it dies from this, the corpse will excrete 1D10 of these creatures.

99. Tiny blue flowers. Fragrant, poisonous.

100.  The lost spirits of restless adventurers haunt the watery byways of the swamp.  A local legend says that if you see faces in the water to throw a gold coin at them.  Otherwise they will attempt to possess you.

Hubris Occupation List for DCC Redone

A bit a go Jez over at Giblet Blizzard wrote a post about the DCC funnel and how the different races didn’t fit into the philosophy that well.  His post is awesome and worth a read.

For me I find that it is the case that there is too high a chance to get a demi-human race in the funnel and that having a town with 3 of X race, 2 of another and then 1 lowly human throws off the whole feel of “these villagers should be freaking the fuck out when they are in a dungeon and see a skeleton with snake eyes.”  Especially when my setting, Hubris, has five races.

I took the original Occupation List and instead of having each race listed 5 times, I reduced them to one each (so there is still a chance to play a different race other than human in the funnel).  If you roll a race, go to the bottom of the page, find that races listing and then roll a d6 for career and starting goods.

For the race as classes- here you be: Murder Machine, Ekrask, Kenku, Half Demon, and Mutant


Roll Occupation Trained Weapon Trade Goods
1 Actor Staff Two masks
2 Academic Bust of historical figure (as club) Book of history
3 Alien abductee Bizarre Metal pike (as polearm) Strange small beeping metallic box
4 Anarchist Shortsword Torch and book of propaganda
5 Apothecary Test Subject Large ladle (as club) Vial of liquid*
6 Asylum guard Blackjack Rope, 5ft
7 Atilliator Crossbow Target dummy
8 Bailiff Short sword Book of law
9 Baker Rolling pin (as club) Half a dozen cookies
10 Bartender Crossbow 3 pints of mead
11 Boatman Oar (as club) Nautical compass
12 Bottler Broken bottle (as dagger) Large sack
13 Bowyer Short bow Thick string, 5ft
14 Brain worm breeder/trainer Dart Brain worm larva
15 Brewer Club Bottle of beer or mead
16 Butler Staff Bottle of Wine
17 Caravan driver Crossbow Carriage driver whip
18 Carpenter Handaxe Wooden stool
19 Cartographer Drafting compass (as dagger) Map of random town
20 Chimney Sweep Child Broom (as club) Rope 100ft
21 Clockmaker File as dagger Pouch of gears and sprockets
22 Conspiracy theorist Knife (as dagger) Aluminum (tinfoil) hat
23 Constable Short sword Leather armor
24 Cook Cleaver (as short sword) Blood-stained apron.
25 Corpse gatherer Shovel (as club) Cart
26 Crystal farmer Hammer (as club) Bag of crystals worth 1d100 sp
27 Cultist Jagged blade (as dagger) Black leather cloak
28 Dancer Staff Fancy dancing shoes
29 Deputy Short sword Padded armor
30 Dog breeder and trainer Paddle (as club) Attack dog and whistle
31 Ekrask (1) See below See below
32 Entrail reader Curved blade (as dagger) Ornate silver bowl (worth 10sp)
33 Eunuch servant Club Nice servant clothes
34 Executioner Battleaxe Executioner’s hood
35 Ex-Slaver Short sword 5 gp and 30 sp
36 False Prophet Dagger Book of misguided prohpecies
37-40 Farmer* Scythe Pig**
41 Fisherman Cutting knife (as dagger) Fishing pole, block and tackle.
42 Flimflam Blackjack 1d3 gold, 1d10 silver, 1d6 copper
43 Food taster Thick iron mug (as club) Bottle of anti-toxin
44 Gardener Pruning Shears (as dagger) Bundle of flowers and herbs
45 Gem Cutter Small hammer (as club) Loupe and fine brush
46 Gladiator Warhammer Shield
47 Guard Short Sword Shield
48 Half Demon (2) See below See below
49 Heathen Bone with rotten meat on it (as club) Bucket of dung
50 Herald Staff Speaking Trumpet
51 Herder** Staff Llama
52 Hunter Longbow Hunting dog
53 Informant Hand crossbow Cup
54 Insect Breeder‡ Dagger Jar of insects
55 Kenku (3) See below See below
56 Lamplighter Crossbow Lantern on 10ft pole
57 Lignite Farmer Pitchfork (as spear) Net
58 Magistrate Gavel (as club) Writ/stay of execution
59 Messenger Crossbow Pony
60-63 Miner*** Pickaxe (as club) Helmet with candle
64 Monk Staff Candle and incense
65 Muckracker Club Journal and quill
66 Murder Machine (4) See below See below
67 Mutant (5) See below See below
68 Mystic Ceremonial blade (as dagger) The bones
69 Night watchman Spear Lantern
70 Nosey Neighbor Rake (as club) Rooster
71 Page Dagger Steel polish and rag
72 Painter Dart Paint brush and paint
73 Physician Scalpel (as dagger) Leeches
74 Pig Wrestler Dagger 25ft rope
75 Plague Doctor Blowgun Plague mask and potpourri
76 Poet Sling Book of soppy poems
77 Porter Bedpan (as club) Broom and urine stained rag
78 Potter Turning Tool (as sickle) Clay jug
79 Prostitute Dagger Bag with 1 gp, 20 sp
80 Pus diviner Giant needed (as dagger) wooden bowl
81 Rabid Raven Fanatic Raven feather (as dart) Black cloak of raven beaks
82 Racketeer Blackjack 5 gp, 40 sp, 150 cp
83 Raving Lunatic Board with nail in it (as club) Mason jar full of fingernails
84 Scat scooper Shovel (as club) Sodden bag of scat
85 Sculptor Chisel (as dagger) Wooden mallet
86 Sheriff Crossbow Leather armor
87 Slaver Crossbow Net
88 Smuggler Shortsword Illicit drugs
89 Snake Handler Tongs (as club) Snake
90 Spy Short sword Drinking glass
91 Street performer Dagger Five Juggling balls
92 Street rat Rusty knife (as dagger) Loaf of stale bread
93 Taxidermist Bone saw (as handaxe) Stuffed Racoon
94 Teacher Heavy book (as club) Five apples
95 Town drunk Steel jug of liquor (as club) Necklace don’t remember owning
96 Undertaker Scissors (as dagger) Embalming fluid and herbs
97 Vicar of deity Staff Holy water, 1 pint of holy water and holy symbol
98 Wet Nurse Piece of firewood (as club) Thick wool blanket
99 Wheellock gunsmith Wheellock pistol Pouch with clamp and gears
0 Wrangler Club Horse with saddle

Roll 1d6- if the die lands on an odd number roll on the Occupation table found in the Dungeon Crawl Classics book (pg 22-23).  If the die indicates a race (Dwarf, Elf, or Halfling) then ignore the race and simply use the class.  If the die lands on an even number roll on the table above.

1 Ekrask: 1) Escaped slave (chains, as flail, and head of slaver); 2) Pit fighter (pole arm and shield); 3) Swamp farmer (pitchfork, as spear, and stilts); 4) Tracker (short sword and hawk); 5) Wildling (tree branch, as club, and five animal skulls); 6) Witch doctor (staff and bag of herbs)

2 Half Demon: 1) Advisor (dagger and book of local lore); 2) Alchemist (staff and flask of acid, 1d6 dmg); 3) Assassin (dagger and poison- ooze toxic, pg 450); 4) Exile (staff and three torches); 5) Hunter (longbow and hide armor); 6) Scholar (staff and book on politics)

3 Kenku: 1) Gypsy (hand crossbow and crystal ball); 2) Pack rat (club and bag of junk worth 5 cp); 3) Record keeper (quill, as dart, and journal of deeds); 4) Seed farmer (dibble, as dagger, and bag of seeds); 5) Spy (short sword and spyglass); 6) Worm harvester (shovel, as club, and tongs)

4 Murder Machine: 1) Bounty hunter (wheellock rifle and sleeping potion); 2) Enforcer (crossbow and 2d6 gold); 3) Guard (polearm and lantern), 4) Mercenary (longsword and shield); 5) Tinkerer (wheellock pistol and repair kit), 6) Torturer (dagger and disgusting torturers kit)

5 Mutant: 1) Bounty hunter (bow and mancatcher); 2) Corruptor (crossbow and vial of tainted blood); 3) Cutthroat (saber, as short sword, and bag with 20 sp); 4) Gladiator (two-handed sword and net); 5) Sailor (wheellock pistol and bottle of grog); 6) Sideshow freak (whip and circus megaphone)

† If a missile weapon, roll 1d6 for number of ammunition.

* Roll 1d8 for type of farmer: (1) hemp; (2) rye; (3) flax; (4) lentils; (5) barley; (6) peas; (7) oats; (8) cabbage.


** If there is more than one farmer in group, roll randomly (1d6) for animal with each duplicate profession: (1) ox; (2) turkey; (3) yak; (4) llama; (5) chicken; (6) herd dog.


*** Roll 1d# to see what you are mining: (1) iron; (2) steel; (3) coal; (4) gold; (5) sapphire; (6) crystal.

Roll 1d# to see breed of insect: (1) flies; (2) beetles; (3) ants; (4) spiders; (5) centipedes; (6) ticks; (7) bees; (8) leeches.

An Awesome D100 Encounter Listed Created by G+ Peeps

The other day I posted a let’s create a d100 encounter list as my Discussion of the Day on G+, and people came through in spades.

So here it is!  Thanks for all who contributed!

Some have double entries (due to people posting at the same time).  If that’s the case, just choose the one you like.

1. Roving living nightmare of terrified dying child

2. Ogre rampaging and screaming as giant wasp larva hatch and eat its back

3. Wagon of mushroom-addled jugglers who will attempt to force the party to watch their performance which begins to cross a lot of boundaries.

3. A campsite haunted by the spirits of hunters who were devoured by wolves during a terrible winter.  They recreate the scene each night, complete with the killing cold.

5.  Swarm of iridescent, vampiric hummingbirds

6.  Beggar who rejects coin and asks for teeth instead

4. human shaped piles of ash on the ground, if its windy or your lawful they might animate

7. A pair of glowing eyes peer out from the darkened windows of an old tower, the last remnant of a keep that once guarded these lands.

8. large swarm of slow moving parasitic giant butterflies, are the ready to lay eggs inside of you or just provide a pretty interlude

9. Jellyfish-like creatures floating in air.  They hunger for brains!!

10. Flatbears drifting in on the northerlies.

11. Impenetrable tangles of brambles and thorny plants that funnel travelers to a small clearing filled with tall, sweet-smelling blossoms…

12. Extremely obese man who’s belly button is a swirling vortex to another dimension.

13. A pair of glowing green circles of light move slowly across the area from no apparent source. If they come to rest on the face of an intelligent creature, that creature may be hypnotized to do their bidding.

12.Orc Flagellants heading to a Pilgrimage site.  The can be heard from a ways away with the whips and the singing of dirges, don’t really care what you have to say and keep marching on. If attacked, BESERKERS

15. Barbarian warband in full paint and singing their death songs.  They go to confront nearly certain death, but seem pretty up-beat about it.

14. A xorn balancing on a small pyramid, reciting past events of characters in bored sing-song voice

16. A messenger hummingbird laying on the ground nearly dead within inches of some blooming nectar filled flowers. Attached to its leg is a tiny tiny scroll case with an even smaller piece of parchment, you can’t make out what it says, but there is a lot of writing

15. A questing beast, drinking calmly at a stream.  The body of a leopard, the head of a crocodile and the tail an asp.  Oh it also has giant rubies for eyes.  The beast will flee any pursuer and always moves 10′ per round faster than the fastest thing chasing it.  While hunting the beast random encounter chance is tripled.

16. A humble circle of huts.  Four farm families including 12 combat 0-level combatants and 22 children and non-combatants (old, timid, children).  They will gladly get the party roaring drunk on plum spirits, and will try to convince the adventurers (especially elves!) to have carnal knowledge of their cross-eyed grubby young folk and be mortally offended if refused.  They have 1D8x5 GP worth of poor quality farm equipment and 1D4x50 GP worth in stored(hidden) grain.

17. A mysterious storm overhead darkens the sky and releases a hail or arrows and sling stones before moving along.  Save for half damage if not in cover from 1d10 potential arrows/stones per party member. 1d100 recoverable silver arrows and sling stones worth 2sp each

18.  A gleefully treacherous dwarf fighter (LVL 6) currently calling himself “Jolly Mattos”.  He will offer to join the party and then share his poisoned food with them, hacking any who survive to death with his axe – for kicks, money and because of a deprived childhood.

19. A pride 1d12 of blind banshee-cats hunt through the area using echolocation for small rodents and birds.  They pose no danger to the party but save VS temporary deafness

20. The stink of sulfur is heavy in the area as a migration of small fire elemental s boils from underground to have a surface side mating ritual and pro-bachinalian

21. Brigand of the Bread Brothers. All their weapons are different types of bread. They’re pretty insane. Says they worship the bread god “Gruri Mishi”.
Only thing is the god exists and will hunt down anyone harming these fellows.

22. A really deep and disgusting puddle of mud blocks the road, it’ll trap any wagon that tries to go through it, and make anyone who walks through it smell horrible (there goes your surprise chance).

23. Cannibalistic demon-worshipping frogmen looking for their next meal

24. Overturned wagon, goods spilled everywhere, 3d6 travelers in circle around it, facing away.  Unmoving.

25. An escaped princess on the run from a small/large jabberwocky.  Do you rescue her or help the beast.

24. A band of gnomish highway men in blue tunics and red pointy hats gleefully setting up an ambush for trolls.  If you are not a troll, no need to worry as they are only after trolls to turn into statues for their garden to scare off birds. if you are a troll or have one in the party, roll for initiative

27.  A dwarf with a handcart full of broken bottles offering to sell a map to an abandoned, underground brewery.

28.  A pair of knights dueling over an alleged offense neither can seem to clearly remember.

29.  An unattended campfire over which hangs a lidded cauldron filled with coins and boiling water.

30. An old hag wearing a dress of beautiful women’s faces that have been stitched together.  She offers a map to vast riches for another beautiful woman’s face.

31.  A chimney puffing violet smoke sticking out of flat ground.

32. An incredibly dim-witted hill giant looking for, in order:  something to cuddle (to death), a friend to talk to (until he gets mad), something to eat (see previous entries), a dry place to sleep (the parties tents would work).

33. Four maidens debate the merits of the seasons, choosing one of the adventurers to settle the matter

34.  A fish flopping on dry land with a cursed ring in its mouth.

35.  A bent old man selling a key and a signet ring he claims to have found among bones in a cave.

36. A fruit tree with 1d6 oversized fruit, each bearing a human face shape.  Does anyone have speak with fruit memorized?

37.  Sudden, incessant screaming from out of a deep well.

38.  A beautiful, but tired, dirty and bruised young woman approaches.  She weaves a horrific tale of imprisonment and abuse, but if the party assists her, things don’t add up exactly the way she described them.

39.  The strong smell of rotting meat followed by greenish drizzle and the cawing of crows only glimpsed in peripheral vision

40. Ethereal ancient library guarded by strange otherworldly consciousness

41.  A sullen, grouchy fellow selling items of clothing and shoes by the road, all apparently made for children

42. The ground opens up in front of you and 1d6 dirty dwarfs scramble up out of a hole climbing a rope and piton ladder and quickly and quietly run away in different directions a look of terror on their beards.   The drop some spelunking gear and mining equipment in their haste, before you is a dwarf sized hole in the ground that drops down hundreds of feet, it smells of pepper

43. Migratory beekeepers move through if its night, wagons loaded down with hundreds of bee hives.  If its day, hundreds of beehives line either side of the road while some empty wagons sit off to the side. Migratory beekeepers sleeping underneath.  Dex check or stung, 1 in 20 your allergic, save or die

44. A patch of small mud puddles, all inexplicably boiling.

45. A feral band of naked children who attempt to steal clothes.  They will shank you if you try to grab them.

46. Seven lifelike statues with weapons raised, looking with horror into the woods.  Song birds sing, there are lilacs scenting the breeze, the sun is warm

47.  An exhausted goblin dragging a heavy chest by a chain attached to a collar around its neck.

48. Full blown war going on between two tribes of regular-sized ants. They speak common, but you need to be close to the ground.

49.  A lone woman under a tree in terrible pain as she gives birth to an eight-pound tadpole with seemingly vestigial human legs.

50. Mutated wizard who sees through eyeballs in his hands, looking for ruins said to hold amazing treasure and knowledge

51. Choking miasma of crushing despair and unendurable pain.

52.  2d12 ravens form out letters spelling out words in a dead tree.  The fluttering black feathers, wings, and sharp beaks spell out “turn back”, “abandon hope” and “riches await” before they all fall dead on the ground.  The corpses radiate slight magic and decay at an alarming rate

53. A small band of goblins (about 2D4) all with 2 levels in ranger.

54. Nyarlathotep.

55 1D6 dire wolves.

56. A series of random weather effects, like snow in the desert

57. A walking wizard’s tower. It is mating season.

58 Peaceful Agrarian elves constructing a large wicker figure for some reason or another, they are anxious for you to on your way, but are very polite about it

59 A large construction facility, it’s about 100m away and the sign on the door says “Golem and Co”

60. The body of an imp-demon stands on top of his disembodied head, juggling shinning orbs.  He mutters, “Mustn’t drop a one.  Not a one.”  Which he promptly does, causing the whole area to shake violently.

61 you come across a wall of stone and corpses, there are 2D6 spear men hiding behind it

62 a witch (treat as a 3/4 magic user/cleric)… holy shit she’s multi-classed

63 a zombie wyvern flaps its wings overhead

64. A drunk wizard, who memorized all spells wrong and thus will cast more or less randomized versions of what we’re used to.

65. The trail you’re on ends at a brick wall. But the wall is only as wide as the road. You can still walk around the wall.

66. A dirty gnome driving a cart pulled by a thin donkey. Chests of amazingly carved wood figures, mostly small animals, some fairy creatures too.

67. At the end of an encounter, the party finds hidden in with the other loot, a bracelet with the name of one of the PCs engraved on it. That PC should have had no idea of its existence.

68. Owlbear nest, 1d4 freshly hatched little fuzzballs. Where’s mama?

69. Small keep with 2d12 sirens/harpies. They really want you to stay for dinner.

70. Juggernaut rolling down the road. Can only go in one direction, until it reaches the end of the road, then it turns around. Can’t leave the road.

71. A very big bear in a funny hat and a colorful tutu.  It seems lost, confused and very, very hungry.  It dances if you sing or play music, but turns murderous in the presence of gnomes.

72. A small wooden cabin. Within a potted plant and the god of moths are playing cards. They’re both cheating, the plant is winning.

73. Stuck inside a boulder (or in a dungeon wall, as appropriate) is a gleaming longsword that no one seems to have thus far been able to pull out.

74. The boulder with the sword sticking out of it is actually an angry earth elemental.

75. An angry, charging minotaur, who is actually a friendly minotaur under a spell and compelled to be aggressive against his will.

76. A girl is screaming for help, turns out it’s a trap and she is really a siren.

77. Hamsters. Lots and lots of hamsters.

78. Demon Bed. A bed that eats people.

79. A band of traveling bards. Plays on gorgeous instruments that are actually sleeping mimics.

80 a group of about 2D10 giant rats are running towards you (what are they running from?)

81. A brownie with a voice amplifier, and an ego to match (so long as no one sees him).

82. Cultists just finished summoning a Spider demon (body of spider with the head of a leper baby).  It went wrong and now the thing is killing EVERYBODY!!

83 A canoe with no bottom is being held up and ran at the players like some kind of battering ram, goblins are doing it

84. A tiny but sinister dark cloud is following the party. It wants them to treat it like a god. If ignored, will punish them with rain- and hailstorms.

85. The next room that the party enters will have all furnishings and decorations turned upside down. Chairs and tables nailed to the ceiling, and even the floor and ceiling tiles reversed to make it look upside down.

86. a swarm of rabbits go past the party, and then a pack of foxes,  all ignoring the party,   a few minutes late a gaggle of geese fly by erratically and the a  dozen large shadows of something flying in circles apper on the ground, but nothing seen in the sky. the shadows go away after a few mins

87. A cabin infested with sentient orange mould. Roll 1d6: on 1-3, the human living there is alive but insane; on 4-6, the inhabitant is dead and the mould is using the corpse to reproduce.

88. Corpses that looks identical in height and stature of the players.  All the clothing also identical, but on a different corpse.  All the faces have been eaten off.

89. A room with half a dozen levers and switches against one wall. Flipping any of them will make a sound as if a secret door is opening, like stone grinding on stone, but nothing actually happens. Each lever makes the sound as if it’s coming from a different direction, some closer, some farther away.

90 2d12 large siege engines sit on a hill, half of them firing in random directions at anything in site. Hard to make out what is crewing them from a distance , looks like green fuzz all over them.   In reality its 3d100 snotling runty gobos, (1/4 hd, treat as swarm) now the engines do 6d6 damage in a 20 foot area, but they are way randomly shot

91. A perfect glen of wild flowers, a happily gurgling brook and the industrious hum of bees. Spending a turn in the glen imparts good feeling a chance to reroll any one roll for the rest of the session.

92. A tree hung with dead warriors, their upside down shields around their necks. A few baubles may be looted from the corpses, but doing so (or shouting a challenge) is likely to summon a fel fey knight who will demand single combat.

93. A rotted village filled with farmers trapped, asleep in an endless nightmare. To the West a scheming sorcerer rides a war machine forged of these nightmares and uses it to terrorize and enslave travelers.

94. A fleshy middle aged man in dirty silks weeps here. He is Gerhart Ghecko, formerly a wealthy merchant broken by fate. If given a weapon and promise of a chance at wealth or death he will serve as a loyal, fearless and mildly suicidal 0-level henchman.

95. A large chunk of rock or meteor steams in a crater here.  Insert favorite random table for standing too close.  1in 12 chance another one streaks across the sky while your standing there.

96. A large obelisk that forms a sundial, there are strange ritual markings and words that if a smart wizard reads it seem to indicate that at a certain time on a certain day it could be used to bend or twist or stop time itself by standing in the shadow.  Others might know this also, others from orbit.

97. A field full of vibrantly blue butterflies.  Sparkles of turquoise dust floats from their wings that have hallucinogenic properties.

97. A place where shadows drop away into pits of infinite blackness and seem to bend slowly towards anyone that approaches too closely.  Staying here past dark is a very, very bad idea.

98. A traveling circus, complete with tents, elephants, clowns, camels, monkeys, tigers, everything and to everyone surprise there is nothing sinister or evil about it.  Fun happy music surrounds everything for days and everyone heals and has euphoria.  After separating yourself from the circus, save VS poison or melancholia strikes, -1 on everything for a month.

99. A maze full of traps that are nothing more than painted on the walls and floor…except for the last one, of course.

00. Thick barbarians with a giant sword riding a cyborg-techno-dragon.