I Declare it Pimp Yo SH!T Week!

Pimp Man

Time to Pimp That Shit

I love reading blogs and seeing all the cool ideas that people come up with.  Charts, tables, encounters, settings, adventures, etc.

There’s only one problem…  A) that shit gets buried under other awesome ideas and random posts, never to be seen or heard from again.

That’s why it’s  Pimp Yo Shit Week!

Dig through your blog, find the posts that you have done that you are proud of or want to see the light of day again and either comment on this post or on my Google+ page (if you’re in my circles) WITH THE LINK TO THE POST (this is the important part).  On 5/29/13 I will compile a page of all these wonderful ideas as a full post and then put a link to it on my blog toolbar.

Pimp Girl

Author: Mike Evans

I am the dude behind DIY RPG Productions. I have a fuck all punk rock attitude, love meeting new people, doing nature shit, and gaming (tabletop and console) and having a good time. I love craft beer (maybe too much), punk, grunge, and industrial music. I write books. Good for me.

10 thoughts

  1. I have three (if that’s not too many).

    I’ve done the September of Short Adventures Challenge twice: http://tabletopshoptalk.tumblr.com/post/33206470679/osr-september-challenge-year-two-conclusions-and
    An ongoing investigation into Impromptu RPGs: http://tabletopshoptalk.tumblr.com/tagged/Impromptu-RPGs
    And short little fairy tale themed FATE adventure: http://tabletopshoptalk.tumblr.com/post/40803109349/a-princess-story-a-slightly-skewed-fairytale-adventure

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