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The HUGE List of Random Tables I Use in My Games…. So Good it Makes You Wanna….

Extreme Fapping for Extreme Linkage!

Extreme Fapping for Extreme Linkage!

First off here are three pages with a HUGE amount of links that are awesome (but I’m not using all of these).

Telecanter’s Receding Rules

Hack & Slash

Playing D&D With Porn Stars

I’ve broken the charts and tables I use into sections for easy reference.  If you have any suggestions, by all means share a link in the comments!


Forestcrawling Kit

Wavecrawling Kit

Random Island Generator

Secret Santicore 2012- d24 Wilderness Encounters

Cannibalization Chart

Strange and Nasty Disease Table

So You Decided to Make Camp, eh?

Strange and Interesting Herbs


Dungeons, Castles, Keeps, and Ruins

Fortress and Castle Generator

 Spicing up Stairways

Dungeon WallsCeilingsFloors, and Other Features

Secret Santicore 2012- Traps


Towns, Inns, Etc

One Hundred Rare Wonders for a Fantasy City

City District Generator

Village Die Drop Generator

Secret Santicore 2012- Remote Gothic Noble Houses

Tavern and Inn Generator


You’ll Always Have a Home Here


Adventure Location- Loneliest Man 

Adventure Location- Swamp Town of Blatherblab

Secret Santicore 2012- Adventure Location- Tsvari III Penal ship


What’s in the Urn

Weird Treasure Containers

Oddy Bodden’s Stupendously Amazing Magical Dice of Treasures Unimagined and Horrors Rather Left Undiscovered

Oh God What’s in the Bag


d100 Potions

Social Interactions

Carousing Table

Awesome Table for Philanthropy, Carousing, Research, and Gourmandising


Things About Villains

Things About Villains… again

Soup to Nuts Random Villain Generator

Memorable Hirelings


Killer Dog Selection

Animals Animals Animals


Various things from Santicore

Awesome D30 Tables of Awesomeness

Occupation List for Dungeon Crawl Classics

Faction Rules Using Cards

Ray Harryhausen Tribute d100 list

Thanks for the List TSR

Shit Just Got Religious



Dungeon Alphabet



Hubris Campaign Setting- The Twisted and Corrupted Kingdom of Fairweather

Yesterday I did a post boasting about the awesome piece of art I won by the awesome Dave!  I also mentioned that I would give more info on the Fairweather Kingdom, so here it is with a plethora of pictures!  This is for a campaign setting I hope to publish in the near future using the awesome Dungeon Crawl Classic rules!

Here’s the category page of all the Hubris stuff on the blog thus far.


The Kingdom of Fairweather

The Kingdom of Fairweather

Fairweather was once considered the jewel of Hubis, but has slipped into the grips of madness, plague, decadence, and debauchery in the two hundred years since The Twisted One first appeared before King Maldran, promising the way to power and knowledge through the purity of blood.  The Reign of the Mad Kings dawned when Maldran and the nobles of Fairweather quickly agreed, and began practicing the Ways of the Flesh.  As the royal family continues to follow the teaching of the Twisted One and engage in inbreeding for the sake of purity of blood, each generation becomes more grotesquely deformed and unstable.  While the nobility is allowed to partake in the pleasures of the flesh of kin, only the royal family is allowed to produce heirs.  Any who are not of noble birth are denied to practice the Ways of the Flesh, and if caught doing so are executed in the most brutal fashion  As the Twisted Ones teachings have become law, the rift between the nobility and the common citizens has grown wider.  The nobility wear extravagant avant-garde fashion, while the poor wear rags in varying shades of brown.

King of Fairweather

All hail Ithis the Bulge!!

The current king, Ithis the Bulge, is extremely deformed and prone to terrible, violent mood swings.  Ithis is hailed as the God-King, as many believe he is the Twisted One made flesh.  The Fairweather palace rests atop the back of a gigantic dog that is driven by a blind giant who sees through the creatures glistening ruby eyes.

The royal palace of Fairweather

The royal palace of Fairweather

Metalphage attacking Fairweather guards

Three years ago the terrible plague, The Corrupting, began ripping through Fairweather, causing people to mutate into terrible creature called Metalphages.  Jagged metallic shards, wires, and tubing burst from the flesh of the infected, either driving them mad or killing them.  The touch of Metalphages, infects others and also corrupts metal, rusting it.  Entire districts of the cityhave been quarantined and sealed in an attempt to halt contamination.  The Plague Doctors of the Scarlet Veil conducts terrible experiments on the infected from their heavily guarded Red Monastery, in an attempt to harness this curse.

The Fashion of the Fairweather Nobility

Fairweather Fashion 6 Fairweather Fashion 9 Fairweather Fashion 8 Fairweather Fashion 13 Fairweather Fashion 11 Fairweather Fashion 10 Faiweather Fashion 12- Middle One Only Fairweather Fashion 12 Fairweather Fashion 7 Fairweather Fashion 5 Fairweather Fashion 3 Fairweather Fashion 2 FRANCE-FASHION Fairweather Fashion 4 Cool Pic


All of these pieces are from Alexander McQueen’s design, except for the weird, but awesome, painting.