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People SH!T Be Pimped! Come Take a Look!

We all be Pimpin

We all be Pimpin!

I did a post asking for people to submit links to posts they are proud of or that have been buried due to the passage of time or other posts!  People have stepped up and delivered!

If you want your shit to be pimped just post the links in the comments below and I’ll add them.

These are arranged in no particular order.

Logan Knight (G+ page)

Do Not Take Me For a Turner of Cheap Tricks

I Gotta Have Faith

Full of Clerical Errors


Trey Causey (G+ Page)

Release of Weird Adventures (G+ Page)

Weird Adventures is Here!

Star Trek Science Fiction Adventure

The Devastated City Crawl


Christopher Wood (G+ page)

Carapace Crafting


Ian Johnson (G+ page)

Muscle Wizard


Ben Djarum (G+ page)

Hobgoblin Queen’s Birthday (3 parts)

Xygalia and Rauina (two demonesses)


Zzarchov Kowolski (G+ page)

Gnomes of Levnec Adventure

Adventure Convert-o-tronica 9000 (for converting adventures when lazy)

Generating Random Encounters


R.J. Thompson (G+ page)

Musings on an Old School Sorcerer Class

Musings on an Old School Sorcerer Class 2: The Castles and Crusades Factor

Musings on an Old School Sorcerer Class 3: The Castles and Crusades Prototype

OSR/Castles and Crusades Sorcerer Spell List

The Old School Sorcerer, Swords and Wizardry Style

Back to the Appendices, or Revisiting my Fantasy Appendix N


Paolo Greco (G+ page)

Campaign/Sandbox Creation

Conceptual Isometic Map

One Page Monster Generator

Game Mechanics for Rogues

5more System: Lightweight resolution system for Adventure Fantasy Game

Burgs and Bailiffs


Heron Prior (G+ page)

Trolls Will Be Trolls One Page Dungeon

Cry of the Gravegod One Page Dungeon


Dak Ultimak (G+ page)

Magical Calendar Date Generator


Reynaldo Mandrinan (G+ page)


Barovania Locales: Sasha’s Tower


Joey Lindsey (G+ page)

Halls of Wrath

Blood Tree Tunnels of the Swamp Witch

The Bastard Class for OSR D&D games


Alex Schroeder (G+ page)

Swiss Referee Style Manual


Christian Kolbe (G+ page)

Task Resolutions


Jack Shear (G+ page)

Flesh Golems


Mummy Lords



Mike Evans (wrathofzombie) (G+ page)

Savage Worlds of Shadowrun

Complete Firefly and Scifi Toolkit- Hack of Vornheim

Firefly: Hurtlin’ Through the ‘Verse RPG

Wrathofzombie Strange and Gritty Sword and Sorcery Frankenhack RPG 

Wrath of Zombie Survival Horror RPG

Google + RPG Directory

Forestcrawling Kit

So You Decided to Make Camp, eh?


Joseph Teller (G+ page)

Fantasy Library– Links to older downloadable RPGs


Anthony Brotherton (G+ page)

Free Mapping Resources


Venger Satanis (G+ page)

GM Bootcamp!


Jeff and Jen (Tabletop Talk Shop)

Short Adventure Challenges

What Makes an Impromptu RPG

Fairy-tale Themed FATE Adventure


Darcy Perry (Hits to Kill)

A Dozen Tharks– Awesomely painted minis!


Wilhelm (Wilper’s Blog)

Playing with (Adult) Beginners


Stuart Robertson (G+ page)

Fighting Groups in Dungeons and Dragons

Combat Fatigue, Weakness and Wounds in OSR D&D


Richard G (G+ page)

Tartary Primer

Formless Spawn of Azoth

Coelomia: Island of Secrets.  For the Sea of O’sr

On CHA, WIS, and POW-based Magics

Architects of Mars


Joshua Macy (G+ page)

Fear in RPGs

Scary Scary Monsters


Humza Kazmi (G+ page)

Nature Isn’t Red, it’s Kinda Tan

Dungeons and Dominion

D&D and the Roadside Picnic


Kirin Robinson (G+ page)

So You Wanna Hire a Henchmen?

Hireling Names

Mid-Level Starting Character Random Quirk Table


Roger GS (Roles, Rules, and Rolls)

Awesome Chase System


Courtney Campbell (G+ page)


Adventure Design

RPG Theory


Ian McDougall (The Benign Brown Beast)

Snake Oil

The Plane of Shadow

The Crooked Baths

The Grinning Devil and Why He Grinned That Night


Rob Lang (G+ page)

How to Write a Free RPG


Brett Slocum (G+ page)

When You Get Lost in a Dungeon

Testing Eyes to Determine Their Nature

Stop Wringing Your Hands and Start Playing

Delving into the Underworld


Edward Wilson (G+ page)

Righteous Cloud Temple- Campaign Idea

Keepers of the Divine Flame

Granatus VI- Warhammer 40k scenario

Rise of the Lich Lord- Campaign Idea

Urban Crawl Rules for Slacker DM

How about WWI Dungeon Crawling


Terje Nordin (G+ page)

Psychedelic Sorcery


Paul Thornton (G+ page)

A Big Milestone has Passed, so You Can All Have a Free NPC Each

A Historical Look at Crossbows in RPGs

To be an Archer

The Murder Strike, and Other Historical Ways to Get More Use of a Long Sword


Simon Forster (G+ page)

Goblin Kiss

Simple Rules for Knocking People Out

Variant Classes

Halfling Callings


I Declare it Pimp Yo SH!T Week!

Pimp Man

Time to Pimp That Shit

I love reading blogs and seeing all the cool ideas that people come up with.  Charts, tables, encounters, settings, adventures, etc.

There’s only one problem…  A) that shit gets buried under other awesome ideas and random posts, never to be seen or heard from again.

That’s why it’s  Pimp Yo Shit Week!

Dig through your blog, find the posts that you have done that you are proud of or want to see the light of day again and either comment on this post or on my Google+ page (if you’re in my circles) WITH THE LINK TO THE POST (this is the important part).  On 5/29/13 I will compile a page of all these wonderful ideas as a full post and then put a link to it on my blog toolbar.

Pimp Girl

Warforged DCCified



You were originally a mindless machine, built to be nothing more than an expendable soldier of war.  You fought in the front lines of battle, never feeling exhilaration, remorse, or horror for the hundreds you’ve left dead at your feet.

Two years ago, whether by some grand design or by alchemical flaw, all the Warforged throughout the world suddenly became sentient.  As a newly awakened race you have to deal with prejudice, bitterness, and misunderstanding pouring in around you from all sides.

You have trouble grasping simple concepts and the customs of those around you, as they are so foreign and make little sense.  Slowly though you are beginning to understand and are growing accustomed to these weird emotional fleshy creatures around you.

While you attempt to grow and learn in this new world, one thing is for certain; you were built for war.  Nothing excites you like the pounding of the drums, the screams of the dying, and blood dripping down your face.

Hit Points: A Warforged gains 1d10 HP per level.


Weapon Training: Warforged are trained in all manner of weaponry.  They cannot wear any armor (see below).


Alignment: Neutral

Attack Modifier: Warforged do not receive a fixed attack modifier at each level.  Instead they receive a deed die, like the Warrior.  The deed die is rolled each round to generate the attack modifier.  See the chart below to see the deed die advancement.  The bonus of the deed die is also a modifier for damage.


Mighty Deeds: You were constructed for battle.  A Warforged can perform Mighty Deeds as a Warrior.


Construct: As a living construct a Warforged does not require sleep, food, or air.  They are also immune to diseases and poisons.  Due to being a construct normal magical means of healing are not as effective on you, only giving you half the amount (minimum of 1HP back).

Natural Armor: The body of a Warforged is made of tough metal and wood and gives natural armor protection.  Treat the armor class of a Warforged as being equipped with scale mail (+4).  Due to this natural construction a Warforged suffers no check penalties skill checks. The construction of a Warforged body makes it so they cannot wear any other armor.  Your body is so heavy that you cannot swim, but sink to the bottom and must walk along the sea floor.


Punch Them in the Face: A Warforged fist is hard metal and wood and does 1d4 damage.

Tinkering: Choose one at level 1

  • Retractable Arm Blade– Pops out of hand.  Treat as short sword damage (1d6).
  • Electric Blast– The gem in the center of the Warforged chest can deliver an electric blast that deals 1d6 damage with a successful ranged attack.
  • Thick Plating– The natural armor of the Warforged is increased to +2, as though they are wearing banded mail.
  • Shrapnel Explosion– You were designed to do as much damage as possible should you be deactivated.  When you fall unconscious bits of metal and pellet burst from you in a 10ft radius.  All in that zone take 2d6 damage (Ref Save DC 12 for half damage).

Outsider:  Social interactions are difficult for you to grasp.  Any personality check you make is reduced one step on the die ladder.

Nuts and Bolts: You are able to create a salve that you can apply to your damaged body, healing you for 1d6+1HP.  The parts cost 250gp and take 2 hours to create.

Languages: A Warforged knows common.

Warforged 2


Level Attack (Deed Die) Crit Die/Table Action Die Ref Fort Will
1 +d3* 1d10/III 1d20 +0 +1 +1
2 +d4* 1d12/III 1d20 +1 +1 +1
3 +d4* 1d14/III 1d20 +1 +2 +1
4 +d5* 1d16/IV 1d20 +1 +2 +2
5 +d6* 1d20/IV 1d20 +2 +3 +2
6 +d6* 1d24/IV 1d20+1d8 +2 +3 +3
7 +d8* 1d30/IV 1d20+1d12 +3 +4 +3
8 +d10* 1d30/IV 1d20+1d16 +3 +4 +4
9 +d10+1* 2d20/IV 1d20+1d20 +3 +5 +4
10 +d10+2* 2d20/IV 1d20+1d20+1d10 +3 +5 +5

Warforged Titles

1 Walking Clock
2 Automaton
3 Trooper
4 Juggernaut
5 War Machine

Quick Mass Combat Rules and Even Quicker Mass Combat Rules (at the bottom)

Mass Combat

I have yet to fully test these rules and see if they work or, in fact, suck a big donkey dong…  Feel free to give feedback.

Mass Combat Rules

Macro Level


Players can communally control the units (or rolls), or just take turns.

Units are in measures of 5, 10, 20.   This is abstract, and just to illustrate how big the army is.

Units represent HP.  (IE- if you have two units, you have 2 HP).

Each unit equals +1 to attack roll.  As units are lost, so is the modifier to attack.

Each unit is represented by die: d4, d6, d8, d10, and d12 (see below).



Goblins, skeletons, peasants, zombies, small animals, etc.


Trained solders, orcs, medium animals, etc.


Elite knights, ogres, sorcerers, lycanthropes, etc


Trolls, large animals, vampires, etc.


Tide Turners (see below)

Being cool and creating awesome ideas gives +1 or +2 to roll.  This can be rallying the troops with Saint Crispin’s Day speeches and promises of amazing beer or something else that is clever.

Being lame and boring gives -2 (steeper penalty for being a putz).

Shit like ballistas, ground soaked in tar to light on fire, traps, etc.  That gives +1 each.

Roll each and add/subtract modifiers.  Higher roll wins.  Subtract 1 unit/HP.  Ties mean nothing happens.

Each round is measured in time equal to amount representing each unit- IE 5 min for 5 per unit, 10 min for 10 per unit, etc.

Tide Turners are shit like dragons, bad ass knights riding wyverns, or Goblins riding on Trolls are a d12.  They count as 1 for 1 unit, have 5 HP and +5 to attack (initially).  These are rolled separately.

There is no initiative order.  When fighting each unit rolls against the other.  See example below.


Every round shit can go crazy and awry with magic, beasts, arrows, etc flying all over the place.

Roll a d6

1-4- Battle progresses normally.

5-6- Incident!

Incident!  (Roll 1d8)

1) Spell explosion rips through the battlefield!  Roll 1d6 1-2) -1 from your army!; 3-4) -1 from enemy troops!; 5-6) -1 from both groups!

2) The horror of battle begins to take a toll on moral! Roll 1d4) Even: -2 to your next roll; Odd) -2 to the enemies next roll.

3) Someone makes a great speech or engages in a truly heroic act and bolsters the units!  Roll 1d4) Even: +2 to your next roll; Odd) +2 to the enemies next roll.

4) Misfire!  A trap goes off damaging some of the troops!  Roll 1d4) Even: -1 from your army!; Odd) -1 from enemy troops!

5) The battle presents too good a target for these opportunists!  Some nasty creature joins the fray as a Tide Turner fighting both sides!

6) A cleric is able to give much needed aid to units!  Roll 1d4) Even: +1 to your army!; Odd: +1 to enemy troops!

7) Reinforcements arrive just in the knick of time!  Roll 1d4) Even: +1d3 units to your army!; Odd: +1d3 units to enemy troops!

8) Clusterfuck!  Roll twice on this table!

Microlevel– players can opt to go “into” combat and control things minutely as their individual characters.  This is resolved per normal combat rules.  Fighting and killing leaders should be handled on the micro level.

Combat Example

A human garrison of 25 troops have fallen under attack by 20 goblin raiders and a goblin riding a troll.  The humans have five units (5HP and an attack of +5).  The goblins have 4 units (4HP and +4 attack).  The Tide Turner has 5 HP and +5 attack.

The human fort has a ballista and several fire traps spread out in the field (this gives +1 each to the humans).

First round: Humans roll 1d6 and get a 5 for a total of 12 (+5 for attack, +1 for the ballista, and +1 for the fire traps).  The goblins rolled a 2 for a total of 4 (+4 for attack).  The humans had the higher roll, effectively killing one unit of the goblin troops.  Now the goblins will have +3 to attack.

Now the Tide Breaker wades in and gets a 6 for a total of 11 (+5 to attack).  The humans roll a 5 for a total of 12 (as before).  The humans win again, and take 1 HP off of the Goblin riding a Troll.

Before Second round: Rolls a 3 on a d6 for complication, no incident.

Second Round: Player suggests throwing rocks over the side of the walls- decent idea, gets +1 for the round.

Humans roll a 6 for a total of 13 (+5 for attack, +1 for the ballista, +1 for the fire traps, and +1 for the throwing rock idea).  The goblins roll a 4 for a total of 7.  The humans kill another unit of the invading goblins.

The troll riding goblin rolls a 12 for a total of 16 and the humans roll a 4 for a total of 12.  The tide turner kills a unit of humans in a bloody, messy rage.

The players decide to go into combat as normal and take control of their characters and deal with the troll riding goblin.

And so on and so on…

Even Quicker Mass Combat Rules

This will require up to nine dice of a particular type that represents the chosen unit (IE- d4 for goblins, d8 for trained knights, etc.).

Each die represents 5, 10, 15, 20 units.

The army with the least amount is the max amount of dice rolled (IE- Goblins have 10 troops, for 2 dice.  The humans have 15, for 3 dice).  For every unit amount above the lesser army, gain +1 to roll.  Roll each and calculate modifiers.  Each high cuts a lesser.  Ties mean no one is lost.

Example: Goblins roll 2d4 and get a 4 and a 2.  Humans roll 2d6 and get a 4 and a 1 equaling a 5 and a 2 (+1 to each roll for having one unit over).  The Goblins lose one die.

Next round the goblin rolls 1d4 and the human rolls 1d6 (+2 for having two additional units).  Keep resolving.

The HUGE List of Random Tables I Use in My Games…. So Good it Makes You Wanna….

Extreme Fapping for Extreme Linkage!

Extreme Fapping for Extreme Linkage!

First off here are three pages with a HUGE amount of links that are awesome (but I’m not using all of these).

Telecanter’s Receding Rules

Hack & Slash

Playing D&D With Porn Stars

I’ve broken the charts and tables I use into sections for easy reference.  If you have any suggestions, by all means share a link in the comments!


Forestcrawling Kit

Wavecrawling Kit

Random Island Generator

Secret Santicore 2012- d24 Wilderness Encounters

Cannibalization Chart

Strange and Nasty Disease Table

So You Decided to Make Camp, eh?

Strange and Interesting Herbs


Dungeons, Castles, Keeps, and Ruins

Fortress and Castle Generator

 Spicing up Stairways

Dungeon WallsCeilingsFloors, and Other Features

Secret Santicore 2012- Traps


Towns, Inns, Etc

One Hundred Rare Wonders for a Fantasy City

City District Generator

Village Die Drop Generator

Secret Santicore 2012- Remote Gothic Noble Houses

Tavern and Inn Generator


You’ll Always Have a Home Here


Adventure Location- Loneliest Man 

Adventure Location- Swamp Town of Blatherblab

Secret Santicore 2012- Adventure Location- Tsvari III Penal ship


What’s in the Urn

Weird Treasure Containers

Oddy Bodden’s Stupendously Amazing Magical Dice of Treasures Unimagined and Horrors Rather Left Undiscovered

Oh God What’s in the Bag


d100 Potions

Social Interactions

Carousing Table

Awesome Table for Philanthropy, Carousing, Research, and Gourmandising


Things About Villains

Things About Villains… again

Soup to Nuts Random Villain Generator

Memorable Hirelings


Killer Dog Selection

Animals Animals Animals


Various things from Santicore

Awesome D30 Tables of Awesomeness

Occupation List for Dungeon Crawl Classics

Faction Rules Using Cards

Ray Harryhausen Tribute d100 list

Thanks for the List TSR

Shit Just Got Religious



Dungeon Alphabet



Hubris Campaign Setting- The Twisted and Corrupted Kingdom of Fairweather

Yesterday I did a post boasting about the awesome piece of art I won by the awesome Dave!  I also mentioned that I would give more info on the Fairweather Kingdom, so here it is with a plethora of pictures!  This is for a campaign setting I hope to publish in the near future using the awesome Dungeon Crawl Classic rules!

Here’s the category page of all the Hubris stuff on the blog thus far.


The Kingdom of Fairweather

The Kingdom of Fairweather

Fairweather was once considered the jewel of Hubis, but has slipped into the grips of madness, plague, decadence, and debauchery in the two hundred years since The Twisted One first appeared before King Maldran, promising the way to power and knowledge through the purity of blood.  The Reign of the Mad Kings dawned when Maldran and the nobles of Fairweather quickly agreed, and began practicing the Ways of the Flesh.  As the royal family continues to follow the teaching of the Twisted One and engage in inbreeding for the sake of purity of blood, each generation becomes more grotesquely deformed and unstable.  While the nobility is allowed to partake in the pleasures of the flesh of kin, only the royal family is allowed to produce heirs.  Any who are not of noble birth are denied to practice the Ways of the Flesh, and if caught doing so are executed in the most brutal fashion  As the Twisted Ones teachings have become law, the rift between the nobility and the common citizens has grown wider.  The nobility wear extravagant avant-garde fashion, while the poor wear rags in varying shades of brown.

King of Fairweather

All hail Ithis the Bulge!!

The current king, Ithis the Bulge, is extremely deformed and prone to terrible, violent mood swings.  Ithis is hailed as the God-King, as many believe he is the Twisted One made flesh.  The Fairweather palace rests atop the back of a gigantic dog that is driven by a blind giant who sees through the creatures glistening ruby eyes.

The royal palace of Fairweather

The royal palace of Fairweather

Metalphage attacking Fairweather guards

Three years ago the terrible plague, The Corrupting, began ripping through Fairweather, causing people to mutate into terrible creature called Metalphages.  Jagged metallic shards, wires, and tubing burst from the flesh of the infected, either driving them mad or killing them.  The touch of Metalphages, infects others and also corrupts metal, rusting it.  Entire districts of the cityhave been quarantined and sealed in an attempt to halt contamination.  The Plague Doctors of the Scarlet Veil conducts terrible experiments on the infected from their heavily guarded Red Monastery, in an attempt to harness this curse.

The Fashion of the Fairweather Nobility

Fairweather Fashion 6 Fairweather Fashion 9 Fairweather Fashion 8 Fairweather Fashion 13 Fairweather Fashion 11 Fairweather Fashion 10 Faiweather Fashion 12- Middle One Only Fairweather Fashion 12 Fairweather Fashion 7 Fairweather Fashion 5 Fairweather Fashion 3 Fairweather Fashion 2 FRANCE-FASHION Fairweather Fashion 4 Cool Pic


All of these pieces are from Alexander McQueen’s design, except for the weird, but awesome, painting.

A Piece of Awesome Commission Art I Won!… Hubris is Coming…

So the amazingly awesome and talented Dave over at Iron Image Industries has been hosting a contest the past few months where, if you win, he does a FREE KICK ASS ART COMMISSION for you!  That’s right..  FREE…

And I won the April submission!  Huzzah!  I finally won something!

Aside: Dave already was awesome a few months ago and did a kick ass piece for me for my hack of Shadowrun using the Savage Worlds ruleset.  Scope it here!

I’ve had my eye on Dave doing art for my Hubris setting (for what I’ve put up on the blog about Hubris, click here) that I plan on publishing in the (hopefully near) future!  So it was a double kick of awesome that I won.

The Corrupting Plague of Fairweather

A Guard being corrupted by a Metalphage

I’ll do a post with more details on Fairweather tomorrow, but today I just wanted to share this slice of awesome!