Oddy Bodden’s Stupendously Amazing Magical Dice of Treasures Unimagined and Horrors Rather Left Undiscovered! The Die Drop Treasure Chart Inspired by Deck of Many Things

Yesterday on G+ I asked people about their feelings about the Deck of Many Things, and got quite a few good answers on the subject.

The discussion motivated me to make a die drop treasure generator inspired by the Deck of Many Things.

I created this because: A) more options; B) I mostly play via G+ now and a deck of cards really isn’t the easiest thing to use in the digital realm; C) Because I damned well wanted to and it was fun!

So here you be!!

Oddy Bodden’s Stupendously Amazing Magical Dice of Treasures Unimagined and Horrors Rather Left Undiscovered! 


The Die Drop Treasure Chart Inspired by Deck of Many Things


Players can choose to gamble with the fates and roll Oddy Boldin’s dice.  They can choose to roll all the dice; the d4, d6, d8, d10, d10 (%), d12, and d20.  A player can also choose to roll just one or more of the different dice.  Once this choice has been made though, it cannot be undone.  When they make the roll all the effects happen at the same time and they cannot make any additional rolls.  The dice simply cease to work for that person.

When you describe to player what has transpired do not read anything that is in italics to them.  That is for them to find out though play.  Anything with “*” at the end has no real benefit and is a terrible curse, affliction, loss of something important, etc.

Some players may cry unfair at this, but remember: You didn’t MAKE them roll on this… they decided to gamble all on their own.

A Warning

In front of you lie seven dice,

Take as many as you want,

And try your luck.

For you may be granted something nice!


However be warned,

For not is all as it seems.

Sometimes one gets more

Than in their wildest dreams.


In these dice are the powers of death and life

Of immense treasure and crushing poverty.

A simple roll can cause jubilation,

Or utter crushing strife.


Dear person!  You’ve been warned!

If you’ve nothing to lose and are truly downtrodden,

Take the gamble!  Take the risk!

Roll these strange dice of Oddy Bodden!




1)      You gain 1d10x100 gp.  This money is from the other players.  It disappears out of their pockets.  If the players do not have enough to cover this, it is taken from “elsewhere.”

2)      A monster appears- defeat it and gain 1 level.

3)      Gain ability to reroll one failed save per session.

4)      Your soul is consumed.  Divine magic doesn’t work on you/for you.  Clerics are exiled from their faith.*


1)      Gain +1 to chosen attribute.  Take -1 from same attribute of a random player.

2)      A magical weapon appears.  This weapon is the beloved treasure of a king.  It was displayed with pride on his bedroom wall.  He will issue a large bounty for any information or retrieval of it. 

3)      Gain a small fort.  This fort is on the edge of the civilized lands.  It is currently occupied by a nasty orc, goblin, ogre tribe.

4)      Book that grants one wish, but -1d4 to wisdom for reading it.

5)      Suffer -1 to all Saving Throws.*

6)      Suffer -2 to 1 Attribute, roll 1d6 to determine Attribute.*


1)      Never need to eat again.  Someone else in party needs to eat double.

2)      Gain +2 to Saving Throws.

3)      A strange artifact appears.  This artifact was being studied by a mad old sorcerer who will stop at nothing to get it back from the thief.

4)      1d3 Wraiths appear.  Defeat and gain a level.  Be defeated and disappear from history.

5)      Gain 2d10x10 gems.  These gems disappeared from the nearest town’s treasury.  They will have no money for trade or food. 

6)      Need to eat twice as much to survive.*

7)      Make a wish- the exact opposite happens.*

8)      All magic items on your person cease to function.*


1)      Gain a castle.  This castle is under siege by the sorcerer Gamalt.  He seeks to occupy this castle because it is built on a spot of immense and ancient power.

2)      Gain 1d100 x 1000 gold.  This gold is taken from a greedy king’s vault.

3)      Gain a level.

4)      Gain a Wondrous Item.

5)      A level 4 fighter will be loyal and serve you.  However he is jealous of attention you pay to others and mistrusts everyone.

6)      Gain a spell book with 2d10 spells in it (can be any type of spell).

7)      You age 3d10 years.*

8)      You gain a nasty deformity.*

9)      An immediate family member dies instantly.  If you have no family you suffer 5d8 damage.*

10)  Gain a terrible curse.*

D10 (%)-

1)      Gain a magic item.  This is taken from one of the other players.  They can never handle this item again, unless you die.

2)      Become immune to all diseases, even magical.

3)      See through space and time.  Know answer to next question you ask.  Make Wisdom based save or lose 1 Wisdom permanently due to the strain.

4)      Gain +6 to Diplomacy Checks.

5)      Avoid one occurrence of choice (even death).

6)      Gain a level.  Random other player loses 1 level.

7)      Lose a limb.*

8)      You age 5d10 years.*

9)      All magic items in 30ft radius become mundane.*

10)  You simple cease to exist.*


1)      Increase an attribute to 18 (player’s choice).

2)      Gain a grand library.

3)      Gain 1 wish.

4)      Gain a favor from a king.  The king was visited by an entity and commanded to do this.  He does not like being coerced to owe anyone anything.  Expect hostility and anger.

5)      Gain a Major Magical Item.

6)      Become the fixation of a prince/princess.  They were engaged to a prince/princess and now this person hates you with a passion.

7)      Gain a magical mount.

8)      Immediately lose all wealth, objects, and property.*

9)      Teleport to a random level of a random dungeon.*

10)  Become cursed with Vampirism.*

11)  Become cursed with Lycanthrope.*

12)  Change gender.*


1)      A bard writes an epic tale about you.  Gain +2 to all Charisma checks.  However the bard follows you around now.  If he dies, another takes his place…

2)      A level 1d3+1 Sorcerer will serve you.  He plots and schemes behind your back for power and wealth.

3)      You gain a huge plot of land.  It’s a swamp full of ancient riches and terrible creatures.

4)      A long estranged family member dies and lives you a mansion.  The mansion is haunted and was the home of a terrible cult hundreds of years ago.

5)      You can cast Augery (as Cleric Spell) one time per day.

6)      Gain an Artifact.

7)      You gain 2d10 x 1000 xp.

8)      Gain a Warship.  You now have to pay for a crew, upkeep, and repairs.

9)      You gain a key that can open any lock.

10)  You can see perfectly in the dark.  If you already have Darkvision, you gain Tremor-sense 60ft.

11)  Avoid death the next time it happens!  However someone you care about dies in your stead.

12)  Add +2 to any chosen Attribute (max of 18).

13)  Gain an audience with a deity of your choice.  This deity may or may not like you and may have fun at your expense.

14)  A map to an immense treasure appears in your hands.  Until the moment it appeared in your hands it was in the possession of one of the most feared thieves in the world.

15)  Your soul is trapped in a stone statue.  So long as the statue exists, you cannot truly die.  If the statue is killed, altered, or changed you die.

16)  Die a horrible death.*

17)  Polymorph into another creature.*

18)  Teleport to another world/plane of existence.*

19)  Gain the ire and hatred of an Outside entity.*

20)  Lose 10,000 xp.  If you do not have that amount, make a save VS death.  Succeed, go to level 1.  Failure- death.*

Author: Mike Evans

I am the dude behind DIY RPG Productions. I have a fuck all punk rock attitude, love meeting new people, doing nature shit, and gaming (tabletop and console) and having a good time. I love craft beer (maybe too much), punk, grunge, and industrial music. I write books. Good for me.

4 thoughts

  1. You know what would make this more interesting? Make it so that the bit in italics ONLY occurs if the number rolled is duplicated on another dice. Or maybe – the italics part occurs UNLESS the number is duplicated on another dice. Adds a bit more randomness to the system and either encourages or discourages picking lots of dice.

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