Ritual Magic for Hubris

Ritual Magic

Ritual Magic

For full Hubris OSR rules, click here.

Ritual magic is strange and dangerous.  Any spell in the spell list can be considered a ritual, and anyone person can cast rituals, so long as they have all the requirements.  Only spells from the Sorcerer and Warrior Priest lists can be cast as rituals.  Druid magic cannot be manipulated by such blasphemous and ambitious means.  Since Sorcerers, Warrior Priests, and Witches can usually cast spells from level 1-5, the rituals they attempt to cast are level 6 and above.  Greedy nobles, foolish townsfolk, and the like are more likely going to attempt lower level spells in order to give themselves more power. 

Learning the Ritual– Takes two weeks of intense study and 200 x Spell level in gold.  At the end of the study the caster must roll under their Intelligence (minus the spells level from the roll).  For each additional week of study the caster gets +1 to the roll.  If the caster fails the roll this particular Ritual is beyond his scope or understanding, and he cannot attempt to learn it again.  A library is required for this study, either the caster’s own or another person’s.

Casting the Ritual-Casting Rituals cost not only in gold, but in the soul as well.  A Ritual costs 500gp x Spell Level in rare and strange ingredients and the caster must sacrifice 1 permanent point of Wisdom.  The casting takes 1 week plus a number of days equal to the spell level.  When the Ritual is done being performed the caster must make a Intelligence Save (if Sorcerer spell) or Charisma Save (if Warrior Priest spell), if successful the Ritual has been completed.  If not, see the Disasters of Failure below, this is in conjunction with any other mishaps that can occur when dealing with magic.

At the beginning of the casting the caster must make a decision on whether the spell is to be cast immediately upon completion, or if he is storing it in an item (IE- Ring, Scroll, Amulet) to use at a later date.  A person can only have a number of Rituals stored equal to his Int mod, any more than that and the caster risks having strange and terrible mishaps happening to them.  Having that much potent magic trapped is dangerous.

Special Modifiers– For every individual helping in the ritual (maximum of 5) the caster gets +1 to his roll.  If cast in the caster’s hallowed Workshop he receives an additional +1.  A Ritual Sacrifice gives a +3 to the roll.  The victim must be involved against their will and bound in special restraints.

Disasters of Failure- The casting of rituals is not to be taken likely.  Messing with the powers of the cosmos does not go unnoticed by those beings long forgotten in space and time.  Generally these powerful spells do little more than disturb these strange creatures sleep, however every so often they stir and seek to destroy that which has gained their ire.

Roll 1d8-

  1. The creature has stirred but goes back to sleep.  A second failure at a Ritual will immediately reawaken this being and will immediately manifest at the casters location and destroy all within in its grasp.
  2. The creature stirs and moves in its sleep.  An earthquake that is centered on the caster and affects a 10 mile radius rocks the area.
  3. The being is not interested in the movement of ants and goes back to sleep.
  4. The being sends something from the void to kill the caster.  A being from the What Terrible Creature of the Darkness is This?! (see below) appears immediately and attacks the caster and all those in the room.
  5. The creatures brief moment of consciousness causes the weather to be completely opposite for the season.  This lasts for 1d3 weeks.
  6. In a moment of agitated sleep the creatures shifts.  The caster catches a glimpse of this terrible being and immediately loses half their Intelligence score.
  7. The being perverts the caster who now becomes a devoted servant seeking to bring his master into the world.
  8. Like swatting a gnat on the wall the creature simply wills the caster out of existence.

What Terrible Creature of the Darkness is This?!


Base Creature– Two Attacks (1d6 claws, 1d4 bite).  AC 12.  Base Attack Bonus- Roll 1d6.  These can change based on what is rolled.


Roll one of each the following polyhedral dice at the same time and consult below: d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20


D4- Hit Points- Roll 1d20 and consult number on the die.

  1. +15
  2. +20
  3. +25
  4. +30


D6- Form 1- Consult number on die and choose one of two.

  1. Glowing/Dark and Shadowy
  2. Freezing/Flaming
  3. Slimy/Dry and Cracking
  4. Necrotic/Pus Leaking
  5. Furry/Skin of Maggots
  6. Flayed and bleeding/Hard rock-like Skin


D8- Powers 1

  1. Three Attacks
  2. Four Attacks
  3. AC 15 + d8
  4. AC 15 + d10
  5. Venomous Bite (-1d10 Dex per bite)
  6. Half Damage From Normal Weapons
  7. Immune to Normal Weapons
  8. Long Reach (up to 25 ft) with Claws


D10- Appendages

  1. Tentacles
  2. Barbed
  3. Stinking
  4. Infected
  5. Snakes
  6. Baby Heads
  7. Intestines
  8. Overlarge
  9. Underdeveloped
  10. Negative Energy or Smoke


D12- Form 2

  1. Half Goat Man
  2. Swirling Wisp of Strange Energy
  3. Bulbous Frog With Maggot Eye Stalks
  4. Giant Eyeball Dripping Blood
  5. Horse Turned Inside Out
  6. Giant Stomach With Gnashing Teeth and Black Orb Eyes
  7. Your Character’s Mother, Beaten, Battered, Dead, and Bloated
  8. A Child’s Head on a Slimy Spider’s Body
  9. Strange Pulsating Tumor With a Hundred Legs and Four Hundred Eyes
  10. A Hanged Man With No Face, Moaning, His Intestines Trailing on the Ground
  11. A Small Body of Writhing and Crawling Insects With the Laugh of a Little Girl
  12. Body of a Lion, Centipede Neck, Face of Magic User, Mandibles of Beetle


D20- Powers 2

  1. Miasmic Cloud (Cloudkill)
  2. Fire Breath (3d6)
  3. Spits Acid (2d8)
  4. Gaseous Form (at will)
  5. Invisibility (at will)
  6. Swallow Creature Whole (on natural 20 or if successful by 10 or more)
  7. Immunity to Magic
  8. Mind Control (at will, one at a time)
  9. Phantasmal Killer (at will, one at a time)
  10. Horrific Visage (Fear Effect- constant)
  11. Summon Undead (at will- 1d6 appear- can’t use again until all are gone)
  12. Make Like Thyself- Attacks Start Transforming Target into Summoned Being (under its control)
  13. Wall of Fire (at will, one at a time)
  14. Aging- Attacks cause target to age 1d10 years
  15. Transmute Flesh to Stone (on a successful hit)
  16. Fireball Blasts (at will, one at a time)
  17. Summoning (as this spell, but under control of the beast and not the caster)
  18. Impregnates (Constitution based save or now carrying a creepy fucker in your belly.  Can be man or woman.  Bursts forth in 1d10 days fully formed)
  19. Dimension Door (at will, one at a time)
  20. Death Touch (one time- no save- Summoned Creature immediately returns to the Void)

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