Hubris Player Classes- Witch

In an post I described the playable races of Hubris.  I also laid out the themes I was using in developing the world.  The most important of these being: Sword and Sorcery, Weird, and Grim.  I also wanted this to extend into the classes as well.

The available classes are going to be: FighterRogueRangerBarbarianSorcererWarrior PriestDruid, and Witch.

My ruleset is a hack of Trent B’s Old School-style rules, which is where my heart lies.

I wanted to keep the elegant simplicity of Trent’s system, but add a few abilities, etc that could make each class slightly more “varied.”  All of these abilities are gained or chosen at level one.


Witch Enemy


Info– HD- d6, Base Attack Bonus +1 per 3 levels, weapon damage d4


Blood Boil– Once per day a Witch can draw dark power from within and make the blood of a target boil.  They must succeed at a Constitution Save or be wracked with feverish pain as their innards are cooked.   Successful save means target takes half damage.  Damage: Lvl 1-3 1d4; 4-6 1d6; 7-19 1d8; 10+ 1d8 as 2h weapon dmg (roll damage twice, take higher of the two).

Ravage (Wisdom)– Once per day a Witch is able to channel her negative energies and cause physical pain and wounds to targets in a certain radius, but at risk to herself.  The Witch must declare how much damage she wishes to inflict on the opponents, 1-2d6.  She then makes a Wisdom check.  If she succeeds all targets in a 15ft radius take that amount of damage (They can make a Wisdom Save to take ½ damage).  If she fails, then she takes that amount of damage.

Horror– Once per day a Witch can transform herself into a terrible horrible hag.  The transformation is painful and horrific to witness.  Gains the Rage ability from Barbarian and up damage to Barbarian level. This cannot be ended prematurely.

Summon Familiar– As per GM decision.  As a Witch the familiar is generally a Bat, Rat, Cat, or Frog.  Grants +2 HP to caster and allows caster to deliver touch spells through creature.  If the creature dies, the Witch suffers 3d6 damage and cannot summon a new familiar for 1 month.

Spells: Cast spells (see list below)- # spells equal to lvl day.  Can cast any spells equal to ½ x level (Max Level 3).  A Witch chooses her spells from the Warrior Priest or Sorcerer spell list.  At level 6 a Witch can attempt to manipulate magic and cast a higher level spell.  She must make Charisma check TN 11 (-4 to roll).  If successful she is able to cast one level 4 spell per day.  Nothing negative happens if regular failure, but attempt is spent.  The Witch ages 3d10 years if it is a critical failure.

Ways of the Witch

Choose One:

Witch’s Luck or Curse– Able to bless or curse a target.  Blessed targets can reroll a failed roll, while cursed target must reroll a successful roll (Wisdom negates).  Can be used once per day.

Way of Pain– Can use either Ravage or Blood Boil one additional time per day.

Superior Familiar- The Witch can have a Wolf, Dog, Bob Cat, Boa Constrictor, or Giant (Lesser) Spider as a familiar.

Fly– You have a broom that allows you to fly as per the spell.  If the boom is lost you must enchant another one.  This takes several hours under the full moon, several rare ingredients equaling 500gp.

Every 3rd Level- +1 to an Attribute, +1 Reaction/Morale, +1 Attack Bonus or +1 ‘Skill’.



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