Hubris Player Classes- Druid

In an post I described the playable races of Hubris.  I also laid out the themes I was using in developing the world.  The most important of these being: Sword and Sorcery, Weird, and Grim.  I also wanted this to extend into the classes as well.

The available classes are going to be: FighterRogueRangerBarbarianSorcererWarrior PriestDruid, and Witch.

My ruleset is a hack of Trent B’s Old School-style rules, which is where my heart lies.

I wanted to keep the elegant simplicity of Trent’s system, but add a few abilities, etc that could make each class slightly more “varied.”  All of these abilities are gained or chosen at level one.


Druid 2

Info– HD- d6, Base Attack Bonus +1 per 2 levels, weapon damage d6

Choose One:

Animal Companion– You start with a cool faithful companion that is more epic than the normal version.

Animalistic- Ability to grow claws that do class damage.  Never be caught without a weapon.

Way of the Animal– Use Wild Shape 1 additional x/day.

Savagery– +2 to Damage and +2 to saving throws against mind altering affects and fear. Ignore amount of damage equal to ½ level rounded down.  Also incur -2 to AC and -2 to Intelligence checks.  Rage lasts a number of rounds equal to 1/2 level rounded down +1 (min of 2 rounds at level 1).  Can’t cast spells or use abilities of concentration.  Can use 1x/day.

Also Get: Wild Shape– Able turn into a small or medium sized animal.  This operates like the Polymorph Self spell.  The druid chooses the animal upon gaining this ability.  Once the selection is made it cannot be undone.  A druid can change into wild shape 1x/day.  Every 3rd lvl a new Wild Shape is chosen as well as using Wild Shape another time per day..  At level 10 the druid is able to take the shape of a large version of one of his totems.  This can be used in lieu of one of the standard Wild Shape.  Max of 3 shapes and x/day.

Forced Shifting- A Druid can attempt to use Wild Shape beyond normal times/day or transform into a shape she doesn’t know by rolling 11+ or higher on a D20 (Add Wis Modifier). Each daily attempt beyond the first carries a cumulative -5 penalty to the roll.  If a 1 is rolled you still transform into the animal but are stuck in that form until someone can cast a Polymorph spell on you to bring you back to your normal hippy self.

Natural Digs– Druids know how to make weapons of stone, wood, and bone with ease, should they have the materials available.  Also knows how to make light leather armor.

Woodland Stride- A Druid is able to move through obstructions like thorns, brambles, roots, thick branches, and the like as if they were water.  A Druid will suffer no damage from troubles like Thorns.  A Druid also leaves no tracts when walking in nature.

Spells– Cast spells (see list below)- # spells equal to lvl +2/day.  Can cast any spell equal to ½ x level (max level 6).  Knows all spells because they hugged a tree.

All Natural– If a Druid uses any metal weapons or armor they are unable to cast spells for 24 hours.

Every 3rd Level- +1 to an Attribute, +1 Reaction/Morale, +1 Attack Bonus or +1 ‘Skill’.



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