Hubris Player Classes- Barbarian

In an post I described the playable races of Hubris.  I also laid out the themes I was using in developing the world.  The most important of these being: Sword and Sorcery, Weird, and Grim.  I also wanted this to extend into the classes as well.

The available classes are going to be: FighterRogueRangerBarbarianSorcererWarrior PriestDruid, and Witch.

My ruleset is a hack of Trent B’s Old School-style rules, which is where my heart lies.

I wanted to keep the elegant simplicity of Trent’s system, but add a few abilities, etc that could make each class slightly more “varied.”  All of these abilities are gained or chosen at level one.


Barbarian 1


Info– HD- d10, Base Attack Bonus +1 per 2 levels, Weapon Damage d8

Rage– +2 to Damage and +2 to saving throws against mind altering affects and fear. Ignore amount of damage equal to ½ level rounded down.  Also incur -2 to AC and -2 to Intelligence checks.  Rage lasts a number of rounds equal to one half level rounded down +1 (min of 2 rounds at level 1). Rage Con bonus x/day (min 1).  Can’t cast spells or use abilities of concentration.

Brute Force– A Barbarian with a 2-handed weapon is a terrible foe to face.  Add strength and a half modifier to damage instead of just the normal strength modifier.  Barbarians also gain the benefit of 2h weapon rolls even if they don’t have the minimum Strength Requirement.

Choose One

Thick Skin– Ignore two points of all damage.

Harsh Rager- Rage an additional time per day.

Primal Vitality– Get an additional Second Wind per game session.

Chainmail Bikini/Cod-piece– When wearing no armor treat your AC as if wearing Medium Armor (suffer no Dex mods).

Insane Health– Start with an additional +4 HP at level 1.

Iron Will– While raging you are immune to mind altering effects and fear.

Every Third Level– +1 to an Attribute, +1 Damage, +1 Reaction/Morale (for followers) or +1 ‘Skill’.



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