Hubris Player Classes- Fighter

Last post I described the playable races of Hubris.  I also laid out the themes I was using in developing the world.  The most important of these being: Sword and Sorcery, Weird, and Grim.  I also wanted this to extend into the classes as well.

The available classes are going to be: FighterRogueRangerBarbarianSorcererWarrior PriestDruid, and Witch.

My ruleset is a hack of Trent B’s Old School-style rules, which is where my heart lies.

I wanted to keep the elegant simplicity of Trent’s system, but add a few abilities, etc that could make each class slightly more “varied.”  All of these abilities are gained or chosen at level one.


Female Warrior


Info– HD- d8, Base Attack Bonus +1 per level, weapon damage d8

Thrill of the Kill– Kill an enemy and get a second attack with melee or bow against a new target (5ft range for melee, 50 ft for bow)  This can happen only once per round.

Martial Prowess: Choose Two

Rapid Attack– Get a second attack, even with movement, at a -5 to roll, with bow or melee.

Unarmed Fighting– Treat hands as a deadly weapon and do Class damage instead of pansy slapping of everyone else.

Blind Fighting– Don’t suffer the embarrassing -4 to swinging when you can’t see.

Adept Fighter– Increase Class damage to d10.

Improved Critical- Score criticals on 19-20 instead of just natural 20.

Shielded Knight- Use shield as weapon.  Do ½ Fighter weapon dmg and enemy must make Con SV or -1 rolls next rnd.

Also Choose One-

Fleet Footed- Increase movement by 10ft.

Armor Training– Reduce Dex skill roll penalties by 1.

Bravery- +2 to Saves VS fear effects.

Imp Shield Use– Increase bonus AC from shield by +1

Pit Fighter– No longer suffer -2 to attack with Improvised Weapons.


Advancement Every Third Level– +1 to an Attribute, +1 Damage, +1 Reaction/Morale (for followers) or +1 ‘Skill’.

Fighter 1


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