Playable Races of Hubris

I have started writing (and reinventing) my Hubris setting.  I started this project, not only for enjoyment, but because I would like to publish it in the near future.  I have bounced ideas off of several people (Chuck from Geek Life Project and Jez from Giblet Blizzard have both been really invaluable in constructive feedback) and been able to clarify the focus I would like to go with Hubris.

First I made a list of things I wanted to be themes of Hubrs.

  1. Weird
  2. Grim
  3. Sword and Sorcery
  4. Touch of gonzo here and there
  5. Horror
  6. Corruption
  7. Mutilation
  8. Mutation
  9. Arrogance
  10. Fighting for Survival
  11. Lost Knowledge and Forgotten Civilizations.

Once I had that nailed down I decided to go redo the races of Hubris.  I wanted to avoid the “standard fantasy races,” and go with something a bit more out there.

The races are– Ekrask (Lizardmen), Half-Demon, Human, Kenku, and Mutant.

Rule– Either players can decide what race they want to be or the GM can have them roll a d12.  1-10 Character is human; 11-12 Choose race.


Ekrask (Lizardmen)

Ekrask 2

Ekrask 1

+2 to Chosen Attribute; +2 AC (Natural Armor),  Claws (as Class damage)- Blood Spout- Once per day can shoot blood out of eyes.  Make a ranged attack against target, if hit target must make a Constitution save or be stunned for 1d3 rounds.  Smell of blood makes target easier to track by scent.

Half Demon

Half Demon


+2 to Chosen Attribute; Infernal Parentage- Choose One: Infernal Sire- Can cast Scare 1x/day.  Succubus Mother- Can cast Charm Person 1x/day (as spell).  Fiendish Resistances- Due to parentage a Half Demon receives +2 to any save against Cold, Electric, and Fire damage.


Conan 2


+2 to Chosen Attribute; +4 HP; Roll 1d3- 1) Extra reroll/session; 2) +1 Skill Point; 3) Extra Second Wind a session;


Kenku 2


+2 to Chosen Attribute; Can cast Darkness or Light 1x/day;  Fly- Ascend 30ft, Dive 130 ft, and move 60ft rnd.  Morph- 1x/day can take the shape of a human.  Lasts until canceled.  Transformation takes 1d4 rounds and is highly disturbing to witness.


Mutant 1

Mutant 2

+2 to Chosen Attribute; Roll twice on Mutation Table (See end of document) and gain stated benefits.

Mutations- Roll 3d10, add together. 


3) Albino Skin– If you stand still long enough people think you’re a statue.  +4 against notice type rolls.

4) Slimy Skin– You are a slip and slide.  Barefoot must make a Dex roll to stay standing.  Targets have a hard time grappling you.  -2 to their rolls.

5) Extra Limb– 1) Arm- You can get an additional attack but a -5 as standard; 2) Leg- When running roll 1d6 you can go that many more inches/hexes/etc.

6) Extra Stomach (External)– It’s gross and bulging and pulsating.  You can go twice as long without starving.

7) Extra Heart– You get +2 on endurance type rolls.

8) Ooze-like Body– Once per day you become rubbery and a puddle on the ground.  You’re pace is reduced to ¼ but you can DR 2.  You can fit under cracks of doors.  This takes 1 round to do and 1d4 rounds to reform.  All your clothes and possessions are left behind.

9) Fire Breath– You can breathe fire (2d6 damage) 1 time a day.

10) Telepathy– You can read others minds.  This is an opposed Wisdom roll.  If you roll a 1 you are overloaded by the mental assault and suffer 1d4 temp Wisdom damage.

11) Acid Blood– When struck with a sharp weapon acid blood spurts forth dealing 1d4 damage to the attacker.  You go through lots of new clothes and armor.

12) Stomach Maggots– Strange maggots grow in your stomach.  Once per day you can vomit 1d6 of these things out and they will attack your chosen target.  They have 1 HP each, no bonus to attack (but do get a +1 for each as a gang up option).  Damage is 1d3 (+1 for each attacking the target).  They die at end of the day.  If you don’t puke them up, oddly enough you aren’t hungry.

13) Jaunt– Once per day you can teleport up to 15ft away.  You can do this all at once or in 5ft clumps.

14) Chitinous Skin– Your skin is hard and nasty.  You gain +2 Natural Armor bonus.

15) Hypnotic Gaze– As Charm Person, once per day.

16) Natural Weapons– 1)  Spiked Tongue- 5ft long- ½ Class damage; 2) Claws- As Class damage; 3) Tusks- ½ Class damage.

17) Patagium (Flying Squirrel)– You can glide at ½ your movement.

18) Bat Wings– Fly- Ascend 30ft, Dive 130 ft, and move 60ft rnd.

19) Eyestalks– Poke you in the eye and it goes into your skull.  +4 to notice type rolls.

20) Exploding Pustules– Once per day you can make this explode with a successful Constitution roll.  They do 1d4+ ½ Con damage to all in 5ft radius.

21) Protruding Bone Spurs– Bones jut out of your skin at odd angles.  They are sharp and extremely painful.  When you grapple with someone they take 1d4 damage per round.

22) Worm Infested Skin– Worms poke out of your skin and wiggle around.  It’s creepy.  You get +2 to Charisma checks when intimidating.

23) Plague Skin– The GM selects an appropriate disease.  Anyone who touches your skin must make a successful Constitution save or contract the disease.

24) Mandibles– Can bite for ½ Class damage.  Also able to gnaw through metal, given enough time.

25) Compound Eyes– +4 against surprise attacks.  Can’t victim of back attack.

26) Scorpion Tail– You have a tail full of nasty venom.  Does ½ Class damage.  Con save or be paralyzed for 1d4 rounds.

27) Hulking Figure– Large creature- +1 Attack, -1 AC.  Fists do class damage.

28) Terrible Gaze– As Fear, but on single target.  One time per day.

29) Swarm of Flies– You can blow a swarm of flies out of your mouth once per day.  The flies occupy a 10ft radius and stay for 2d4 rounds.  Anything in the area suffers -2 to attack rolls.

30) Regeneration– You regrow body parts.  You also regain 1 HP a round.


Next Week- Classes of Hubris


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