City District Generator

Need to come up with a city district quickly?  Need a few interesting things that are going on in the meantime?  No problem!

Roll a d20 for each column.

The Event is happening as the players are arriving/walking into that district.

The distinctive characteristic adds a little bit of flavor and variety between the districts.

I plan on using this in conjunction with Zak S. Vornheim book, which gets quite a bit of use at my table.

City District Generator

Roll District Name Rumor/hook Event Distinctive Characteristic
1 The Scabs The body of a young woman was found two days ago.  This morning another girl has disappeared. Several people begin to get sick.  The government is caught off-guard and unable to deal with this possible outbreak quickly. The nobility wear extremely extravagant and cumbersome hats.
2 Angles The councilor for the district has been filching from the coffers for years. A man kills a constable/soldier and grabs a young child as hostage and begins to back away towards an alley. All the buildings have linens hanging from windows that are soaked in the blood of a goat sacrifice.
3 The Graves It is believed that the oldest building in the district has access to forgotten ruins and treasure. A runaway cart hits a group of people kill and injuring several of them. All the windows are stained glass, depicting various religious ceremonies.
4 Cathedral Every full moon the spirit of a man who was hung for a crime he didn’t commit returns to consume the life energy of those he comes across. A festival celebrating life and happiness is currently underway!  Food, drink, and other carnal pleasures are all at the ready! All the lanterns, candles, and torches burn a strange eerie blue.
5 Crystal It is said that the museum houses an artifact that holds the bones of a long dead demigod. A festival celebrating life and happiness is currently underway!  The Cleric in charge of the sermon misreads the wrong passage and causes people to drop dead and rise as zombies and ghouls! All the doors in the district are upside down.  It is believed to ward off evil spirits, as it confuses them.
6 Craftsmen The magistrate is looking for a few brave souls to venture into the sewers and track a strange monster that has been attacking and eating people. The sewers begin to flood, sending filthy, disease, and excrement into the streets. All the buildings are done in a mosaic fashion.
7 Bazaar It is said that a prophet that a renowned prophet is in the district and in hiding after foretelling the death of a king. An important member of the government or royalty is walking through the district.  They take notice of one of the players. The heads of goblins, orcs, or other troublesome pests rest on pikes outside house doors as a deterrent and protective ward.
8 Textiles A strange smell is coming from the mansion on the hill, but everyone, even the City Watch is afraid to investigate. A local eatery is having a gorging competition:  The last one standing wins 1d100x2 gold, and a strange plate that can create food 1x/day. All the buildings are made of a strange black metal that seems to vibrate to the touch.
9 Raving It is believed that if you stand beneath the statue of the weeping woman on a certain night at a certain time, her tears will fall and heal all your ailments. A body falls from the highest tower in the district and liquefies upon impact, except for the head, which is in perfect condition and whispers the name of a prominent city figure and then talks no more. All the buildings lean against their partner creating an “A” like appearance.
10 Fires It is rumored that old Batty Ann was actually a princess who was exiled from her realm by her father. A small child points at a player, and speaking in a deep voice, makes a strange and disturbing prediction about the character. All the poor people in the district are required to wear grey.  It is illegal for them to wear any color whatsoever.
11 Crowns A man simply known as the “Flesher” has been prowling the streets at night and attacks people and harvests their organs for some diabolical purpose. A robbery is occurring at a general story (or bank) as the characters enter the district. The bodies of the dead are displayed in the district center for 3 days before being beaten with a stick to get out any evil contaminates, and then burned.
12 The Planks It is said that the temple of a forbidden and dark god resides in the cellar of one of the more prominent and respected chapels of the city. A wedding is underway and the players are invited to join the festivities! The eerie and oppressive Asylum towers over all other buildings.  The screams of the demented echo through the streets.
13 Hall of Kings For some reason, for the last 5 years everyone in the district begins screaming at 2:30am for one minute and then falls silent. A circus is in the district!  Come see the freaks!  Games!  And exotic animals! The houses of the wealthy are all painted in vibrant pastel colors.  All other houses are white, brown, or grey.
14 Mystic Molly, who owns the Hangman’s pub just outside the gallows, is believed to be a very successful smuggler who can’t be tried for her crimes due to a failed execution attempt on her when she was a young girl. An execution of a band of brigands is occurring when the players wander into the district.  Blood is splattered on the ground.  Cries of sorrow and excitement, and the smell of ale, rotten food, and worse fill the air. Strange statues with ruby eyes are spread throughout the district.  The statues always seem to be facing you, even though they never move.
15 Vagabond A strange new religious sect has moved into the district.  They all wear black Niqabs from head to foot.  The priests wear blood read Niqabs.  No one has ever seen their faces.  However a faint hissing has been heard when near them. A gang war has torn this district apart.  People die and disappear daily.  The City Watch is powerless to do anything about it. Many people have their children in collars and on leashes.  When questioned they state that obedience and discipline are the most important lessons in life.
16 The Outskirts Whispers of plans to assassinate the despot king linger in the street.  The level of tension is palpable. A bride sits at the alter waiting for her groom, who has mysteriously disappeared.  Only a small pool of blood was found in his tent. A large pit in the middle of the district is used to dispose of waste and unwanted items.  There are many believe that it houses treasures unimagined.
17 Skye A strange mist appears every night.  People have heard an unearthly music and tinkling laughter in it. The tower of a crazy old wizard explodes, sending fiery debris through the district.  Screams and roars can be heard coming from the tower remains. To be a citizen of the district you must visit a master blacksmith and be deemed worthy.  He will put you through some sort of “secret” test.  After passing you must purchase a special rapier worth 500gp and wear it at all times in the district.
18 Of the Shallow Stars The magistrate is going to hold a tournament to find a new Knight Commander after the passing of the previous.  Tests will include feats of bravery, command, and martial prowess. A textile factory that has many children workers is on fire! A giant statue of a god is in the district square.  If a sufficient offering is made the statue will bless you with luck (reroll one failed roll).
19 Pleasure A powerful Madame is looking to hire people to find out who has been beating up and extorting her girls and clients. Goblins riding crocodiles and giant spiders come up through the sewers and begin attacking citizens! It is forbidden to own any type of bird in this district, they are considered to be omens of ill-fate.
20 Prison The Thieves Guild is believed to be actively recruiting after losing many of its novice members after an unsuccessful venture. A bard begins singing in the streets in a terrible warble and breaks a lute string!  Oh the humanity!! All the houses are made of stone and carved in the shape of a head and face, with the door being the mouth.

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