SECRET SANTICORE: Random Origin Locations!

As the bodies pile and the plague spreads, the Santicore smiles with holiday glee…


Lain J. created a nice little table for quick origin generations!

“A table of random places to have come from, described in generic terms (e.g. “A run-down farm far off the beaten path”, “A bustling port city”).”

Places We’ve Been, Places We’re Going

  Place Description Location
1 Village Bustling Isolated
2 Town or City Prosperous Coast/river
3 Farm or Camp Poor Forest
4 Castle or Fortress Quiet, uneventful Hills/Mountains
5 Ordinary Plains
6 Tightly-ruled Crossroads
7 Swamp
8 Foreign country

1         A quiet farm.

2         A border fortress run by a strict duke.

3         A small town slowly starving to death.

4         A rich farm in the Sultanate of Ghubari.

5         A prosperous cross-roads trading town.

6         A busy traveller’s town on the edge of the forest.

7         A river-boat caravan.

8         A lord’s castle overlooking the forest.

9         A camp of nomads with a terrifying chieftain.

10     An isolated farm that manages a good trade.

11     A quiet town.

12     A mountainside village with a firm mayor.

13     A small palace overlooking the sea, often used as a port.

14     A castle in the middle of nowhere.

15     A busy city.

16     A run-down farm far off the beaten path.

17     A bustling port city.

18     A decaying castle far up-river.

19     A rich farm with many servants.

20     A small farm on the other side of the mountains.

21     A foreign city which has seen better days.

22     A quiet cross-roads town.

23     A small river port town.

24     A slave farm on the edge of the mountains.

25     A tiny hamlet in the moors.

26     A woodcutter’s camp.

27     An isolated village that only rarely saw traders.

28     A dull town sitting in a mountain pass.

29     A large farm, made rich by its proximity to the trade roads.

30     A small fort, home to an exiled baron.

31     A village which gained its wealth by harvesting swamp herbs.

32     A farm scraping a living in the foothills.

33     A decaying castle, deep in the heart of the forest.

34     A city in the moors, constantly attacked by bandits.

35     A fortress overlooking a major cross-roads.

36     A castle controlling the only pass through the mountains.

37     A small lakeside town.

38     A poor village, hiding in the foothills.

39     A tired city on the grasslands.

40     A port town constantly plagued by storms.

If I told you I loved you, or cared, I'd be lying.

If I told you I loved you, or cared, I’d be lying.


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