SECRET SANTICORE: Intriguing Rumors for D&D Noobs!



“Ten rumors that would be intriguing enough to complete D&D noobs for them to want to go check them out in a brand new sand box campaign.”

Mark P. stepped it up and created a wonderful table of random and intriguing rumors!


Ten rumors that would be intriguing enough to complete D&D noobs for them to want to go check them out in a brand new sand box campaign.”


First, roll a d10 to see which rumour the PCs hear. Give them the information from the first column. If they bite, have them make a suitable Gather Information check to hear what’s in the second column. If they roll particularly well, are persistent enough in their enquiries, or you just want to reel them in, tell them what’s in the third column.


d10 Someone told me… Well, I heard… And that’s not all…
1 There’s a mining camp up in the mountains; it’s a miserable little place and nobody much goes there except miners. Once a month, they send carts of ore down to a nearby town for smelting, but this is the third month in a row nobody’s heard from them. Local smiths are grumbling at having to procure their metals from further afield. Last time the ore wagons came, the miners were excited about something. They had struck some “interesting” stone that they thought might be good for building. They were looking for stonemasons to examine some samples they had brought. Those who have seen the samples say that they were quite beautiful, but are unable to remember exactly what they looked like. The miners showed their samples to a local dwarven stonemason, who  quickly concluded that the stone was useless. The stomemason tried to convince them to shut down their mine, but the miners clearly believed they were onto something and refused. They convinced another stonemason to go back to the mine with them. As soon as they left, the dwarf and his family shut up shop and left town without saying a word. They seemed afraid of something.
2 Travellers and traders passing along the forest road are being harassed by mobs of kobolds. They have been laying traps along the road to disrupt passing wagons and distract or disarm any guards. Then, they swarm in and steal whatever treasure they can take from the traders in the confusion. The attacks seem desperate and uncoordinated. Kobolds are well-known for their cunning traps and ambushes, but these seem hastily cobbled-together. The kobolds only seem interested in taking metals and gems. Where the victims had no such loot, the kobolds have made off with weapons, bits of armour or anything else metallic. None of the stolen metals seem to have been made use of in building the traps. One of the traders who survived the kobold attacks happened to understand a little of their language. The trader said they were barking something about “more food for the earth-dragon”. While kobolds are often found in the service of dragons, and many dragons are known to covet precious metals and jewels, they are certainly not known for eating such things. The name “earth-dragon” doesn’t seem to relate to kobold religion either.
3 One of the local temples had had a break-in last weekend. The library was ransacked, and the only thing missing seems to be a book of prayers for the dead. The book is important to the clerics as they use it almost daily, but it is not of particular monetary value. Nobody was seen entering or leaving the temple. There was a similar break-in at the home of a scholar a few days previous. The bookshelves were turned over, and the only things missing were a couple of rare texts about astrology and the undead. The scholar found the mess in his study the following morning, but remembers hearing nothing during the night. A guard recalled seeing mist around the building on an otherwise clear night. The night before the first break-in, somebody overheard the scholar conversing with a cloaked stranger. The scholar seemed to decline some sort of offer and tried to leave. The stranger grew agitated, hissing “I said I will pay you! Why will you not take my gold?” The voice was well spoken, as if of noble blood. Then, apparently noticing unwanted attention, the stranger quickly withdrew.
4 A trader at a local market had a particularly fine sword for sale. A passing elf recognised the blade as that of an elven knight, who would likely only relinquish such a blade in death. The trader claimed it had been acquired by legitimate means. The elf was unconvinced. Some say there’s going to be a duel. The elf has indeed challenged the trader to a duel for the sword. The trader accepted, naming a battle-scarred half-orc as champion. The trader has retreated to the estate of a local noble, and the duel is to be fought on the grounds. The sword is to be kept in the noble’s dungeons until the duel in three days’ time. The half-orc is well-known in local circles for brutality and shady dealings with unsavoury characters. However, it’s also been said that the elf has been keeping some bad company lately. Some say the noble runs the local thieves’ guild. Bets are being taken as to who is double-crossing who.
5 A local lordling is calling for “the aid of adventurers, in a quest of utmost importance.” Further details can be made available by appointment at the castle. The lordling is known to dislike adventurers, regarding them as a nuisance. At least one group of adventurers has headed up to the castle, but nothing else has been heard from them since they left. Screams echo around the castle in the night. Although it is thought that the castle has extensive dungeons, it is not known who might be imprisoned there or why. Is it the adventurers?
6 Wolf attacks are normally scarce in the area, but lately they are on the increase. Not only are the attacks more frequent, but the wolves are becoming more brazen. First it was chickens, then sheep, but now people are being attacked too. One of those bitten was the eldest child of a local blacksmith. The victim has since gone missing, after returning to the attack site to retrieve some lost belongings. The smith is offering a reward for the safe return of the child. The local druids may be able to shed some light on why the wolves are so active. The nearest known druid is a hermit who lives in the woods outside of town. Most people say the hermit is a bit crazy, so nobody wants to go out there.
7 A renowned adventuring scholar, touring the local area with an exhibition of treasures found on various expeditions, is setting up nearby. In addition to the fabulous artifacts, there will be displays of athletic and martial prowess, magic and bardic performances. The scholar’s most recent acquisitions come from an old tomb uncovered not far from here. It is said that there are curses laid on such tombs, but the scholar laughs at such superstitious nonsense. During the last exhibition, one of the magic displays went wrong and a bard was nearly incinerated. One item in particular is a carved gem of tremendous value, depicting an old heathen god. Besides the unwanted attention of thieves and rogues, there is at least one religious group who would want to burn such a heretical icon. One or two of those carvings do not show their god in a favourable light.
8 The druidic Rite of the Unbroken Circle was disrupted by revelling fey who came out of the woods. Local folk say it’s a bad omen. Petty theft and arson are on the rise in the area, and the fey are being blamed for this too. The rite is supposed to ensure that the sun continues to rise after the winter solstice. There is a symbolic sun amulet essential to the rite, which the fey have stolen. The rite must be completed before the solstice. The druids have recently given extended logging rights to local lumberers, which may have angered the fey. It is said that some of the trees are sacred to the fey (but apparently not the druids), but most people can’t tell one tree from another.
9 The so-called “unbreakable vault” of a local noble has been breached! It is reported that the only thing taken was a single gold piece. The noble dismisses this rumour as nonsense, but there are mutterings amongst his serving staff that say otherwise. Rumours persist of a secret tunnel down by the river, leading into the vault. Everyone says that the masked rogue known only as “The Whistler” is responsible, and that a note was left in the vault. There is much speculation about what was written – some say a death threat, others a poem. They say the Whistler lives up on the rooftops among the birds. Also, the secret tunnel is a trap. It leads to a fake vault designed to incarcerate potential thieves. A servant reports that the note contained magic runes, and the noble has been ensorcelled by its contents. This has been kept secret. The noble is physically restrained, but continually yells “The meeting! I must attend the meeting!” The noble’s heir is currently running the estate, until a cure for the enchantment can be found discreetly.
10 A ship thought lost at sea last year has recently sailed back into port. The ship has been searched from stem to stern, but there is no sign of crew. Whispers speak of a horrible vanishing curse inflicted by the sea gods upon those who turn to piracy in desperation. Unlike the rest of the ship, the captain’s cabin is clean and dry. Wet footprints have been sighted leading to and from the ship, but nobody has been seen coming or going. One sailor claims to have seen a light coming from the captain’s cabin, but the old sot is clearly very drunk. The local authorities are considering putting the ship to the torch. Ever since it sailed into port, there have been all manner of misfortunes in town, and the curse is being blamed. Those who know of the ship say it holds secret treasure compartments, but none have been found.


For I'm a jolly good fellow...  For I'm a jolly good fellow.
For I’m a jolly good fellow… For I’m a jolly good fellow.

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