SECRET SANTICORE: 30 Magical Keys!

Where there is pain and suffering…  There is the Santicore…

It was I who allowed the Alliance to know the location of the shield generator...

It was I who allowed the Alliance to know the location of the shield generator…


“1d? Magical Keys (preferably, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, or 20… but, I would take more, or a table for a weird die like a 24… 30 would be like mana from heaven).

If any of them involved the following themes, that would be extra awesome!
An Unnaturally Long Winter
A Great Old Wyrm of a White Dragon
Body-Snatching Were-Rats

And, at least one should be an ancient artifact of great power.”

Jonas M. really delivered with 30 kick ass keys!

30 Magical Keys

Sir, I here present catalogue of the 30 lost magical keys as researched by your most humble and obedient servant and sage of renown Üsarbat the Learned.

1. Wolfshead

This silver key decorated with wolfs head motif hangs on belt of oldest dwarven king who is guarded by fanatic berserker guard thousand strong and dozen ancestral spirits. It unlocks a chain binding an entity that if unleashed would threaten to devour the sun. Wolfshead key is a terrible burden to bear and it gnaws on very soul of it’s owner through bitter centuries of dwarven life.

2.  Tail of the White Worm

Scale of a great old wyrm of the north carved with rune of hunt, it’s holder always knows where the dragon is and if concentrating for a minute it’s holder can see through the dragons eyes for as long as she can hold breath, though side-effect is that the dragon can of that moment forward see through her eyes and even use certain powers of it’s terrible gaze that only require it to see it’s victim.  Woe to those who open themselves to the dragon.

3. Blue Chalk

Prince of Rats and his seven sons own each a piece of blue chalk stolen out vaults of gods. Piece of chalk can be used to trace a shape of door and a secret rune of opening to any wall and she who draws the door can step through it like there would be no wall at all.

4.  First Key of Spring

First key of spring is ancient bronze dagger that must be used before others to unlock a heart of white stag on altar of stone. This bronze dagger shines with blue flame if any evil creature approaches to 50 feet of the wielder.

5. Second Key of Spring

Second key of spring is sacrificial pyre made out of wood collected of branches of the World Tree that lightning has severed and the sacrificial stag must be placed on it.  These branches are connected to World Tree, a druid can use them to move through any tree to any other tree in the world on nights of full moon.

6. Third Key of Spring

Third key of spring is a fire that has been kept burning continually in hidden temple of the Sun deep beneath dark earth since dawn of time, it is an actual piece of the Sun the Sun God left in to dark realms in his journey through the Underworld. This primordial flame can be used to light fires that burn absolutely anything to ash even such things that do not burn, a priest of Sun God can use this flame safely to move through to any other fire.

7. Fourth Key of Spring

Fourth key of spring is ancient elven vial filled with drops of water out of first rain in creation that is sprinkled to ashes of the sacrificial fire prepared by others keys, it ends any winter and restarts turning of seasons and the white stag is reborn out of ashes. A drop of these waters can restore life to anything else burned to ashes.

8. Tongue of Frost

This wand-like magically preserved object looks like bifurcated serpent tongue of great proportion and has been enchanted to hardness and rigidy of an steel bar. It is very cold to touch and can not be handled comfortably without thick gloves. If a secret command word lost to history of man is known and spoken in draconic by she who holds the wand gains access to spells and breath weapon abilities of white dragon in age category of great old wyrm. When powers are used a mute great old wyrm awakens out of deep slumber under polar glacier on top of the world and immediately starts it’s long journey south to get hold of it’s tongue and powers.  According to legend  it’s tongue was originally snatched out of it’s mouth by Prince of All rats. After any power is used the dragon knows where the wand is and wand’s powers cease to function when it gets in one mile radius of it. If the dragon gets hold of the wand it can by simply pressing the wand back to it’s mouth restore it’s tongue, speech and powers taken from it, it will then utter words that darken the sky blotting out sun and plunge the world in to winter that can only be ended by Four Keys of Spring.

9. Key of Life

To bring one back from the dead a journey to underworld is needed. This black iron key when used on any locked door opens a gateway to Underworld. If one dares to walk down the gray dusty stairs spiraling down in to darkness she may fetch anyone lost to death, there is a risk of not coming back and another risk of somebody or something else slipping to world of living while the gateway is open.

10. Key of Ice

This magical rune of power has been taught only to disclipes of the White Wyrm, by etching to it surface of any icy obstruction like wall of glacier or ice over frozen lake it enables passing through the ice as it cracks open as far as the rune scriber wishes.

11. Rabbits Foot Key

This simple skeleton key is part of old and dusty set of thieves tools, it has rabbit’s foot attached to it by chain. Possessing the key gives the owner forewarning if he has not succeeded in disarming a trap. The rabbits foot is irrelevant and just something it’s first owner Magnus the Gnome attached to it on a fancy.

12. Trusty Key

This enchanted key comes paired with a lock and and can not be picked by mundane means, once locked it can only be opened by the enchanted key or magic.

13. Secret Tunnel Access Keys

These magical keys of the rat people come in many shapes and sizes what they do is grant access to rat holes and tunnels. Using one changes the key holder to size of ordinary rat when entering and running around in rat holes, not anywhere else. Every were-rat thief knows what markings of the rats outside their holes mean, what might look like teeth marks to others are actually old runes of the rats that convoy information like “Bevare cats!”,  “Food cellar well stocked.”,  “Wizard with aggressive familiar.” etc.

14. Master Skeleton Key

This simple iron key has been stolen from the gods, using it and even possessing  this artifact risks divine wrath. It can open any lock and by-pass every magical ward. Those with sufficient esoteric knowledge can use it place of other magical keys and do things that will certainly get attention of at least divine servants or petty deities.

15. Keys to Pearly Gates

It is believed that when a dead sinner is buried with these keys she might slip in to heavens undetected. Most of such keys are only items manufactured according to folksy superstition but actual keys do exist and might enable a master thief to pull off a one final crime of audacious nature or even better if one has access to recurrection magic to do it and return to tell the tale like Jisakar the Bold has according to his boasts done, stealing peaches of immortality and wooing angels.

16. Master Key of Escape

This simple copper key is engraved with seven runes and glyph of the rat, it can never be detected by bare eyes, even if owner would be naked and key would be hanging from his neck. Merely having it in one’s possession gives the key’s owner ability to open any chains that hold him.

17. Key to Happiness

This plain and worn looking key is sometimes found on accident and carries a great boon, if it’s finder chooses her adventuring days are forever owner as she abandons the violence and risk of terrible death on some dank corridor to more fulfilling life somewhere else. This is an actual magic item not a metaphor on dungeoneering lifestyle, some dungeon crawlers are actually immune to promise the key holds.

18. Stoneroad Keys

Amulet shaped like miniature millstone with dwarven runes is key to stoneroads. Stoneroads are enchanted pathways through mountains that go through solid rock, those equipped with the amulets can walk these paths like there would be an actual tunnels, stoneroads are in bad shape and encounters with xorn and earth elementals are possible.

19.  Quivering Key

This key of tarnished silver trembles when magic is near, it may be used to break magical wards but like the keys owner would be wizard of comparable power but the key will snap and lose it’s enchantment in process.

20. Key to Success

This golden key when spun points half the time to biggest amount of gold in hundred yard radius, half the time it points to direction of the most dangerous monster. It’s special power can used three times a day and with proper command words its owner can choose what it want to find with it.

21. Wardrope Key

This plain iron key opens through any lockable container to extra-dimensional space through which any non-magical clothes desired can be pulled. Unknown wizard who built the extra-dimensional pocket universe of the closet unfortunately was shoddy craftsman among many other things and left it’s back open so it actually opens to rather strange alternate world of evil witches, wise children and talking lions where time flows differently, going to the closet is ill-adviced.

22. Bone Key

This necromantic item can be pushed to ear of the dead to unlock their jaws, it will force the dead person to answer one question. These keys can only be used on moonless nights and in open air and there chanse equal to the actual dead person answering that minor demon answers the question.

23. Ratstooth

This weird filthy bone key has teeth that are actual keys of several rats, it is unknown how many of these vile magic items actually exist. Owner of one can once per night use it to touch a sleeping victim and polymorph him or her to rat and then assume his or her form.

24. True Form Key

Touch with electrum true form key unlocks original shape of person, animal or object that has been polymorphed or shapechanged to another. Touching a lycanthrope with one immediately triggers a transformation to either man or beast shape.

25. Twin Keys

These magically connected simple copper keys can be used to link spaces over vast distances, even through space and time. When a door is opened with one (it fits any lock) it does not open to space beyond it but to any door opened with the second key at the moment it is opened.

26. Windup Key

This simple golden key can be attached to any statue or carved image of people or animals and after winding it up it will animate as golem to do the key owners bidding. Time the statue remains animate depends on the enchantment left on the key and there is usual chanse of golem going berserk.

27.  Storage Key

This simple carved wooden key is tied by enchantment to one particular wooden chest, using it to open any other storage container opens access to the original wooden chest. This connection can not be severed by any distance.

28. Key of Time

This four-dimensional apparently cubical crystal object shows through it’s multifaceted inner surfaces at random runic alphabets that seer can use to peer to future. Key of time can be used by archwizard to travel through time with no limitations though there is a heavy price, wizard will become unlocked in time and he will age in reverse and remember things that have not happened yet (or might happen) and his memories of past are on uncertain ground like future once was, he will in effect travel through time to directly opposite way to everyone else.

29. Key of Thought

This black feather unlocks understanding not avaible to mere mortals, when placed behind ear will give it’s owner truthful answer on likely outcomes of any course of action.

30. Key of Memory

This black feather is key to collective memory, when placed behind ear it’s owner can remember any one thing that any living being still remembers. Crafty wizard can use it to other direction too and replace one memory of one event with false one of his own making and that will be what everyone remembers. Those abusing this power risk a horrible death by being pecked to death by two unstoppable magical ravens.


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  • Esteban

    OMG yes… Can’t wait to read this after I get out of work and before I run a game tonight. Perfect. Timing? Yes. Yes, this was.

    Jonas M? Thank you muchly.

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