OSR D&D-Style Star Trek Hack

When I did my blog check today I wandered over to From the Sorcerer’s Skull and saw this cool little post about running a Star Trek game on Google +.  I messaged Trey and asked when he planned on running the game and what system he was going to use.  He said he wasn’t sure and I suggested hacking D&D for it.  I came up with a quick example and he thought it was pretty cool.

Well I had nothing better to do today (at least I fucking admit it!) and so the idea took hold and I created a quick little hack using Trent B’s awesome OD&D Hack rules.

Trey was awesome enough to slap it together on a Google Doc.

OSR Style Star Trek!


Roll 3d6 in order: Reroll one you feel sucks the most.

Strength- Melee Attack Bonus, Damage

Constitution- Bonus HP

Dexterity- AC, Initiative, Ranged Attack Bonus

Intelligence- Modifier for Skill points, Ranged Damage Bonus

Wisdom- Modifier for number of rerolls per Session

Charisma- Reaction Adjustment, modifier for # henchman


All are human* unless GM allows differently.  If other races allowed- roll 1d6, on a 6 you can choose to be one of 4 races.

1) Orion– Male- +1 to Strength, Tall (+1 Attack Bonus, -1 AC); Female- Sexy- +1 Charisma; Pheromones- Male target must make a Wisdom save or become enamored with you and insanely jealous of others.  Receives a roll every 24 hours.

2) Vulcan– +1 Wisdom, Mind Meld- Successful Wisdom check- gain images, feelings, and thoughts from target.  Or transfer the same to someone else.

3) Andorian– +1 Base Attack bonus, +2 to resist any extreme temperatures.

4) Caitian– +1 Dex.  Claws- 1d4 damage.  Low-Light Vision.

*Human– Fisticuffs!- Humans know how to duke it out!  They do 1d4 damage with their fists, instead of just strength modifier damage.

Class- Starfleet Officer

HD- d8 per level, Base Attack Bonus- + 1 every 2 levels.

Skills (choose 4+ Int Modifier): 1. Stealth; 2. Tinkering; 3. Piloting; 4. Survival; 5. Specific Knowledge; 6. Perception/Investigation; 7. Cryptology/Hacking; 8. Engineering; 9. Therapy/Medicine; 10. Exploration/Spelunking; 11. Performance (Type). 12. Dodging

Every Third Level– +1 to an Attribute, +1 Damage, +1 Reaction/Morale (for followers) or +1 ‘Skill’.

Choose one Specializations: Command, Medical, Engineering, Security, Comm, or Non-Commissioned Officer.


Command Officer
Command Officer

+2 to saves against intimidation, mind-control, or fear.
Reroll one failed Charisma check per session.

Inspire– Once per day (or session) a Command can inspire their troops to greater heights.  Choose one of two effects: 1) Grants +2 to one roll of player’s choice.  2) Reroll one failed roll.


Medical Officer
Medical Officer

+2 to resisting disease and poisons.
Reroll one failed Medicine skill check per session.
Medical Kit– Once per day a Medical can pull out the needed antidote, pain killer, etc to save a characters life.  Also they have a hypo-spray that has enough medicine to heal a target for 2d8 HP.




+2 to Technical based rolls.

Reroll one failed Engineering based check per session.

I’m Givin’ Her All She’s Got!– Once per day an Engineer can either supercharge something like a phaser (increasing the damage by one die type for 1d3 rounds) or a grenade, or cause an object (like a tricorder) to function better (receiving a +2 for 1d3 rounds).  However after that it will short out afterwards and be unusable until successfully repaired.  This takes 3d6x2 minutes.


Security Officer
Security Officer

+1 Base Attack bonus per level instead of every 2 levels.

Reroll any failed Attack roll once per session.

Sniper- Aiming takes movement action instead of a full round.


Comm Officer
Comm Officer

+2 to Piloting based rolls.

Reroll one failed Piloting check.

Crazy Bastard– You are able to do things with a starship, or other vehicle, that other thought impossible.  Propose what you want to do to the GM and where others may receive high penalties to their roll, yours are much less (if any at all).

Non-Commissioned Officer

The Shady undisciplined Non-Commissioned Officer
The Shady undisciplined Non-Commissioned Officer

+1 to Charisma.

Reroll one failed Charisma check per session.

Outside the Lines– You have connections to get information, supplies, or call in favor that those who have fully joined Starfleet don’t have access to.  Once per session you can call in one of these.  Explain to the GM what you are wanting to accomplish and reach an agreement.

Other Stuff

Languages: Common and race language plus one additional language if Int is 13+.  To learn another language or read/write it, you must spend 1k exp.  IE- to read and write and speak Andorian, it would be 2k exp.

Saving Throws– Other bonuses and penalties may apply to various tasks.

Saving Throws are (Half Attribute) + Level. Roll D20 equal/under.

Doing Stuff:
If it is reasonably achievable yet challenging for most humans: D20 under Attribute.
If it would require specific training: D20 under Half Attribute.
If it is also a trained Skill of yours: + Level
If you have Double-Training: D20 under Full Attribute + Level. Natural 20 is always failure.

Initiative– Roll d20 + Dex Bonus.  Rolled a 20- Act when you want, +2 on next roll.

Armor Class- 10 + Dex Modifier + Armor Rating.

Attacks: Attack Bonus plus Str bonus (melee) or Dex (ranged).  Natural 20 on d20 is a critical.

Melee Weapons- Dagger/Knife- d4 damage; Small blade- d6 damage; Spear/large blade- d8 damage.

Phasers– Small Phaser- 2d6 damage.  Phaser rifle- roll 3d6- take higher of the two as damage.  Stun– Both phasers are able to stun targets.  On a successful attack the target must make a Constitution save or be stunned for 1 round.  Failure by 5 or more is 1d6 rounds.  A critical failure means the target is unconscious for 1d6+1 hours.

Cover Mechanics 25 % Cover +2 AC; 50% Cover +4 AC; 75% Cover +6 AC; 90% Cover +10 AC; If in cover you receive +2 to Dexterity saves.

Criticals- 20 on an attack roll- double damage.


Very Light Armor– +1 AC- Max Dex Bonus +5- Dex Skill Roll Penalties- 0

Example- Regular Clothing and Star Fleet Uniform.

Light Armor– +2 AC- Max Dex Bonus +4- Dex Skill Roll Penalties-0

Example- Padded Clothing

Medium Armor– +3 AC- Max Dex Bonus +3- Dex Skill Roll Penalties-2

Example- Riot Armor, Security Armor, Klingon Warrior Armor

Bleeding Out– Bleeding out characters are dying and lose 1 HP per round until they reach their Con Score as a negative number (this can change due to temporary or permanent changes to the ability), at which point they die.  A bleeding out character can attempt a Constitution based save each round at a -2 to stabilize.

Surprise Attacks- When a character makes an attack against a target that is surprised there is a chance that the target can be knocked unconscious in one hit.  The damage must exceed the targets Constitution Score + HD.  Several characters can attack one surprised enemy at the same time to achieve this.


Back Attacks– +2 to attacks and damage is doubled.  Enemy must be unaware of attack.

Defend- +4 AC, -2 Attack; Charge– +2 Hit, – 4 AC

Quick Draw- Player can attempt to draw light/small weapon by making a Dex check.  Success it doesn’t take up movement action.


Experience- THE 2K STANDARD- Characters need 2000 XP for level 2, Doubled for each subsequent level. Once that number hits 128k (for lvl8), just keep adding 128k for each subsequent level (256k lvl9, 384k lvl10 etc.)

Experience Guidelines

1)      Enemies– Enemies give 100 xp per HD, +50 for weak special abilities, and +100 per beefy special abilities.

2)      Experience Base– Each session the base amount of experience for playing is lvlx100.

3)      Role-playing/Creativity– Playing your character, less metagaming, and coming up with cool and creative ideas can grant bonus xp of 100 or more.

Red Shirts

Red Shirt

HP: 3; BAB +2; Damage- Per weapon.

Red Shirts are valued bullet catching tropes of the Star Trek world.  Each session at least one nameless red-shirt should die in some horrible manner that doesn’t make the slightest sense.

If the Red Shirt has been granted the oh so precious gift of a name, they are able to reroll one failed roll and see if that saves them for another day.

At level 10 each character gets their very own Red Shirt Assistant that is just slightly better than the normal stock.

Red Shirt (Slightly Better edition)

HP: 10; BAB: +5; Damage- Per Weapon.

One failed reroll per session.

Author: wrathofzombie

I am a History major attending a community college until I can get more financial aid and attend a four year school. I am living in NJ with my girlfriend who is currently wrapping up on obtaining her PhD in Toxicology. I love Star Wars, Role-playing, video games, working out, reading, writing, and hanging with my girlfriend, dog (Perfect), and two kittens (Birch and Brambles). My main focus on this site will be my discussion of Role-playing games and ideas and hopefully contribute something worth a damn.

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    1. That’s why he was only in one episode of ST:TNG… Poor bastard went to the edge of the Universe in Where No One Has Gone Before and couldn’t handle it…

      His porn habit took a spin when he went to the holodeck and began fulfilling his sick fantasies with computer generated versions of Picard, Crusher, and Worf…. The mess was unbelievable.

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