SECRET SANTICORE: Cyberpunk Gizmo!!

With eyes glimmering red,

And mouth agape with gore,

The great beast hungers,

Craving Flesh…  ever more..

Which is why all children fear



“A shiny new cyberpunk gizmo. Play around with that as much as you want really….”

Reece Carter beat this Santicore request bloody!

1 dragons breath throat replicator

2 nano camera cloaking field

3 gell drop

4 electronic strength augmenter

1) the jaw and front of the neck area is replaced with a heat resistant metal which has a small compartment inside of it for a micro-tank (small air tank like thingy) which houses the combustible liquid. When the mouth is opened and the tongue is pressed downwards to the bottom of the jaw, a small nozzle is reviled out the front of the mouth with then sprays a very fine mist of liquid that is lit on fire with contact with the air. This looks very similar to a dragon breathing fire (where the name comes from). It does 6P –half AP (shadowrun 4a damage) or Area: 20ft cone (45 degrees), Damage: the damage that this would put out would be a moderate-serious amount. This can also light misc stuff on fire in the area, and can also melt things with a low melt point.

2) a series of nano-dot cameras and projectors are placed onto a skintight body suit, this works by projecting what the camera sees to the opposite sides screen, and because this is done at such a small scale and by heaps of different cameras, it effectively renders the user invisible. Any tests to find a person using this equipment are severely hampered as the user is render almost totally invisible. The amount of cameras and screens used to produce this and the sheer size of the garment and cameras cause this to be rather expensive.

3) using a special mixture of compressed gelatin crystals and two different gel based liquids, a small flare gun has been made for rapid insertion into enemy territory where a parachute would be deemed to dangerous. These flare guns a the same size as a small pistol and have two barrels, at about 300-500m off the ground the person using it fires both barrels and the small flares detonate upon impact and upon detonation the compressed gelatin crystals and gels mix to form a cushion like material that slows down anything to an almost complete stop (nothing faster then a brisk walk) and have become something of a prized possession amongst special forces soldiers and specialized criminals alike (despite the fact that they are hard to come by). The rapid expansion of this gel like material is so fast that within about 10 seconds it is so large that it would been seen by almost anyone in the general area, that is why the grenade as a small secondary explosive within it which releases a small chemical mixture that when mixed with the gel based substance causes it to dissipate into the air like a puff of smoke.

4) a series of different wires are placed just under the skin, which are connected to a variety of different micro-gyroscopes which are located at the various joins around the body. These gyros create energy which is stored in a pack, which runs along the spine, the energy which is saved up is converted into a electrical impulse and then travels down the wires under the skin to a couple of different plates placed in various areas of the hand, these electrical impulses are then discharged into what ever is being held or hit by the person. The discharge is a very powerful one and can cause a serious amount of damage to anyone or anything. The discharge is given by a mental command (from a small wire in the brain) and happens instantaneously, this then goes onto continue saving the energy from the gyros up, until discharged. If the energy goes over the limit that the power pack can save it is discharged harmlessly into the body, all the user feels is a slight tingle. Damage output for this would be serious, the amount of kinetic energy that can be stored and then harnessed makes this very powerful. This can only be used on unarmed strikes, as the small metal plates under the skin needs to connect with what ever it is being struck

All Hail the Great Santicore!!!

All Hail the Great Santicore!!!


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