SECRET SANTICORE: The Tsvarik III Penal ship!

Once again we look into the dreadful abyss and see the blazing hate-filled eyes of…  THE SECRET SANTICORE!!!


A small piece of map; maze-like, a handful of rooms, maybe no more than 35 squares… square. INSIDE a HUGE spaceship. The whole ship is over 5 miles long, 700 feet tall, another 500 feet wide, a massive prison barge. Rooms should be themed to a high-tech society and to a prison setting (guard rooms, mess hall, cells), but the layout can be as twisty-turny as possible. Thanks in advance!

Not only did Matt Jackson do a nifty little write up, he did some kick ass drawings for it!

The Tsvarik III

The Tsvarik III is Charos Class penal ship. Once placed in orbit, the ship will maintain its geo-spatial position using inertial dampeners and micro-thrusters. The III designation is due to this particular model being the third iteration of this blueprint. The first attempt to use this blueprint resulted in one-hundred and seventy-six prisoners and thirteen prison guards were killed by ebullism when the entire facility decompressed in less than seventeen seconds. The second attempt was struck by asteroids just seventeen days after the first prisoner boarded, resulting in five-hundred and seventy-nine prisoners and nineteen guards meeting their untimely end. Capital Ship Construction, Inc. and the Federated Cosmic Penal Institute (FCPI) have ensured the public that this latest model is safe and impervious to human or cosmic fault.

Needless to say, they were wrong.

Just thirty-six days after launch, communication with Tsvarik III was lost.


The Charos Class Penal Ship is shaped roughly like a large mushroom with a seven hundred foot round command and life support module (also known as the “dome”) that sits atop a nearly five mile long axis.

The Dome.

Command and Control is housed near the top of the dome along with a small docking bay and sensor array. Primary life support and power generation is housed in the lower portion of the dome, forming a massive and cavernous labyrinth of steel and wires. Persons daring to explore these levels (there are forty-seven) without a guard, or extensive knowledge of the craft’s design, will easily become twisted and turned around.

The Axis.

The axis serves as a massively long penal area cordoned off with a support section every one thousand feet. This support section has facilities for basic life support such as a first aid stations or mess facilities, the area between the support sections being the prisoners’ cells. Each prison level has separate controls that will open the cells on it’s level with the correct passcode and badge scanner.

Tsvarik3 by Matt Jackson for Tim Maki

Prison Level by Matt Jackson for Tim Maki

Mess Level by Matt Jackson for Tim Maki

Medical Level by Matt Jackson for Tim Maki

Command Level by Matt Jackson for Tim Maki


Bloodthirsty....  Angry...  And oh. so. SEXY!
Bloodthirsty…. Angry… And oh. so. SEXY!

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