It’s Ok if it’s JUST a nibble- Cannibalism Chart For Upcoming Complete Wilderness Kit

Here is another chart that will be in my Complete Wilderness Kit.

If you consume the flesh of another humanoid roll a save VS death.  Failure means you are cursed and become a crazed flesh eating fiend.    Consult the chart below of what race you are and the race you are eating.

Here it is in PDF format- Cannibalization Chart 1

Cannibalization Chart
Human Eats: Human- Covered in white fur.  Super Speed (x2 movement).  Grows to large size.  Claws that constantly drip blood (1d8 damage).  Immune to cold damage.  Double from fire damage.
Elf- Become wiry with elongated bones and painful bones spurs erupt all over body (1d4 damage during grapple).  All hair falls off of body.  Claws are long boney hands (1d6 damage).
Dwarf- Skin hardens, cracks (DR 2), and seeps black liquid.  Eyes turn into black pools of tar.  Any who look into the eyes become paralyzed for 1d4 minutes (Wisdom based Save to resist).  Fists are hard (1d6 damage).
Halfling- Pustules and sores erupt all over body.  Eyes bleed.  Gains the ability to see thermal, even through thick walls.  Increased olfactory abilities (+2 to notice when smelling).  Curved claws (1d6 damage).
Gnome- Skin becomes necrotic and falls off leaving all internal organs exposed.  Gains chameleon-like ability (-8 to targets making notice rolls).
Half-Orc- Mouth warps into a cylindrical opening filled with razor sharp, jagged teeth.  Can vomit acidic blood to help soften tissue for consumption (1d8 damage).  Strength and damage resistance increased (+2 strength and DR 4).
Elf Eats: Human- Becomes twitchy and gains super speed (movement x2).  Secretes an oily film on skin that irritates skin of those who touch it.  Target must make Constitution based save or being hallucinating for 1d4 hours.
Elf- Hair becomes lank and slimy.  Teeth become long and jagged. Mouth overly large for head size.  All joints can twist any which way.  +4 to Dexterity based checks.
Dwarf- Terrible convulsions cause spine to snap and target to be bend over backwards.  Small paralyzing tentacles erupt over entire body.  Target must make a Constitution based save or become paralyzed for 1d4+1 rounds.
Halfling- The stomach of the Elf rips open to expose a maw of teeth dripping yellowish mucus (1d10 damage).  The creature prefers to hunt children as it is able to swallow them whole.
Gnome- The creature cocoons for 1d10 days and when comes out its feet are fused together and it crawls on its front legs.  It’s skin is puffy, infected, and smells of rotting meat.  It has retractable claws (1d6 damage) and can shoot globs of spit (30ft) that can glue a target to the spot (Str based check -2 to break free).
Half-Orc- Skin dehydrates and becomes brittle.  The creatures eyes burn like fire and is able to make a gaze attack that burns target from inside out (1d10 damage), Wisdom save reduces damage by ½.The creature is also able to cough up a cloud of dust in a medium area to obscure itself.
Dwarf Eats: Human- The Dwarf develops a vertical line from navel to top of head that rips open to expose a maw of jagged teeth (1d8 damage) and writhing tentacles.  The tentacles gain +2 on grappling attacks and will hold a target so the mouth can feed.
Elf- Becomes covered in coarse brown hair.  Creature becomes immune to all forms of damage except cold iron and fire.  The targets hands reshape into jagged bone hooks (1d8 damage).
Dwarf- Creature looks like a normal dwarf and acts just as it had in life, but a giant worm-like creature erupts out of the head and will attack and bite the target (1d6 damage).  It will try to force its way down the targets mouth (successful grapple check).  Once the target has been grappled for 3 rounds the creature will begin sucking out the vital organs (3d6 damage per round).
Halfling- Neck, arms, and legs elongate.  Creature walks on all fours with incredible speed.  Spines erupt from back and skin hardens.  The front claws are sharp (1d6 damage) and the mouth is full of pin needle teeth (1d4 damage).
Gnome- Dwarf becomes bloated and full of acidic liquid.  The dwarf is capable of spewing forth a large amount of this acid 3 times per day (3d6 damage).  A hollow tongue comes out of the creatures mouth to suck up melting flesh and meat.
Half-Orc- The Dwarf’s body becomes covered in hard chitinous-like plating that protects him from damage (immune to any weapon with less that +2 rating, magic hurts normally).  The creature is incredibly strong (+4 to Strength based checks) and prefers clobbering targets with huge fists (1d8 damage).
Halfling Eats: Human- The Halfling becomes emaciated and looks brittle.  Its eyes become over-large and gains +4 to any sight based check.  The creature is capable of letting out a high shriek that deafens any creature that hears it permanently, should they fail their Constitution based save.  Failure also means the target is stunned for 1d6 rounds (half for success).
Elf- The Halflings head deflates, leaving the eyes dangling, connected by the optic nerve.  The creature’s hands develop tiny mouths that are full of needle teeth (1d4 damage) and make pitiful mewling sounds.  Any target that hears this must make a Wisdom save or become terrified for 1d6 rounds.
Dwarf- The Halfling’s body bloats and loses all hair.  The Halfling’s legs burst into eight bloody tentacles that writhe and flail (1d4 damage).  Its hands become meaty, purple, and end in black claws (1d6).  The thick skin gives the creature a DR of 2.
Halfling- The Halflings skin develops necrotic patches and falls off.  A putrid stench sickens any who fail a Constitution based save.  The creature has a second set of arms grow from mid-chest and mid-back.  A second set of legs grow from above groin and buttocks.  The creature gains +2 to any Agility based Check.
Gnome- The Halfling’s body undergoes a gruesome transformation.  Its body resembles a thick maggot that is still attached to its arms and legs.  Its face is attached to the thick fleshy body.  The creatures eyes jut out of the sockets, connected to thick bluish eyestalks.  These stalks squirt blood at creatures.  If hit the target must make a Wisdom save or be driven mad for 2d4 rounds.
Half-Orc- The Halfling begins to vomit repeatedly until all of its internal organs are ejected from the mouth.  These slimy organs slither on the ground looking for its next meal.  The organs are capable of sensing living heat signatures for one quarter mile.  The mass of entrails are capable of grappling and restraining a target (+6 to grapple checks).  When grappled it will make a check to force its way into a target and then begin eating all of the target’s internal organs.  Only a remove disease will expel the creature.  The target will die in 2d6 minutes.
Gnome Eats: Human- The Gnome’s skin becomes baggy and hangs off of the body like blood filled sacks.  It’s eyes rot out and its empty sockets are filled with teeth.  The creature is immune to magical damage and any spell cast reflects back upon the caster.
Elf- The Gnome’s belly becomes extremely distended; a sloshing sound can be heard as it walks.  Its head shrinks slightly and its eyes bulge in the socket.  Anyone who looks into the eyes of the creature must make a Wisdom save or fall under its control for 2d6 days and will do whatever the creature commands.
Dwarf- The Gnome’s flesh seems to become twisted, as if wrung, and it drips a whitish yellow fluid.  Long thick claws jut out of the creatures hands (1d8 damage).  The creature is immune to all damage except for silver weapons and fire.
Halfling- The Gnome’s skin becomes scaly and it develops long thin claws (1d4 damage).  A spiked tail protrudes from the back of the creature (1d6 damage).  The creature is nimble and receives +2 to all Agility based checks.  It also gains +4 to jump based rolls.
Gnome- One side of the Gnome’s head bloats and becomes white and puffy.  One arm shrivels and becomes unusable.  The other arm becomes a giant bone spiked flail.  The knees bend backwards giving the creature incredible speed (speed x3).
Half-Orc- The Gnomes body becomes opaque and spongy.  The internal organs look as though they are swimming around in a clear fluid.  The creature gains a DR of 4 and is able to compress itself and squeeze into extremely tight spaces.  It is able to secrete a pheromone that attracts those who fail a Wisdom based save to it.  They are enthralled for 1d6 min or until they take damage.
Half-Orc Eats: Human- Gigantic bulging cysts develop all over the body.  These undulate and burst if struck.  They do 1d8 acid damage to the immediate area.  The creature is heavy and able to charge targets with +2.  Its thick claws do 1d6 damage.
Elf- The Half-Orc’s skin becomes pale blue and red, its bottom jaw juts out aggressively and the tusks grow roughly 6 inches.  The creature feels no pain and can only be harmed by magic.  It is a cold and calculating hunter, often separating groups and picking them off one at a time.
Dwarf- The Half-Orc’s eyes become yellow pin-pricks of light and can see thermal traces, even through thick walls.  The creature thick muscle are almost like steel, giving it a DR of 6 and +4 to all Strength based rolls.  The creature’s putrid nails (1d6 damage) also causes a nasty infections to any target that fails a Constitution based save.
Halfling- This pitiful looking creature looks like a compressed and mangled body.  It moves on the ground by writhing, twitching, and flailing about.  What the creature lacks in physically abilities it makes up with its strange powers.  All living creatures suffer -4 to all rolls while in a 50ft radius of the creature.  Anyone touched by the creature must make a Constitution based save or die instantly.
Gnome- This creature is able to mimic the voice of anyone it hears.  This has allowed the creature to lure many to their death.  The creature is curved in on itself as its spine is extremely bowed.  Its hands have stinging suckers that do 2d4 damage per round that they are attacked (after a successful grapple check).
Half-Orc- The skin becomes angry and red, giving off intense head (1d4 damage if physically touched).  Thick bones jut out all over the body and can be used as a weapon (1d6 damage).  The creatures mouth is large and full of huge sharp teeth (1d6 damage).  The creature is immune to all damage except magic.

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