Getting Ready for Adventure in the Skies of Vheld (A Clockworks Playtest)

Introductory Note: Sorry for the lack of recent posts.  School has been time consuming and crazy this semester (as it always seems to be).  However, while I have not been active on the blog lately, I am active on G+ if any of you have an account, feel free to look me up.  

On another front I am working on RPG stuff.  I am currently working on 3 projects that I would like to see reach publication…  So I haven’t been slacking on the RPGage.  

So without further ado, back to actual RPG shizzy.

Once More Into the Playtest, Dear Friends

Shawn, creator of Clockworks, has asked me if I’d give his setting a whirl again (I playtested with my old group a few years back) and see what I could come up with.

Since beating Dishonored a few weeks ago, I’ve been kinda in the mood for some Steampunk goodness and I figured what better way to do it than with Clockworks.  I love the Webcomic and the world is fun and allows for high adventures of daring-do.

For anyone interested at looking at playing Clockworks, Shawn has put up information to the public.


I wanted to set my game somewhere other than the great city of Clorenica because A) the comic takes place there; and B) that’s where I ran my last playtest.

I started thinking about what kind of campaign I wanted to run in the world of Vheld as well as what type of adventures and plots I would like to write and torture my players with.

I knew I wanted the players to be heroes (maybe a little scoundrelish, but largely good guys).

Lately I’ve been really into pulp adventures (radio serials, books, movies, etc). This has been aided by conversations with Trey, reading his awesome blog, and his kickass RPG setting: Weird Adventures.  So I knew I wanted the game to have a very pulpy heroic feel, and have high octane adventures.

I’ve been listening to an amazing old radio serial called The Voyages of the Scarlet Queen (I highly recommend listening to it) and it hit me that I wanted to run a game with the players on an airship (named the Iron Dame) and have them sailing around Vheld taking on cargo, passengers, etc and getting into all sorts of trouble.

With it being pulp I want to introduce some dieselpunk elements to it as well (maybe as new technology is starting to crop up).  With Deadlands Noir coming out soon (hopefully at the end of this month; and yes I did back it), I plan to take a look at that and see if there is ideas/stuff I can take out of that and add to the pulpy feel.

Campaign Start

In two weeks we will make characters and start the adventures (which gives me ample time to come up with a rough outline of sessions and locations, etc).

I told my players (numbering in four) of the chargen limitations:

  • No more than two Fae-blooded.
  • Only one Elementalist.
  • Only one Weird Scientist.
  • A player can be Fae-blooded and an Elementalist/Weird Scientist.

The session will start with a brief introduction:  Each character was either in jail or in hiding for the last several years.  They have all worked together at some point previously and are going to be found or set free by a mysterious employer that will get them together and give them an airship; the Iron Dame.

After that it will be a sandbox(ish) style approach and we’ll see where their course and schemes take them:)


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