Village Die Drop Generator for Complete Wilderness Hack

In continuing my writing/development of my Complete Wilderness Kit hack of Zak S Vornehim, I decided to take some inspiration from Noisms and do a quick village generator.

At first I thought about doing a complete die drop instatown as I have done in the past (part 1 and part 2), but then I said fuck it…  for the purposes of the Wilderness kit I don’t care about the layout or the shops that are in the town, per say, so much as the vibe, interaction and etc.  There is a chance that this town won’t be visited again and that it is just a nice quick distraction/place to interact with before the players get on their way.

Roll a d4, d6, d8, d10, d10, d12, and d20 and consult each below.

D4- Village Size

1 Small- 15 inhabitants

2 Medium- 75 inhabitants

3 Large- 200 inhabitants

4 Huge- 500 inhabitants


D6- Political Structure

1 Religious Despot rules over terrified populace.

2 Town is mostly slaves guarded by local constabulary.

3 Farmers and serfs trying to etch out a living.

4 Leader is strongest in village.  The position can be challenged at any time.

5 Village Elders rule as a community circle who use visions from a god as guidance.

6 Town is ran by a Church and voted in official.


D8- Interesting Feature

1 Town is mostly made of women.

2 A Large statue is in the town center. It is of a strange and eerie creature.

3 Waterfall in the distance, water seems to be flowing up.

4 People here seem to have goblins as pets.

5 The people are all wearing the same spiked necklace.

6 There is a small gladiatorial pit at the outskirts of town.

7 There are large cages hanging in the center of town with skeletons and rotting bodies inside.  Capital punishment for wrong-doers.

8 Large skinhole outside of town that the villagers believe houses a fallen god.  Each year they throw food treasures down it and one virgin as a sacrifice.  The rum


D10- Village Layout

1 Village is on mudflats.  All houses are on thick stilts.

2 Village floats over a raging river.  All sidewalks are made of wooden planks.

3 Village is carved into the face of a mountain.  The higher in stature one is, the higher up one lives.

4 All the houses in village are made of a crystalline like substance.


6 Village is in the hardened and hollowed out carapace of a dead giant insect.

7 Everyone lives underground in a gopher like maze.

8 The houses are made from the tanned skins of the dead villagers.  It is considered an honor.

9 The houses are on large Elephant like creatures.  The town is a nomadic and goes wherever the herd desires.

10 Houses are made of rich heavy wood that seems far too nice for where the village is located.


D10 (percentile)- Interesting Villagers

1 An exiled prophet.

2 A homeless man that can see into the future.

3 Little blonde triplets that always talk in unison.

4 An grizzled warrior that has a dagger stuck in his brain.

5 Religious leader of a forgotten religion.

6 An extremely talented artist.

7 Two tenacious bards who are bringing the rock to the local folk.

8 A fiery red head said to be the reincarnation of a long gone hero.

9 The bastard son of a noble.

10 A shrunken head that lives in a shrine and answers up to 3 questions… for a fee.


D12- Interesting Villagers

1 An amazing wizard.

2 A skillful storyteller.

3 Long lost relative of a player.

4 An exiled Princess from far off land.

5 A prince mingling with the common rabble.

6 A noble seeking to expand his lands.

7 A respected religious leader.

8 Retired adventurer.

9 Wealthy wandering merchanct.

10 A traveling scholar.

11 The fattest man… ever.

12 Traveling acting troupe.


D20- Adventure Hooks

1 People have gone missing recently.  There are no signs of foul play.

2 A thick mist rolls in every night.  People are having terrible dreams.

3 The village drunk recently began babbling like an idiot making prophecies about others.  Everything he has stated has come true thus far.  He said the Elder’s daughter would die.  He needs help.

4 People are becoming violently ill and within hours melt into puddles of goo which slither out of the house and head into the woods.

5 On the night of the full moon everyone speaks in limerick and can’t stop.

6 All food suddenly spoils and the crops wither and die.  The village needs help and fast.

7 People dressed in blood red cloaks came into town and killed almost all able bodied fighters and took all the children up into the mountains.

8 Giant Maggot like worms with razor sharp pincers are attacking the people of the village and burrowing into their brains and taking control of them!

9 A witch coven has been causing problems for the village.  The local clergy is at the limit of their powers to protect the villagers.

10 Something has killed and mutilated all the livestock in the fields.  The villagers are terrified.

11 The law in the village was killed by bandits and they have set up their own rule.

12 Monstrous humanoids are raiding the village!

13 The Village leader has been acting oddly lately.  Recently he has had the people of the village begin constructing a strange structure that he says will touch the gods in the sky.

14 Something has been possessing the people of the village and making them do strange and terrible things.  People are begging for protection and clamoring for justice.

15 A drunken patron boasts that he has found a mine with unimaginable wealth located in its depths.  Could this be true?

16 Everyone in the village is petrified except for one little girl.  She says she got mad at everyone and a strange fiery creature granted her wish.

17 Most the inhabitants of the town are stumbling around with their faces wiped blank.  They have no nose, eyes, ears, or mouths.  They also seem mindless and lash out at anything that comes near them.  The survivors are barricaded in their homes.

18 A large shadow with blazing red eyes has been seen lurking in the forests and fields at night.  Several woodsmen have gone missing while hunting or attempting to track this beast.

19 A powerful noble wants the town demolished and the villagers made into servants for his new home.  The villagers are begging for help to save their town.

20 The town is an important point in the kingdom and must not fall to the invading monstrous horde.  The kingdom is calling for all brave souls to defend the town and keep it from falling into enemy hands.

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