Dark Sun OSR Hack

Edit: I released this yesterday and forgot to include thanks to Zak S. for his item cost chart which Trent kindly pointed out to me.  I apologize Zak.  My bad.  Thanks for catching my folly Trent!  I’ve added that to the front page and a link to the chart as well.

Awhile back I did a hack based on the awesome rules-lite hack by Trent B.

Yesterday I decided that I would use my new infatuation with Microsoft Publisher to make it better.

So I decided to take a leaf out of Old School Hack by Kirin Robinson and each class their own page character sheet (except for the spells for the classes).

The important thing is that here is a full version of D&D in 18 pages:)  Hope you enjoy it.

Here’s the PDF for ya: Dark Sun Hack


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