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Cyberpunk 2020 Background Generator Hacked for my Shadowrun Savage Worlds Hack

Last week I put my Savage Worlds Shadowrun hack up on the blog.  I got some good feedback and compliments on it.

I’ve started working on a newer version of it (with a few more ideas) and rules for the Matrix, Decking/Hacking and the Astral Plane.  Plus some kick ass people have volunteered to do some artwork for it after I asked oh so nicely (basically I begged).  Party.  Bonus.

Because others are willing to throw in their work I’ve stepped up what I’m putting in my Shadowhack.

I’ve done a hack of the Cyberpunk 2020 Character Generator for Shadowrun.  I used publisher and attempted to keep the layout from the original book the same (although I added in artwork that was done for my Wrath of Zombie Savage Worlds game that felt right).  I’ve tried to keep the feel of the subject matter, but changed the titles and wording to match Shadowrun or my own humor.  Enjoy!

Aside: I also owe Jez from Giblet Blizzard a huge thanks for suggesting some awesome fonts that fit the Shadowrun feel better than what I had previously chosen.  

Shadowrun Background Generator