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The Savage Worlds of Shadowrun- A Savage Worlds Conversion for Shadowrun

Here you be: The Savage Worlds of Shadowrun

Recently Stuart Robertson of Strange Magic has been doing G+ posts about running a Shadowrun 4e game and it got me thinking that I actually missed playing/running Shadowrun…  More the feel of the world and not the actual ruleset which is too crunchy/convoluted for my tastes…

System preference aside he did give me the bug…  So this is all his fault…

A few years ago someone gave me the 4e book because they didn’t want it anymore, but I never took a look at it because I was still bitter towards Shadowrun (I had a really shit-tastic GM that put a sour taste in my mouth towards it).  I picked it up and read it.  I can understand the rules changes (even if there are some I don’t like that were removed between 3e to 4e), but they are still huge and clunky and complicated.

So I went to a system that I love very much…  Savage Worlds.

I searched online for other people’s conversions and found this one.  This provided me with inspiration and a good jumping off point on how to do my own conversion/hack.  You will see some of this site’s stuff in my conversion, most of it has been changed/altered to my own tastes.

Anyways, hope you enjoy it.  I plan to do some pregen characters soon, but I need a break from doing conversions and stuff.


As always, constructive feedback welcome!