Hubris Session 5- Plots Thicken in Vornheim

We started this session two months (in game time) later after the last session and the resulting player deaths…

Players– *= Present for the session

Omar- Half Elf Rogue*

Liam- Elf Druid*

Stephen- Human Barbarian*

Nate- Human Warrior Priest of the Corpulent One*

Fletch- Human Alchemist*

Dan- Human Witch

I opened up the session with discussing whether they still wanted to pursue the Criminal Organization idea that they when when we first started the campaign.  They all agreed and then set about talking about some ways to achieve their goal.

Highlights of Discussion

Nate took over as proprietor of In His Honor from Orv the Rover, who is staying on as a partner and the bartender.

The group decided their name would be “Cloaks and Shadows.”  Oooooo.. Ominous.

They are going to put a coded job board in the bar that will allow people to post help needed for illicit activities.  The bar will charge a fee for posting and charge the person doing the job a % of their cut/reward.  If they do the job themselves,  more money for them.

Start of the Session

The session pretty much each player doing their own thing, which is both the awesome and bane of an urban setting.  I did Round Robin with everyone and tried to not keep anyone waiting for too long..  Hopefully I succeeded in that.

Fletch– Created some extracts to charm patrons to make them think this was the best bar ever, got some extra tips and went walking on the streets to take a look around.  He then gets hit in the balls by one of the groups adopted children who screams that Stephen’s character is in trouble and needs help (see Stephen)!

Nate– Decided he wanted to hire a town crier and launch a flyer campaign to promote In His Honor.  Was visited by a well dressed man who said that his employer knew what they were attempting to do and suggested STRONGLY against doing it…  Recommended that they just join his fold.

Left a piece of paper with this drawing on it:

Mysterious Symbol (actually it’s the logo from Brooklyn Botanical Garden.. but fuck it… looks cool).

Omar– Omar went to the bordello in the Scabs (the district of Vornheim that they are living in), called Madame Volick’s House of Pleasure and Drink.  A rundown establishment that attempts to be more than what it is.

Omar has been talking to a young whore, Elwyn to discover information on a lead about his parentage that lead him here (during the second session).

He finds out that girls that have displeased patrons or annoyed Madame Volick have gone down to the basement (where the minute rooms are, hourly/nightly is on the second floor) to be disciplined, but are never seen again.

Omar hires an old woman for a 30 minute romp (geri jokes ensue) and then he kills her while she had her back to him and attempt to wrestle her breasts from her bustier.

He finds a cleverly hidden trap door and goes into a sub-basement.  He finds about 15 women hanging upside down, in various stages of decomposition, with entrails hanging out, their blood dripping onto this symbol on the floor (ignore the fact that it is a symbol from our world with its own cosmology and belief…  because I don’t give a shit about that):

Symbol of Orcus…

Omar looks around, then hightails it out of there.

Liam– Walks to the rundown and dilapidated park in the Scabs and begins cleaning it.  Hears noises from the brush and a grizzled Halfling and Half-Orc appear and threaten Liam for being on their turf.  Liam and his Animal Companion, a snow leopard attack and quickly subdue the little halfling who surrenders and they scamper away.

An old woman by the name of Annie Babbton approaches Liam and praises him for his courage and mentions the pitiful state that Outer Vornheim is in…  That with gold and a pass, getting into Inner Vornheim is easy, but it didn’t use to be so…  That anyone could pass and see the Palace Massive or the Citadel…  or go to the Wyvern of the Well and pay gold to ask a question and receive an amazing answer.

She gives Liam a gift for his bravery.  She says, “A strange creature will stumble over a bucket… (used Vornheim’s Fortune tables).  And then told him she owned a apothecary/fortune shop in the Scabs and to come see her when he felt inclined.

Stephen– Stephen decided to walk around the Scabs and get to know the prominent shops and people of the area.

As he is walking he hears a woman screaming and being hit.  He and the 5 Urchin children rush into the alleyway and he begins to feel euphoric, but it passes almost as quickly as it comes.  He wanders in the dark alley while the children try to light a torch…  the woman begins calling him Henry and eventually rushes at him.

Stephen came face to face with a Wailing Widow.  Before he could react, the creature had bowled him over and spit her euphoric hallucinogenic webbing on him.  He blacked out, but had a lovely mulit-colored dream.

Fletch was hit in the balls by one of the kids and he rushed into the alley, lit a torch, got caught in the webs, torch lit them all on fire and caused ouch damage to everyone….  then he threw a bomb at the Wailing Widow, which hit and she retreated, screaming at Henry, into the darkness…

We ended the session with everyone back at the hideout under the Bookworm Used book shop, all looking a bit disturbed and a little worse for wear…

It was a great session.  We all had a blast and through play and discussion have got a focal point on where the group wants to go!

Next session– In His Honor Drinking contest!!

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  1. Love the BBG logo. I’m gonna nick that for my game too. Hope Nate heeds the warning! (When do PCs heed warnings though, really?)

    1. lol. Feel free to steal it! 🙂

      They haven’t met him yet… but they will.. Oh they will… 🙂

      I agree.. When do players EVER heed the warnings… but I guess rpging wouldn’t be as fun if they actually did heed the warnings.

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