The Google Plus Role-playing Blog Directory

This is a directory for all the awesome people on G+ who have blogs.  If you are on G+ and have a blog and want to be added, simply email me at ihaveangerissues (AT) g m a i l dwat com.  In the email put your blog link, a link to your G+ page, and a brief summary of what your blog is about.

I have broken the blogs up into categories that seemed to fit the description each author provided me.  If you don’t like the category I have lumped you in, please just email me and tell me what one you want to be in.

Added: I have added a link on my blogroll to this page- so people can ALWAYS access it!  

Also if anyone has a blog and wants to promote this, by all means do so..  If you feel so inclined to have an image (or want one) here you be:


 Tales of the Grotesque and Dungeonesque– Hacking old-school D&D into a Gothic Fantasy campaign.  By Jack Shear

Death From Shock and Blood Loss– Bantering about ACKS.  By James Stuart

They Might Be Gazebos– OSR goodness.  By Chuck Thorin

Lost Pages– OSR stuff, maps, and Mind dump for Adventure Fantasy Game.  By Paolo Grec0

Necropraxis– D&D, more tilted towards OD&D and Dark Fantasy.  By Brendan Strejcek

Dungeon of Signs– LL, OD&D adventure locales, rules hacks, play reports and game content.  By Gustie “Gibbering Mouther”

Giblet Blizzard– Awesome sauce materials and info and tips on how to survive blizzards of Giblets.  By Jez Gordon

The Sky Full of Dust– D&D, ACKS, and whatever tickles the RPGing fancy.  By Simon Foster 

Dungeon Dozen– 100% random tables for the d12, system-free but basically for oldest-school D&D type business.  By Jason Sholtis 

Wampus Country– focuses on setting development for my LL-powered whimsical fantasy fairy-tale frontier campaign; mix of setting fluff, gameable inspirations and random tables, and humor.  By Erik Jensen 

Tenkar’s Tavern– I talk about OSR RPGs, Indie RPGs, game reviews, session recaps of sorts – all the fun stuff ;).  By Erik Tenkar

The Wisdom Frog Croaks– Mostly DIY OSR nonsense.  By Reynaldo Madrinan

Hack & Slash– Ponderings about  agency, theory, traps.  By Courtney Campbell

Alex Schroeder: RPG– Old School D&D (Labyrinth Lord), Indie Games.  By Alex Schroeder

Jeff’s Game Blog– The mack daddy of DIY OSR D&D.  By Jeff Rients

Grognardia– OSR awesome goodiness.  By James Maliszewski

Playing D&D With Pornstars– Pinnacle of DIY D&D.  By Zak S

Monsters and Manuals– Various D&D stuff and own musings on game mechanics.  By David McGrogan

Caverns Measureless to Man– OSR / DYI D&D, science fantasy / sword and planet.  By Terje Nordin

Role-play-Geek– Bit of a smorgasbord of topics as I write about the OSR and 80s UK RPG culture but also focus on new technologies such as VTT and mapping apps and how they can be used in gaming.  By Antony Brotheron (also: Roleplay-Geek G+ Page)

Dreams of Mythic Fantasy– Home of the OSR News!  Featuring various articles & essays of interest to players of Old School Fantasy RPG’s.  By James Smith

In Places Deep– Awesomesauce Blog of Awesomely awesomeness.  By Evan Elkins

Sword +1– OSR style awesomeness.  Fantasy, Sci-fi, and other!  By Mike Davison

Abraxas– Sweet, Sick, and Twisted OSR goodness.  By Cole Long

The Land of Nod– Role-playing game content for your edification and enjoyment.  OSR style!  By John Stater

Joethelawyer’s Wondrous Imagining’s– Wherein he rants and raves about all things OSR and D&D.  By Joethelaywer

Mithril and Mages– Blogs about a fair share of OSR shizzy!!! By Mark Hassman

Greyhawk Grognard– A blog about OSR role-playing gaming, the World of Greyhawk Fantasy Setting, wargames, miniatures, and anything else that catches my attention.  By Joseph Bloch

The Dungeoneering Dad– Random gaming-related musings from a dad DM who prefers OSR-games.  By Dan C

Gamers and Grognards– Articles and reviews about all forms of gaming with an emphasis on RPG’s with old school feel. We also feature movies, literature and music tying to these topics.  By R.J. Thompson

Robert Fisher: Thinking Out loud (3.0)– Mostly OSR type ponderings.  By Robert Fisher

Blade Sharp– The blog is an infrequently updated collection of Oriental Adventures house rule stuff for Labyrinth Lord, stuff about miniature painting and occasionally Runequest and 4E.  By Chris Wellings

Rolang’s Creeping Doom– Awesome OSR D&D blog with gods, monsters and tables.  By Chris Weller

Edgar’s Gaming Blog– Dungeon Crawl Classics, Dark Heresy, house rules, game philosophy, book and game reviews, and other assorted observations.  By Edgar Johnson

Crypt of Rabies– OSR goodies! By Thaumiel Nerub

Dyson’s Dodecahedron– Old School cartography (400+ maps), original adventures and other diverse amusements.  By Dyson Logos

Frothsof D&D–  This blog focuses on various forms of D&D and similar OSR titles.  By Jeremy Smith

Nerd-o-Mancer– About Old School gaming and DIY gaming stuff.  By Anders Hedenbjork Lager

Game Design and Homebrew Worlds

Observations of the Fox– Game Design and theory blog.  By Michael Wenman

The Grand Tapestry– Devoted to homebrew worlds, in particular Urutsk and its various game systems.  By Kyrinn S

Of Dice and Djinn– Maps, homebrew rules, and whatever craziness that is fun to throw at PCs.  By Nick Peterson 

Echelon d20– OGL- based RPG by Keith Davies.

Room 209 Gaming– Designing a system (more talking, less killing) that they like to play instead of hacking apart Pathfinder/D&D.  By Sarah Perry and Bryan Shipp

Loca Imaginaria– Musings about game messings with.  By Benedict Hall

Kingsmead Chronicles– Fantasy Setting blog.  By Benedict Hall

No Fair Fights– Discussions about love and design of gaming.  By Brian Mullins

Monstrous Television– It alternates between writing on a Bangsian journey-to-hell setting, an gonzo nonsense like rules for creating a character who smokes, Orangutan racial character class, and octoliches (8 arms = 4 spells per round).  By Ian Johnson

Unofficial Games– About game design- specifically current tinkerings.  By Zzarchov Kowolski

Carapace King– Mostly details home campaign and the world it takes place in, with a focus on giant bug and new subsystems for old school wotsits.  By Christopher Wood

Spirit of Eden– A blog established primarily for his fantasy worldbuilding project based off various polytheistic non-european cultural influences, but also other various RPG games he makes as well as other things.  By Dennis Santana

Monsters Manual Sewn From Pants– has pictures of scrap fabric monsters as I make them one by one, all from the tome in the title. Also..other stuff about improving everything and how I would do things because me me me.  By Scrap Pruncess

D- Constructions– All sorts of gaming discussion and game design discussion.  By Steve Darlington

Roll Some Dice– is all about any other, non-FATE game-design-related stuff Mike does.  By Mike Olson

Lamentations of the Flame Princess– Various pieces of game system and Weird Fantasy RPGing.  By James Raggi

Strange Magic– Game musings and own game designs.  By Stuart Robertson

Rustfoot– Describes places, things, and monsters in a pretty bland fantasy world, and how it was completely destroyed and rebuilt using Grammar Magic (No longer updated since the story was completed earlier this year).  By Jensan Thuresson

Gaming Ronin– Misc RPG goodness!  By Joey Mullins

Sea of Stars– Discussion about Sean’s Sea of Stars fantasy RPG setting, but mostly he talk about Pathfinder and whatever game he am GMing at the moment.  Also blogs about gaming ideas in general.  By Sean Holland

Dr. Worldcrafter–  About world design and setting creation.  By Brent Newhall

Invulnerablog– Blog is primarily about the games Joshua publishes through Imperfekt Gammes.  By Joshua Kubli

Godsend: City of Bones– Detailing the setting building of Simon Forster’s city setting, The City of Bones.  A generic setting (mostly, he’s using ACKS for the game mechanics) fantasy.  Currently consists of a tour of said city, and has now moved on into a guide to the chasm that lies on the edge of the city.  By Simon Forster

Legacy of the Bieth– Homebrew OSR setting and other bits of goodness.  By Humza Kazmi

Rogues and Reavers: A Game Design Blog– Pulp-inspired world building, rules tinkering, and literary analysis for old-school games.  By Robert Parker

Richard’s Dystopian Pokeverse– From the blog, “A random grab-bag of provocations and badly-digested bits of inspiration. Its challenge is aimed mostly at myself, but I’d love it if you played along too, and showed me where I’ve stopped short and how hard it will be to keep up with you.”  By Richard Guy

Wombat’s Gaming Den of Iniquity– Mish-mash ideas and space for Jim White to play in.  Lately been focusing on running RPGs.  By Jim White

Nuelow– News, goofiness, and playable bits for–ROLF!, d20 Systems, and more–are what you’ll find here. NUELOW Games: On the cutting Edge, Because We Fell While Running With Scissor.  By Steve Miller

Heroes Against Darkness– The home of Heroes Against Darkness, the indie d20 RPG that’s free, fast, flexible and fully-featured.  By Justin Halliday

Psi-punk– a Fudge-based cyberpunk role-playing game. This blog discusses the game, its setting, mechanics, design goals and philosophies, and development process.  By Jacob Wood

Age of Ravens– Writing across the rpg spectrum: homebrews, histories, GM advice, reviews, and more.  By Lowell Francis

I Fly by Night– “I run the Roleplaying Games community. The blog is a mix, mostly of obscure and esoteric game design issues, with occasional boring posts about my game campaigns. I do not blog about non-RPG stuff, like my happy but uninteresting life..:)”  By Clash Bowley


Misc Gaming Shizzy

Underworld Kingdom– Science Fantasy, Fantasy and Science Fiction stuff. Lots of artwork and random tables.  By Albert R

Geek Life Project– Random Geeky RPG goodness.  By Chuck Thorin

The Secret DM– Musing about games.  By Chistopher Mennell

Tales of the Rambling Bumblers– General RPG blog w/ emphasis on own creative endeavors.  By Joshua Macy

Underworld Ink– Online portfolio for illustration gigs, also D&Dish.  By Jason Sholtis and John Larrey.

Brighton Roleplayers– Technically it’s a blog for a local gaming club, but no one uses it, so he’s sort of commandeered it for my own purposes.  By Kelvin Green

Game Knight Reviews– Basically some gaming content, reviews, news, interviews, opinions and anything else I can think of. 🙂 Mostly RPG-centric reviews, with occasional other tabletop games (board & card) and occasional fiction reviews.  By Brian Fitzpatrick 

From the Sorcerer’s Skull– Mostly ideas for Fantasy Gaming- and home of Weird Adventures.  By Trey Causey

What Do I Know– Knight Errant Jr’s Games and Geekdom Blog- General roleplaying, focusing on what I’m playing/running at the moment, with a heavy concentration of comic book stuff around the edges.  By Jared Rascher

Stargazer’s World– RPG goodness by Michael “Stargazer” Wolf and several authors.  Not limited to one subject, except awesome kickassery.   By Michael “Stargazer” Wolf

The Escapist– Blog that has been going on for 16+ years!  Discusses roleplaying advocacy – defending the hobby from myths and misconceptions, and positively promoting it through various means.  By William Walton

The Contemporary Quixotist– engages in discussions about the games he is playing and wants to play.  Also various other topics like inspiration sources, free RPGs!  By William Walton

Shorty Monster–  All kinds of RPG chat, from tips and advice to hot topic ramblings.  By Paul Thornton

Dungeon Mistress– Games, Books, and Boobs.  By Dungeon  Mistress

Dreams in the Lich House– A blog about Dungeons & Dragons, Call of Cthulhu, and Fantasy and Horror Gaming.  By John Arendt

The Free RPG Blog– Champions free RPG material, with reviews, competitions, How To guides.  The G+ page is used for smaller discussion topics..  By Rob Lang (Also- Free RPG Blog G+ Page)

Life and Times of a Philippine Gamer– Reviews, GM Insight, and Advice on a variety of RPGs.  By Jay Steven Anyong

The Acorn Afloat– Tiny shards of RPG-related things, some may even be useful for your game!  By Jensan Thuresson

Dandy in the Underworld– Awesome ideas and shizzy for any game table.  By Jeremy Duncan

Hill Cantons– Homebrew setting as well as kick ass ideas for fantasy (OSR style) D&D.  By Chris Kutalik

RPG Circus– Awesome RPG podcast!.  By Jeffrey Brissette

Tabletop RPG Links– Poke around some cool articles and the blogs we’ve linked to in the past, check out the searchable link database.  By Jim White

The Only Successful One–  several projects at this blog. Including an od&d based wrestling game, fantasy pre-revolution haiti, an alt-history american great depression game, american folklore/hoax monsters, and an interview series for FLAILSNAIL PCs.  By Jason Kielbasa (also his Alt-history Great Depression era game and OD&D wrestling game).

Constacon Master Game List and to have yourself added to the list– Find a game that is going on G+!- By Jason Keilbasa and Zach Marx Weber

Mutants and Magic– Timothy blogs about RPGs, comics and drawing.  Sometimes OSR. Some new stuff..  By Timothy Schaefer

Casting Shadows– A blog about story Seeds, actual play reports, and a focus on simulation and immersion in gameplay. Games covered typically include Call of Cthulhu, Ubiquity games (Hollow Earth Expedition, Desolation, All for One, Leagues of Adventure), Aces&Eights, Blue Planet, and A Time of War (Mechwarrior). Occasional video blogs and actual play reports.  By Runeslinger (also G+ page Casting Shadows)

The Iron Tavern– A mix of Pathfinder, DCC RPG and other fantasy RPG systems along with some reviews of various fantasy products.  By Jeffrey Tadlock

Accessible Games– a blog devoted to bringing RPGs and board games to everyone, especially those with disabilities. We discuss RPGs and board games for everyone, then apply a special layer of discussion about how they can be adapted for people with disabilities.  By Jacob Wood

My RPG Characters– Since Gabriel started playing Dungeons & Dragons back there in 1987 he’s had many characters. With some of them he’s played long-term campaigns and with others just a few sessions. With time he started playing other games than D&D. This blog is dedicated to all of them and the hours of fun we’ve had together. Here they are along with other musings.  By Gabriel Perez Gallardi

The Cheese Shop–  “I am an old school gamer who had missed playing RPG’s. I reinvigorated my obsession with the Cheese Shop. GURPS is my system of choice but I have played many and will continue to do so.  Have been playing GURPS using Hangouts. It is a great experience and am looking for more RPG’s to play using it.”  By Bradley Harvey

The 40-Something Gamemaster–  Shawn’s musings on game mastering as a 40 something grown up. His gaming is primarily D&D and World of Darkness (currently).   By Shawn McNutly

Oceans of Atlantis– Dirk has been game blogging for the better part of 12 years.  Come scope out his newly rebooted blog about random RPG goodness!  By Dirk Collins

Fantasy Library– Website and some older downloadable RPGS and articles available for folks (all free materials at this point).  By Joseph Teller

Sean Poppe RPG page– I  make art! A lot of it is fantasy rpg junk.  By Sean Poppe

Epic! The Gaming Blog– Dad and twin sons take on San Diego’s Gaming Scene.  By R.S. Tilton

The Savage Afterworld– Adventures, creatures, artifacts, mutations, and discussion for Goblinoid Games’ Mutant Future RPG as well as other Science Fantasy games in a post-apocalyptic future.  By Tim Snider

Discrete Dice– Chaos, magic and fate collide in a world thrice damned; my rambling blog on rules & monsters in my game setting.  By G.S. Smith

Rumors of War– My blog is game design/world building and I can get pretty abstract. I also have some short fiction and a webcomic. I talk about more than just tabletop game design though, I talk about like, design-design, graphic design, narrative design, and when it comes to game design I talk about video games, board games, card games… all kinds of games.  By Nick Foster

Vircades Project– Mostly about Cyberpunk 2020 and Shadowrun gaming. Lots of adventure hooks and character ideas, mainly!  By Richard Balmer

Blasphemous Tomes– Would you mind adding Blasphemous Tomes to your directory? It’s a blog I share with Paul Fricker and Matt Sanderson, where we talk about Call of Cthulhu, Lovecraft, horror movies and horror RPGs in general. It’s also the home of the Good Friends of Jackson Elias podcast.  By Scott Dorward, Paul Fricker, and Matthew Sanderson

Outsyder Gaming– While usually focused on D20 RPGs, I’ve been known to write about all kinds of games as well, from Settlers of Catan to Warhammer 40K. By Josh Cornwell

Cooking With Charles- My cooking blog has a lot of entries about RPG design. The whole blog is here.  Posts that focus on RPGage can be found here.  By Charles McEachern

Per Aspera ad Inferi– About Dark Fantasy and Horror roleplaying.  By Anders Hedenbjork Lager

Bernie the Flumph– Brief summery: A collection of RPG bits and bobs from a variety of systems both old-school and new-school. And maps! So many maps! By Joshua Burnett

D&D in its Various Forms (including some OSR)

Keith Davies- In My Campaign– Mostly D&D Stuff- getting into OSR stuff.  By Keith Davies

People Them With Monsters– D&D because he is a lazy… er casual blogger.  By Jeremy Deram

Tower of the Archmage– Generally about Rules Cyclopedia D&D, but other games get some air time (including 4e).  By David Brawley

Metal vs Skin– posting of mad D&D inventions.  By Joey Lindsey

Terruizeng– polynesian influenced dnd. Mostly game session reports written by the players, and pictures, lots of pictures.  By Mike Fernandez

Armchair Gamer– Mostly talk about D&D settings, various reviews, and a bunch of other RPGs.  By Alexander Osias

Grumpy Old Troll– Odd comments, Dungeons & Dragons, and.. oh, a book proffered by installment.  By Michael Moscrip

Ironlands– Half-bakrd ideas for d&d and pendragon games.  By Nick Morrell

Adventure’s Into Darkness– Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition actual play, custom rules, and general rpg discussion. Slanted towards adding a more grim, low magic flavour to standard D&D gameplay.  By Chris Scott

Other systems

Expanding Universe– Post about ongoing G+ Runequest game and various house rules.  By Barry Blatt

Spirit of the Blank– is all about hacking/designing for FATE.  By Mike Olson

Siskoid’s Blog– (Also Siskoid’s Blog labels)- is not a gaming blog exclusively, but I do try to have at least one RPG post each week, often to do with Doctor Who role-playing, but just as likely to be generic advice and inspiration for all game types.  By Michel Albert

The Everwayan– devoted to the narrativist RPG Everway, designed by Jonathan Tweet and published by Wizards of the Cost in 1995. John Till uses that blog to develop original content for the Everway RPG, as well as to introduce variations/expansions to the system.  By John Till

The FATE SF– is the crossroads for science fiction roleplaying using a variety of FATE systems, including Diaspora, Starblazer Adventures, and Bulldogs!  John uses the blog to develop original content and mechanics to support FATE-based SF ropleplaying games.  By John Till

Running the Sandbox– A Shadowrun blog about a game where the players are forced to commit armed robbery, car theft and murder to pay the month’s rent. Written by a GM who doesn’t want to kill the player characters but instead wants them to eat their own guns.  By Stuart Duncan

Author: Mike Evans

I am the dude behind DIY RPG Productions. I have a fuck all punk rock attitude, love meeting new people, doing nature shit, and gaming (tabletop and console) and having a good time. I love craft beer (maybe too much), punk, grunge, and industrial music. I write books. Good for me.

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  1. Good idea Gazebo.

    I for one have a G+ page dedicated to my blog, I public post from their rather than my personal profile, as I don’t want to bombard my circles (who are not all gamers suprisingly) with geek stuff.

    Circle sharing is a great way of doing this.

    1. I agree. When I do blog posts for G+, it’s just to my RPG group…

      I have literally, since posting this, not stopped adding new requests (which is fucking awesome)… so as of right now I don’t have time to create a bunch of new circles with peeps. Next project :):)

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