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Dark Sun Hack

This Sunday I am going to run a game for my players set in the Dark Sun universe.  I am using 2e books for info (because I think they are better written and have more interesting info in them than 4e’s reboot).

However I didn’t want to use 2e mechanics and I don’t like 4e mechanics (although I’m not knocking anyone who wants to play it.  If you enjoy a system, that’s a win for all of us).

So I decided that I would made additions and changes to my hack of Trent B‘s hack I postedabout last week.  I added races that are in Dark Sun, info about non-metal weapons.   Here’s the new rules:

Hack Rules Lite Dark Sun

I also have to give a big thanks to Jeremy Deram for pointing towards Carcosa’s Psionic system, which is an extremely rules lite and unencumbered version of Psionics that I hacked for the game.


Largely I’m keeping Dark Sun the way it is…  The only think I’m really adding is the Githyanki Empire near the base of Mountains to the Sun.

The Githyanki empire will be very Egyptian style architecture and worshipping a bat shit crazy Lich-Queen.  Mind Flayers serve as priests.  The Empire leads frequent raids to get more slaves for labor and sacrifice.  The Githyanki are powerful and many wield Psionic powers and use metal weapons which makes them dangerous.

The Githzerai are those who broke away from the empire before the taint and insanity of the Lich-Queen could take them over.

Then there is the Gith- these pathetic creatures are those who have had their minds broken by the Mind Flayer priests and proved themselves unworthy of the Lich-Queen’s blessing.  They roam the desert in small raiding bands living off whatever they can.

Also I gotta give Zak S a thanks for the inspiration on using the Githyanki in this fashion by throwing around that Iron Maiden picture as his description of them.