The Hack That I Hacked and Said Hack Alot With Changes/Revisions

Here’s the new version: Hack of Trent B’s Hack Rules

Last week I did a post showing my hack (old version) of Trent B’s own awesome hack.  Later that week I posted another project I knocked down last week, the Concise Spell List for ANY version of D&D.

After I got done with that I looked back through my version of Trent’s hack and decided that A) I wanted to include this in the document; B) Since I went to all this damned trouble for the spells I should create a druid class and put the spell casting version of Cleric back in; C) Add more of my rules from my OTHER hack; and D) while I dig my version of the Summoning Spell inspired by Lamentations of the Flame Princess I needed to nix it in lieu of keeping with the concise spell list mantra (and I do have a really simplified version of that spell in the list).

The one thing I’m very happy about with this document is that you have a fully playable version of Dungeons and Dragons in 15 pages (8 if you print double sided) that has depth and robust to handle different OSR styles of play.

The options I created for Fighter make it so there is enough variation that if several people play one it can still be unique.  Mix that with the three casting classes and you’re good to go.

I plan to do some another document with a few new races and classes (for fun) that I’ll put up later.  Enjoy!  Hope you find it fun.


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