Hubris Campaign Session 4 Recap and Steal the Quick Dungeon I Used

Last session of my Hubris campaign Nate and Stephen ventured into the sewers to discover what was causing their new hideout (a basement room in a used bookstore) to flood.

There is no light at the end of the tunnel in the Vornheim sewers...



Omar- Half Elf Rogue

Liam- Human Fighter*

Stephen- Human Sorcerer*

Nate- Human Warrior Priest of the Corpulent One

Fletch- Human Alchemist*

Dan- Human Witch

*= Players that were at session.

They fell down a waterfall and discovered Fletch and Liam covered in spider webs and just coming to.  Nate was attacked by a spider and Stephen shocked it, electrocuting everyone.

They fled down a tunnel and began attempting to map out the dangerous nastyness of everything.


  • Avoided being eaten by a big nasty mutant by hiding in a hole.
  • Found a rope leading down into the pits of hell made from demon hair that causes nasty boils to appear when touched.  Fletch caused a rats spine to burst from its back by rolling a 20.
  • Killed some nasty fishmen.
  • Made it (well some of them did) to the exit and up into their hideout.

Sad Stuff:

  • Missed a bunch of treasure.
  • Stephen failed two sanity saves in a row while fighting the Fishmen and fell unconscious.  Fishman coup de grade him and went to attack the others.
  • Liam attempted to loot Stephen’s body.  Nate’s char (I NPCed) warned him not to loot the body of his friend.  Warned that there would be dire consequences..  Liam did it anyway.  Nate attacked.  Liam went down.  Managed to be saved, however decided he didn’t like the character, allowed him to drown in the sewers.
  • They had no bananas.


Nate and Fletch made it up with Stephen’s belongings.  Stephen and Liam rolled new characters.  Stephen a barbarian and Liam a druid.  They are both together, recently arrived in Vornheim from the savage and frozen reaches of Ingvar.

It will be interesting to see how the dynamic changes with these new characters and the attempt to build up a crime syndicate considering that 1 of the founding members bit the dust.  Looking forward to next session.

Now onto the dungeon… 

This is the portion of the sewers I created for them to dive in..  Sadly they barely explored any of it, but thems the breaks.  I figured I’d put it up here for peeps to steal/use if they feel so inclined.

For the keying of the dungeon (Vornheim Sewer section Key and Info) I wanted to use Courtney’s awesome and simple approach and I have to say that it works really fucking well.

Alright, well enjoy.

Author: wrathofzombie

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  1. That’s way cool. Sounds like it was fun. Like the simple dungeon plan. Hell, it works. Better then doing minute details that the players ignore.

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