Quick Taverns and Inns Generator for Wilderness Kit Vornheim Hack

I’m getting closer to being done with my Complete Wilderness Kit Hack of Zak’s awesome book, Vornheim.

Here is a way to generate quick Tavern/Inn with some interesting stuff going on inside if the player should come across one.

Roll a d20 twice to generate the name.

Then roll all 7 of the standard fantasy polyhedral dice and consult the

Taverns and Inns

Roll Name 1 Name 2


Barmy Stone


Salty Urn


Hacked Bear


Bleeding Orc


Cursed Hammer


Hanged Corpse


Sleepy Noble


Bloated Cat


Exiled Wolf


Shadowed Maiden


Demonic Serf


Singing Fox


Angelic Hag


Lucky Axe


Haggard King


Crass Dragon


Dead Goblet


Rusted Bard


Angry Horse


Talking Priest

D4- Number of Patrons

1)      3

2)      5

3)      10

4)      15

D6- Games/Music

1)      Lone minstrel

2)      Bones/card game

3)      Hootenanny

4)      Brain maggot fighting

5)      Band of bards

6)      Pickled rat brain eating contest

D8- Interesting Features

1)      Singing moose head.

2)      Rickety piano plays tune the player knows by itself.

3)      Pit in middle of bar that people throw food and drink down.

4)      Zombie fighting pit.

5)      Hot spring- soak for a bit- see what will happen…

6)      Long feast table loaded with rotten food.

7)      Large exquisite portrait of the bar.  Painting moves.  It shows things 5 seconds in the future.

8)      Strange blue torches that hum a lullaby.

D10- Interesting Patrons

1)      Exiled Prince/Princess.

2)      Leper with amazing voice.

3)      Decorated war hero.

4)      Spirit of old patron.

5)      Hunted man seeking refuge.

6)      Soldier who deserted.

7)      Famous pretty bard.

8)      Grizzled monster hunter.

9)      The perfect mime- very annoying and can’t die.

10)  Whore- spouts fortunes as she fucks.

D10 (%)- Jobs

1)      Harvest the dreams of sleeping patrons.

2)      Farm nearby hasn’t been heard from in awhile.

3)      Barmaid fainted and is having violent night terrors.

4)      Beast is stalking in the woods.

5)      Story: Speaks of a wandering giant fire worm.

6)      A strange creature played a flute and wandered off with all the children.

7)      Strange sounds in a field at night.

8)      Story: The mists whisper secrets at midnight.

9)      Story: Woman who committed suicide after spurned lover.

10)  Story: Goldie Locks type story but about players and drinking.

D12- Random and Strange Food

1)      Maggot Paste Pasta

2)      Zombie Eyeball Stew

3)      Bear Liver Pâté

4)      Ooze Jello

5)      Pickled Rust Monster Eggs

6)      Bone Marrow Suckles

7)      Goblin Fried Fingers

8)      Horse Hooves Flambé

9)      Succulent Spider Sacks

10)  Dwarven Kidney Stones

11)  Owlbear Afterbirth Pudding

12)  Ghoul-ash

D20- Random Event

1)      Summer Solstice!  Time for the blood letting in hope of safety!

2)      Oktoberfest!

3)      Food poisoned at feast, several dead.  Unknown perpetrator.

4)      Has Demon Beds! The Beds that eat people!

5)      Singer suddenly loses her voice.  Then dies.

6)      Baby left on door step.

7)      Druids gather around the inn.  Why?

8)      Woman comes in covered in scratches and scared.  Says forest attacked her.

9)      Carnival is nearby.

10)  Noble demands tribute.

11)  The King or a high noble rides by, causes ruckus.

12)  Thick fog appears for days, when lifts a graveyard surrounds inn.

13)  Young prince gets in a fight and wets his pants.  Accuses other of trickery.

14)  Cook is doing a Sweeny Todd.

15)  Man burned at steak as chars approach.  Villagers roast marshmallows.

16)  Woman pukes up pea-green soup, speaks of nasty prophecy.

17)  Fighting match to the death.

18)  Were-creature hunting those foolish enough to stray into the woods.

19)  Ancient hero, long dead, stumbles in alive.  Doesn’t know where or how.

20)  Family member arrives at inn, they are in way over their head in trouble.



The Rusted Urn.  Specialty Food- Horse Hooves Flambé

5 current patrons that are engaged in watching Brain Maggots fight in a box.  A room off to the side has an enticing hot spring that all the patrons seem to be away from, yet eagerly watching to see if one of the characters takes a dip

An exiled Prince/Princess has been hiding here for several days.  One of the patrons is complaining about strange sounds in their field at night, but most are too busy getting ready for Oktoberfest!

Author: wrathofzombie

I am a History major attending a community college until I can get more financial aid and attend a four year school. I am living in NJ with my girlfriend who is currently wrapping up on obtaining her PhD in Toxicology. I love Star Wars, Role-playing, video games, working out, reading, writing, and hanging with my girlfriend, dog (Perfect), and two kittens (Birch and Brambles). My main focus on this site will be my discussion of Role-playing games and ideas and hopefully contribute something worth a damn.

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    1. lol… Spend as LONG as you want trying to kill him.. Maybe someday.. You’ll succeed and have that wonderful moment of gratification of accomplishing the impossible.. Until another mime shows up looking EXACTLY like the last dude you just killed…

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