The Concise Spell List for ANY Version of D&D or OSR

The Short Concise D&D Inspired Spell List

One thing that always annoys me about spell casters in D&D is the having to stop what we’re doing, flip through the book, and then read over a paragraph description, most of which is fluff….

So I set out to cut out all the bullshit fat of the spells and leave the nice meat and potatoes.  My guideline was if the spell couldn’t fit into two lines of text- then it got cut out.

There are a FEW that are a tiny bit longer, like summon, which is inspired by LotFP version.  That is fine considering most versions of D&D have 8 versions of the damned thing.

I also changed certain spells, like Cure Wounds.  Rather than having 4 versions of the same spell I just changed it to heals 1d8/3 lvls HP.

I used, mostly, the Castles and Crusades saves and cast time and duration info, but also used Swords and Wizardry for a guideline of shortened spells.  In the end I took a listing of spells that was 45 pages and chopped it down to 10…  Not bad for a weeks worth of editing and summarizing.

I hope peeps enjoy this….  If so spread the word to anyone who plays a caster.. Hopefully they’ll find this handy.


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